Belmopan Mayor, Simeon Lopez, tells why CBA placed stop orders on construction projects

The Central Building Authority is enabled by the Belize Building Act 2003 which is an act to control building operation in the interest of public health and safety in the country of Belize. The CBA is responsible for site inspections, review building permits application, and overseeing the general business of building construction within the country. This morning plus news learnt that a contractor who went to the Belmopan City council yesterday afternoon to get approval for construction of a roof, was told by the engineering section that the CBA has stopped the council from approving any plans in Belmopan. Mayor for the City of Belmopan; Mayor Simeon Lopez called in to Rise and Shine this morning to clarify the situation.

Belmopan Mayor, SIMEON LOPEZ:
In each municipality the CBA has been given the authority to appoint the LBA, which is the Local Building Authority. The Belmopan City Council has nominated its members already. I have been assured by the Ministry of Housing that the list of those names will be published in the Gazette this weekend. We have emphasized with the other mayors to do the same, to conform with the laws and regulations of the Central Building Authority. Now as Mayor of Belmopan, we have an Engineering Section where we have qualified engineers, so we have been approving plans. Yesterday a couple of people had come with their plans to say that the CBA has come into Belmopan, and has been issuing stop orders for construction of buildings that have been approved by the Belmopan City Council. I spoke with Mr Hernandez from the CBA, and he is telling me that we are acting illegally, and so they have to step in and do the stop order.

The matter prompted a call from the Hon. Michael Finnegan who is the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. He says that sometimes the Central Building Authority can behave in an overzealous manner.

A woman called the show this morning saying that the CBA paid a visit to her building site in Ontario village and placed a stop order on the construction of her home. The Minister on air gave the woman the go ahead to continue with the construction of her home..

According to Mayor Lopez the names submitted for the Local Building Authority board for the City of Belmopan is expected to be gazetted by this coming week and things should resume to normal.