2012 Crime Statistics Released By Police Department

The Belize Sugar Industries Limited has issued their information bulletin for the seventh week of the 2012 – 2013 Sugar Cane Crop Season which is from the 9th to the 15th of January. The bulletin reports on several key parameters pertaining to factory performance, cane quality and factory efficiencies. Under Factory Performance, the factory milled 42,493 tons of cane this week yielding 4,122 tons of sugar with 2,720 tons of mud extracted. Both the tons milled and sugar produced numbers are up this crop season as compared to last year at this time. Cane milled is up by over 70,000 tons and the sugar yielded is about 8,000 tons more.

For the Cane Quality, the factory has been extracting a bit more pollution this season that last season at this time with 11.39% extracted this week taking it up to 11.24% from 10.66% last season. The quality of the purity of the sugar cane juice is up from 84.57% to 84.71% this season. This week’s juice purity stands at an impressive 85.85% but, the mud percentage has gone up also to 6.4% this week but, the cumulative average is still down at 4.79% as compared to last season this time which was at 5.84%. The Tons Cane per Tons Sugar stands at 10.31 tons of cane milled to produce one ton sugar.

The report also shows that the factory has been milling cane much more efficiently as compared to last year at this point in the season. The factory is scheduled for cleaning and repairs next week Wednesday and Thursday, the 23rd and 24th of January. Due to heavy rains close to the end of week 7, the sampling data was incomplete for two days. The SCPC also released the results of week 6 test group data which revealed that in the Corozal Division, Libertad was the best test group with 1.0541 and for Orange Walk, Guinea Grass/San Roman was the best with 1.0622. Those same test groups are leading the overall data with 1.0437 and 1.016 respectively.

The next information bulletin will be for the time period of January 16th to the 22nd.