Remember the big song and dance Barrow made about the sale of Caye Chapel in his Independence Day address? Well according to reliable source the Qatari group of investors smelt a rat and have pulled out of the deal. They found out that the UDP Minister they were having discussions with, sold them a development plan which belonged to a Canadian Group.

The Canadian Group developed this plan with the Sheridan Hotel in mind. The Minister went to Qatar and sold the Qatari Group the same plan for a handsome fee with the Four Seasons Hotel chain proposed as the developers of the project expansion.

When Barrow made his boastful Independence Day speech that Caye Chapel had been sold to multi-millionaires from Qatar, the Canadian Group realized they had been taken for a ride. It is reported that the Qatari investors have backed out of the deck for fear of buying a law suit.

The Canadians are no longer interested in buying. They realized they cannot trust this Belize Government. Caye Chapel is now back on the open market for sale.

The Belize Times