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Rachel Graham made her way to Caye Caulker to ask for the assistance of all Tour Guide and indeed Fisherman for research into Belize’s Shark Project. She visited many of the operators and even held a question and answer session at Raggamuffin to inform the Guides of how fundamental they will be in gathering data on both the shark and the stingrays in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve.

Rachel, winner of the 2011 Gold Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature, has been instrumental protecting Belize’s reef – championing our cause to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of biodiversity. The Belize Shark Project is both Rachel and Caye Caulker’s Belize Dive Services ongoing work in educating and researching our apex predator to ensure that our reefs remain abundant and indeed flourish for both environmental and tourism interests.

This call to action will require Guides watching out for the sharks and the stingrays that have been ‘tagged’ so that she can monitor their patterns in order to assess how best protect them. Guides have been informed that they are to text Rachel with times of sightings and locations for her to log in their records!

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