In 2012 Belize saw its share of stand ups against crime in the form of peaceful demonstrations. People vented their frustrations, the sadness and dissatisfaction with the way the crime situation in Belize was headed and by the end of the year, there was a record number of murders documented. And 2013 hasn’t started so peacefully since the country was rocked by the recent quadruple massacre which took place in Belize City, as a result, Activist Phillip “Fada” Henry is calling on residents from the North to the South of the country to come out in yet another demonstration against crime.

About a week ago, Henry had called on the media to presence a protest on Albert Street, however when Love News arrived at the scene there were less than five people wielding signs in protest. He explained to us what exactly happened on that day.

But the question lies on what a demonstration will do to effect change in the crime situation in the country. Love News addressed to Henry that there have been demonstrations over and over again against these acts, yet there has not been much change to talk about, however he told us, that this demonstration must bring transformation.

Residents of Gales Point are expected to attend the protest on Friday since Henry says the villagers are affected by crime and police abuse. He says he expects to have a turnout of about five hundred protesters, possibly more.