Belize is among the top six countries in the world in relation to its murder rate. Belize at 44 murders for every 100,000 citizens has surpassed even the notorious Jamaican murder rate.

The same is likely, though if not worse for persons put in jail, before a trial. In the Belize prison under the UDP government there are 1,540 prisoners.

Of this amount a whopping 548 persons are on remand. This means 548 persons are being kept in jail before getting a trial. The government has found a way to get foreign magistrates to deny bail to a large number of citizens.  Add to this is the weird and unjust law that deprives the court of granting bail for three months for a list of allegations.

In some instances entire families are automatically denied bail under the UDP laws.

There are some 197 persons who have completed the Preliminary Inquiry requirements and are in prison awaiting their trial at the Supreme Court.

The prison population of 1,540 prisoners cost the taxpayers over seven million dollars annually. More than half of the 548 persons remanded are sitting in jail for allegations relating to non-violent offences. It is a huge waste of money – millions while teachers, nurses and police officers are told there is no money for a small raise of pay.


The rape of the exotic rosewood in Toledo continues unabated. Large quantities of trees are cut, stripped into format for export and sold right under the government’s nose.

Not a single arrest, not a single person remanded for this grave economic crime.

The diligence of the Maya Leaders Alliance caught well connected persons with a huge shipment of rosewood. The rosewood was valued at over four hundred thousand dollars.

The government confiscated the rosewood.

A UDP supporter who was appointed as a Minister of Government for no rhyme or reason displayed her total lack of understanding for the government’s financial regulations.

In violation of the financial orders the Minister personally went to Toledo and was filmed burning the rosewood. In violation of the law that requires certain procedures ne followed before anyone can dispose of public assets.

The foolish Minister could have followed the procedure of auction to sell the rosewood to various sawmills and use the proceeds to pay for EVERY Maya child to attend college.

Idiot government.


A Magistrate from Cayo walks into the court in Corozal.

She is ready.

Ready for what?

She has been hand-picked to hear one case.

Hand-picked by whom?

The case concerns a 19 year old student from Mexico charged for two guns and some weed found in a hotel room rented by others whose names the police possess.

The Magistrate, a foreigner, is employed by the government and is on a contract which has only four months to expire.

The contract is in clear violation of the constitution and some serious principles involving justice.

The first clause in the contract states that the Magistrate agrees to OBEY the INSTRUCTIONS and DIRECTIVES of the government.

Excuse me!

A contract stating a Magistrate is under the instructions and directives of government?

It is the God’s truth people. Wouldn’t lie to you.

It gets worse.

The whole contract and the employment of the Cayo Magistrate are in violation of the constitution of Belize.

Section 73 of the Constitution specifically requires that a Magistrate who is a qualified attorney must have “security of tenure” (no contract).

Not only is the Cayo Magistrate employed in open violation of the Constitution, her hand picked assignment to Corozal to hear one single case is in violation of the legal principle that she creates the appearance of no bias.

The attorney for the student, quite properly and in accordance with his duties as an officer of the Court, respectfully requested that the Magistrate recuse herself. Recuse means to excuse herself from hearing the case.

The Magistrate replies that she was “instructed” to come to Corozal and single out that one case. And she will carry out her instructions.

Regarding her unconstitutional appointment, the Magistrate hears submissions on this legal issue and decides the matter for herself.

Her decision is that she merely signed the contract; she is not the one who drafted it. She claims that the Chief Magistrate has signed a similar contract, so nothing could be wrong with such a contract.

She decides she will stay in Corozal to hear the case.

This is an even worse violation.

The law is clear. Whenever a constitutional issue is raised in a Magistrate’s court, the Magistrate must send up the matter to be heard in the Supreme Court.

And finally, because God is never asleep, and does not like ugly, this strange coincidence occurs.

Television footage of the four murdered men on George Street was shown with the bodies being transported in a vehicle with government license plates.

Well, so?

The vehicle belongs to the 19 year old Mexican student. The parents, in Mexico, watching this sensational murder news story, in which Belizean police officers are accused by George Street residents of being involved, see the vehicle.

The parents see the vehicle they purchased for theirs on being used to transport murder victims.

The parents contacted their Embassy which made inquiries and found out the rogue government in Belmopan stole the young student’s vehicle and out government license plates on it.


Although there are 548 Belizeans in jail awaiting trial, a dog has been given preference over them, and their victims.

The DPP’s Office has dispatched a Crown Counsel, a government lawyer, to travel from Belize City to the Orange Walk Supreme Court for several days to present evidence in a dog sex case.

A man from an Orange Walk village is accused under section 53 of the Criminal Code of committing an unnatural crime, having sex with a dog.

This is the same section of the law that could be used against Caleb Orosco and his gay colleagues if any of their “partners” were to report them.

So far, the owner of the dog has testified and the arresting officer. The doctor who examined the dog also told the jury that the dog was carnally known, meaning someone had sex with the dog. It is not clear if the doctor explained why it could be a human and not another dog who had sex at that time.

However, the dog apparently was not mindful to cooperate with the Prosecution and did not give a statement (smile). The dog did not wish to go to court, so photos were shown to the dog doctor, who said those were not photos of the dog the Police brought to be examined.

It is not clear whether the dog will make a no case submission or request a nolle prosequi.

What is certain is that for a Judge, Crown Counsel, court officials and nine members of the working population to sit in a court for a week on a dog case is a monumental waste of time and money.

It is an insult and injury to all victims of crime and to all those in prison who can’t get their day in court.

Any human being who has sex with any animal is a sick person who is in need of psychiatric help. Putting such persons in prison serves no purpose.


Jamaica has almost 3 million persons.

Belize has only a little more than 300,000.

Jamaica has 63 Area Representatives in their National Assembly.

Belize has 31 Area Representatives.

Jamaica has a cabinet of 20 Ministers.

Belize has a cabinet of 21 Ministers.


The government has been spending hundreds of thousands of tax payers’ dollars on all sorts of dubious programmes – gang truce, keep the peace (or is that “piece”), gang members work project, CYDP and there is even a Minister for Gangs.

Now that the teachers are asking for a salary increase which they quite rightly deserve, the government spits in their faces.

They are told:


The teachers saw $400,000 worth of rosewood being BURNT. 50 million taken out of SOCIAL SECURITY (their money) to put in BTL.

15 million from SSB to BEL.

30 million on an unfinished SPORTS STADIUM.

3 million at MEMORIAL PARK.

3 million for POLITICIANS to give out HAM.

2 million for Shyne the MUSICAL AMBASSADOR to LIVE in Israel.

4 million for Lois Young Barrow while government paid MILLIONS more to a team of lawyers to sit in when we have a Solicitor General who could do the cases.

2 million to Denys Barrow and COUNTING.

Teachers are NOT foolish people.

Find the money for their raise.


Local t.v. station Channel 7 has been showing Al Jazeera off and on. Al Jazeera is the best news channel in the world. In depth and comprehensive.


Super talented and sexy Alicia Keys took her latest top song “This Girl is On Fire” and remodeled it as a tribute to the re-election of Barack Obama, President of the USA.

Obama is on Fire she sang Monday night at the Inaugural Ball.

Also performing at the inaugural events was the great singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder.


“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Lights the way of fools to dusty death

Out, out brief candle

Life is but a walking shadow

A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more

It is a tale told by an idiot

Full of sound and fury

Signifying nothing” - Shakespeare

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