And while Rebecca Stirm has made international waves with her talent for fashion, that's the same thing another talented young woman, Briheda Haylock is trying to do with art. Haylock was featured in the sensational and irreverent show Society Killed The Teenager - which was held recently at the Image Factory. And while we are still recovering from that, she has reloaded with another fearless leap into the unknown. She told us about her bold new show: Megalomania:..

Briheda Haylock - artist
"I was just decompressing from a "Society killed the Teenager" I was starting to read again and the books, they were like philosophy books - they were talking a lot of about Sigmund Freud's theories; the id, the ego and the superego and the unconscious mind and it really sparked my interest. I didn't know it at the time when I started painted again that that was my inspiration. When I actually sat back and look at what I did. The thing is I don't plan anything, I do it, it just happens and when I realize I've created a theme I will stay on that theme but I won't limit myself just to that one style."

"It's very spontaneous - it's not planned but it's what you do when the paint falls - what you see and if it's too much obviously I am girl that works with a lot of color and it's in a way not for them to clash in a way to say ugly but still beautiful kind of thing. If I feel it I am just going to do it and whatever happens, happens and whatever my results is that's my end product."

Jules Vasquez
"So that was like an id moment?"

Briheda Haylock - artist
"Yes it an id moment. We will see what happens after that. I feel like when I am painting I am in the id stage, I'm carefree; I really don't care what I am doing, I am just filling that pleasure that I need just let it go."

The show opens up tonight at the Image Factory and admission is free.

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