And while those young women are making their name, the next not-so-young man we're going to tell you about, has already made his - and now he's building on his brand. Who else could we be talking about? The multi-talented Berne: he raps, he acts, he shamelessly self-promotes, and he'll take off his shirt at the drop of a hat.

He's acting in a new movie being filmed in Belize called Poseidon Wrecks. It's the 4th movie in which he plays a major role - and we spoke with him today, as he was finishing up one of his scenes on a private pier on the northern highway.

As usual, he was full of his trademark energy - and he even got one of his American co-star's to do some promotion for him:..

Berne Velasquez, Actor
"It was a lot of excitement with Berne. We just got through shooting a big scene and now we are now getting ready to I guess to the next scene. I can see the whole case back there gearing up; cameras getting ready to go on a boat and we probably will be doing another scene in a few."

Anne McDaniels, Actress
"This is actually my first time in Belize and I love it since the day I got off the plane as my mosquitos bite which continue to go. My character Sarah is marine biologist and she is all about the science, obviously there is a big monster bit she really focus on the science. It's a predator and she wants to make sure this doesn't spread and then we start losing our friends. Henry, played by Berne Velasquez, Belize's local hero. You can expect in this film a lot of violence, romance, comedy and lot of action."

"Berne Velasquez, Belizeans local hero; he has been wonderful, he just been so ready to work with us. I have never worked with him before but he is just very flexible, takes great direction and always come with a positive attitude and he is fantastic. I've also worked with the guy that played in the "Thug" Ken and Jodi and they just killed the scene, I mean you would think that they actually thugs in real life (maybe they are, I don't know) they come in and give each other direction making sure everything is on keyed - they were bless to work with. I will definitely come back to Belize."

"The town here that we work with "Poseidon Wrecks" is fantastic. Having agents here, potentially coming to LA - but they are good character/actors, they really own a scene and to come back here - so great attitudes, I've never seen so many happy people willing to help out. The actor Gildon is also hauling water and snacks and do labor work - it's a team here."

The movie is being produced by Frank Hauser, who has been instrumental in majority of sci-fi movies being shot in Belize in recent history.

A number of the crew for this film were injured recently in the Coast Guard accident near St. George's Caye.

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