I write on behalf of the San Pedro Cancer Society. We have been founded since June 2010. We do fundraising events with all the moneys raised directly benefitting our current patients. We cover treatment costs as well as travel expenses to and from treatments and checkups. We have assisted over 10 patients in our short time. We hold regular fundraisers atleast once a month or when our members which are all volunteers are available. The Cancer Society with the help of Tropic Air bring the Belize Blood donor service to the island to collect blood which is used to help any island resident which needs it, this was originally intended for cancer patients use but we have always donated it to other patients in emergency situations from the island.

We are currently selling raffle tickets for $2BZ per ticket where you can win up to 10 prizes ranging from hotel stays to pedicures, dinners and golf cart rentals.

I would like to invite you all to Join us on Monday February World CANCER Awareness Day, to our annual LIGHT THE NIGHT candle lit walk through the principal streets of the island. We start at Central Park at 6:30pm. We will have a table setup with raffle tickets on sale aswell as membership applications and we will also be accepting donations.

I would also like to thank all that contribute to our cause. Thank you to countless tourists that have donated cancer stickers, pins, wrist bands and shirts to our group. We disperse the items to our patients and there families who wear them proudly. We are always looking for these types of donations if you come across any please remember our group, we will appreciate it greatly.

My name is Monica Prevett and my sons dad is a cancer survivor. He is now cancer free. The experience we lived through when he was diagnosed and going through treatment was hard to deal with and I have promised that aslong as I can, I will help other cancer patients so they don't have to go through it alone. I am a founding member of the Society and always available to talk to anyone willing to listen I work at Bistro Mestizo Restaurant and can be found there during the day or you can call me at 226-3036. Bistro Mestizo also hosts the monthly meeting of the Society which are help the first Monday of Every month at 6:30pm and all are welcome to stop by and join us.