Laura Esquivel Frampton

Our Jewel Belize has found itself on the worldwide map again. Just last week we told you about Belize being featured in United Airlines’ in flight Magazine “Hemispheres” which would make Belize known to millions of readers. This time, Belize was featured on the Atlanta-based Cable News Network, CNN’s domestic service. Director of Tourism at the Belize Tourism Board, Laura Esquivel Frampton told us how Belize gained a spot for this feature.

Esquivel-Frampton went on to describe just what CNN found to talk about Belize.

We already mentioned that the feature puts Belize on the map, but Esquivel-Frampton explained what other effects it will have on the jewel.

According to Esquivel Frampton, there are a lot of positive things waiting to happen in Belize’s Tourism Industry.