Since Amelia Earhartís accomplishment of travelling around the world in an aircraft, many have tried to follow suit. Many have tried to hike, drive, float in a balloon, among many other vessels to travel around the world and of recent, two men are attempting the challenge. On July 21st of 2012, German adventurers Andreas Zmuda and Doreen Kroeber set out on the 100,000 mile journey that will take them across five continents, seventy-four countries and over three oceans. But what makes this journey so special, well, itís in the two menís choice of vehicle.

Both men will be riding a converted three wheel motorcycle which is attached to paragliding wings. The motorcycle is ultra-lightweight and can take off and land in virtually any runway or landing strip. The two men are tonight in Central Farm where they safely managed to land their flying motorbike. The duo safely flew over Black Man Eddy village and is expected to fly over Blue Creek tomorrow. They will have reached Placencia by this weekend and are expected to fly out of Belize by mid-February when they will travel to Honduras. The German menís journey of a hundred thousand miles started in Florida and is set to be completed by February of 2016. We here at CTV-3 wish the men all the best of luck.