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Today's Belize News: February 7, 2013 #457436
02/07/13 09:19 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Jorge Olivares wins the San Pedro Sailing Club’s upper division winter racing series
This winter the ranks of the San Pedro Junior Sailing team swelled to 30, with more to follow, They were divided into two fleets. Fifteen relative newcomers form the Tarpon Fleet, while fifteen who have been members from the beginning are the Barracudas. For the past 10 weekends, each fleet raced elimination heats and finals. The heats were necessary because the team has only 7 Optimist dinghies. For those 7 boats, the team is extremely grateful to the sponsors: Ambergris Lakes Vilas, Caribbean Vilas, Catamaran Beach Bar, Palapa Bar, the Pearce family’s Palo Alto, Playa Blanca, and San Pedro

Volunteer dentist improve smiles at the San Pedro Smile Center
It can’t be stressed how important dental hygiene is, especially for children, and this is why a volunteer team from the United States has been giving their services free of charge to the complete student body of Holy Cross Anglican School. For about six years volunteers, Dr. Walt Linville, Mrs. Deas Linville, Dr. Alex Willis and Mrs. Nancy Willis, have been visiting Holy Cross annually to provide dental services to the children. Holy Cross Anglican School has a completely well-equipped operational Dental Clinic ready to service the students. Holy Cross is the only school on the island – probably the country – that has a fully operation dental clinic on the school’s campus. The San Pedro Smile Center, the name given to the dental clinic at Holy Cross, was made possible by the initiative of Francis and Vernon Wilson along with generous benefactors and donations to the school. The benefit of having this clinic installed as part of the school is that the children get necessary treatment to promote healthy dental care.

Ambergris Today

National Neighborhood Watch Tour Urges for More Members
In an effort to increase the safety of all residents in San Pedro and to curb the issues of crime on the Island, Mr. Steve Spiro arranged for the National Team in charge of Community Policing to visit San Pedro. The meeting was convened on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, at the Town Hall with the presence and participation of all the Neighborhood Watch Presidents, educators, councilors, SPADAI, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Hon. Manuel Heredia, and Ambergris Today as the media. Members of the National Team first addressed the proper formation and effective implementation of the neighborhood programs including Mr. Carcamo, Officer Commanding Community Policing Unit; Ms. Cris Garcia, Head of Crime Stoppers Belize; Mr. Gilbert Pitts, National Neighborhood Watch Coordinator; and Mr. Douglas Hyde, National Youth program Coordinator. After their presentations several issues were addressed.

Miss Costa Maya 2012 Weds, Possible Crown Replacement
Ambergris Today has come to find out this week that the reigning Miss Costa Maya 2012-13, Natalia Villanueva Denis (Miss Mexico) just recently got married in her hometown of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Natalia married to fiancé Jonnathan M Montes De Oca V. Ambergris Today and friends from San Pedro extend congratulations to the newlyweds. Natalia May Lose the Costa Maya Crown But knowledge of Natalia’s wedding might mean that she will have to step down as the reigning Miss Costa Maya. Rules of the pageant prevent contestants/reigning queens from being married and or having children; thus holding the title as ‘Miss’.

Daddy Rocks Club Addresses Murder Case at Establishment
To my fellow citizens of San Pedro, Tourists and Patrons of Daddy Rocks, Over a week and half ago a tragedy took place in the community that must be clarified and explained. I know many people here in our fine town have head many reports from several newspapers and media outlets as to what occurred, however, I would like to set the record straight as the real events, because the truth will help get rid of this offensive fossip that has caused a lot of damage to not only my business, but to others in San Pedro. It has been stated by one media source that there was no explanation as to how the “knife” that killed this young man was able to get into my establishment. However, this is simply not true; because the people who committed this heinous act pushed their way, pass the security team and were not able to be searched, which is standard operating procedure had they not acted violently toward our security team. After the perpetrators of the crime bypassed the security team, the police were immediately called however the murder took place in such a short amount of time, the authorities could not respond in time to prevent this murder form taking place.

Isla Bonita All Star Marching Band Performs at Captain Morgan's
After making numerous appearances on stage or in parades, The Isla Bonita All Star marching Band has become San Pedro’s most popular marching band! On Sunday, February 3, they entertained the guests at Crazy Canuck’s on invitation by Bob. Then on Monday February 4, they led the parade for the San Pedro Cancer Society commemorating World Cancer Awareness Day. On Tuesday, February 5, Isla Bonita All Star Marching Band sailed away all the way to Captain Morgan’s for their popular Caribbean Night and there they entertained a full house of guests receiving the applause of the guests and patrons as well as donations in the form of tips. Captain Morgan’s Resort will also give the Band a donation in preparation of their trip to Belmopan for the National Marching Band Festival. On February 17, the All Stars will be performing at Wayo’s during the afternoon from 12 noon to 5pm for a Pig Out Beach Party. Be sure to join in!

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize - Contributions To Real GDP Growth

Fundraising Gala w/ Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Sat. Feb. 16, Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C
Dear Fellow Belizeans: This Valentine’s Day weekend, join First Lady of Belize Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Mistress of Ceremonies, ABC 7 News Primary Anchor Maureen Bunyan, and Nestor Mendez, Ambassador of Belize, at a one of a kind “Gala to Benefit the Children of Belize: Inspired to Love.” Mr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics, and his wife, Linda Potter, will be Honorary Patrons of the event. It will be a celebration like no other and will take place on February 16, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C. (1150 22nd St. NW). The night will start at 7pm, with a reception featuring exclusive Belizean dessert wines especially imported from the wine producers in Belize, and tropical Belizean cocktails. For dinner, we have enlisted a Belizean chef to present a menu of delectable Belizean-inspired cuisine and dessert plates, to be accompanied by the Diamond Collection of Francis Ford Coppola fine wines. Following the formal program, there will be a live auction of premium, tailored vacation packages to some of Belize’s finest and most renowned resort getaways, unique Belizean paintings and hand-made Belizean wooden carvings.

Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism 'stepping up' with new strategic plan and communication strategy for 2013
The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) has a new and improved Communication Strategy, incorporating international best practices, as well as a new 8-year Strategic Plan, both of which were finalised last week in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, at meetings attended by key fisheries stakeholders. The very comprehensive Strategy document was finalised at the ACP Fish 2/CRFM regional technical consultation, Strengthening the Capacity of CRFM and its Member States for Information and Knowledge Sharing on Sustainable Management of Fisheries in the Caribbean Region, held on January 28 and 29, at the Sunset Shore Beach Hotel in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where the CRFM’s Eastern Caribbean Office is located. “The notion of using ICT [Information and Communication Technology] is not new to us,” Milton Haughton, Executive Director, CRFM Secretariat, said at the opening ceremony. “Since the inception of the CRFM in 2003, we have been very interested in promoting the use of technology to improve our operations. Today, however, marks a significant milestone. We are stepping up our efforts to introduce and facilitate greater adoption and utilisation of Information and Communication Technology to improve capacities in all areas of the work of the CRFM, including our Member States and partner organisations and the fisherfolks.”

Second Cheese Making Class a Success
They had another cheese making workshop at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, and it was fun and informative for all. Belize now has some great cheese to choose from. "In September, 2011, I travelled to Warren, Vermont (pop. 302) and took a two week cheese making course offered by Dr. Larry and Linda Faillace of Three Shepherds Farm. 16 months later, our cheeses are being recognized by International cheese makers and holding our second International Cheese Making Workshop.. and its only getting better from here."

Raggamuffin Awards 2013
Ok so here it is the party of the century – but I have to apologize as you are not invited!! Yearly we have a crew party (generally around Xmas) and within the party we give out Awards to reward those have over achieved over the past year. This year at Xmas there was no time and importantly no budget for a Raggamuffin party – not in the style that the crew demand, so on Monday 11th Feb we will be date for the Raggamuffin Awards 2013. The party will be hosted at Paradiso’s Cinema as it will be closing its doors for the occasion and crew and their significant others are invited. The evening will be one to allow the entire crew to celebrate our success together at one time (as there is very rarely a time when all of us are together due to the overnight tours) and of course for a few to receive their Awards. This will all be washed down with plenty of drinks and a delicious dinner – and I promise we will fill you in with photos afterwards!!

SBDCBelize and DFC presents: Financial Statement Analysis workshop

Back on the Chain Gang
Now where was I? Oh yes, Rose and I had just got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize after having breakfast at Lily’s Treasure Chest restaurant. If you have not been to Ambergris Caye this is what you need to look for. And if you have, then here is a reminder. Anyway back to the build. When we got up to the First Floor on Tuesday we found the plumber/electrician and his mate hard at work finishing the running of the pipe work.

I previously discussed the current need for providing guidance and professional mental health assistance to Youth in Belize to help them cope with ever-increasing stress triggered by constant violent events around them: shootings, bombings, murders, and vicious gang killings. On an almost daily basis we see and hear of people being found chopped to death, gunmen opening fire on others, bodies being found, homes being invaded, and multiple gang murders along those lines – on television and computer screens everyday. Young people as well as adults respond stressfully to continuous reports of such violent traumatic situations. Feelings of confusion and fear pervade. Our younger population must learn constructive ways to vent their feelings and respond to all this graphic violence. I urge families, schools, and communities to provide support systems that give young people permission to seek and get help when they feel overwhelmed. Continuous violence, whether directly around us or reported by media, triggers feelings of anxiousness in all of us for our own safety and security.

Channel 7

King Apologizes Again, but Maintains No Wrongdoing
Mark King is expected to appear in Corozal Magistrate's Court tomorrow - 48 hours after police assessed him with three charges. Those are aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and threatening words. The charges arise out of a bizarre event that unfiled at the Princess Casino at the northern border early Tuesday morning. According to reports, King became enraged that a member of his entourage had been thrown out of the Casino and eyewitnesses say he exploded into a wild tantrum - which continued all the way to the border station where he confronted police. Today King sent out another apology on Facebook. His first - official - one didn't show much contrition, in fact he said he did nothing wrong. And his second - unofficial one posted on his facebook page at 11:00 am said, quote, "A big thank you to all those who…supported me and didn't judge me. For those of u who did, I accepted to be charged as myself or no one is above the law. I remain firm and sincere with my apology to this nation where the peace was breached..."

PM Lays Bare APSSM Pres Castellanos Manuevers
Right now at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall, the PSU and BNTU union leaders are meeting with their general membership to ask their support for the salary adjustment package put forward by the government last week Friday. The union Executives voted with an overwhelming majority to adopt it at a joint council meeting last Saturday in Belmopan. This round of consultation with general membership in each district is the last stage in what has been a contentious negotiation over a salary increase. And while it could go either way from here - the temperature and the tone of the rhetoric on both sides has cooled substantially since last week's protest in Belmopan. On the government side, the strong talk came from John Saldivar and Patrick Faber. And while it made for a tense week, the Prime Minister says that strategically, it may have been opportune: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "Maybe what happened before there was the meeting at my level was just as well because it meant that I could then intervene in a way which would dial down the rhetoric, and which would convince the unions that at my level - and clearly, the buck stops with me; I'm the ultimate backstop - I was absolutely serious about treating them as full and equal partners, and trying to work through this thing with them, on the basis though, of what was real. So, all's well that ends well."

Home Invasion Terror In Tiny Boston Village
The residents of tiny Boston Village on the Old Northern Highway, are trying to recover from a frightening home invasion which occurred late Sunday night. At around 10:00 p.m., 3 armed masked men invaded the home of 34 year-old Russian National Andrey Borisov who was entertaining 6 guests at his farm. The men ordered the guests, who included females, to undress at gunpoint, and they took Borisov upstairs flat of his house, where they robbed him of a sling purse which contained an undisclosed amount of cash in US, Belize, and Mexican currencies. Before the men left, they reportedly sexually assaulted the females, after which they escaped into the darkness of night. Police are investigating, but Borisov, his wife and their child are now traumatized. Borisov's wife had a small business in which she provided lodging and small tours for her guests. The family has been living in the village for just over a year, but because they've been targeted in this fashion, they've decided to move out of the village post-haste.

Chon Saan Delivery Man Robbed By Not One, But Two Men with Guns
A 19 year old delivery man for Chon Saan Palace in Belize City was robbed last night by armed men pretending to be customers. They called the restaurant before 8 and placed an order for food amounting to thirty three dollars and fifty cents. The person asked for the food to be delivered at the three story peach house at the corner of Cemetery Road and Vernon Street and for the delivery man to bring change for a hundred dollar bill. 19 year old Daniel Lopez was the delivery man who responded to the call. He told police that when he arrived at the address at 8:20 a man came down from the second floor of the building and told him that the person who will be paying for the order went to the shop and will be back shortly. A few minutes after, another man wearing a mask came up with a gun and pointed it to the left side of Lopez's face. The other man with the food took out another handgun and pointed it at Lopez.

Chiquibul, The Wonder Of It All
Last week, in part one of our Chiquibul series, we took you to the western edge of Belize, the South Chiquibul Enforcement Unit stationed at the Ciebo Chico Conservation Post. That first story focused on the law enforcement pressures facing the area - as Guatemalans continue to press into Belize for Xate, timber, farm land…and now, gold. But amidst all the enforcement pressures and the treacherous terrain are the impressive natural wonders of a place few Belizeans ever get to see. Janelle Chanona made the arduous trek and along with camera-man Codie Norales, she captured the raw beauty of Chiquibul: Any novice nature guide will tell you a noisy tractor is not the best way to spot wildlife but in the Chiquibul Forest, it is one of the limited options.

Old Evidence Up In Smoke
This morning members of the Belize police department in the presence of a Magistrate and Clerk of Court gathered at the Belize City Landfill - for the destruction of drugs in cases where they are no longer needed as evidence. An estimated hundred pounds of cocaine and a hundred and thirty pounds of assorted crack cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine were burned. 7 news and other media houses were there to witness the event. Mario Bustillos - National Exhibit Keeper, Police Department "We're destroying concluded evidence and found property which includes mainly drugs. We are destroying crack cocaine, marijuana, and cocaine in its other forms. While I can't tell you a specific number, it's an estimate of a hundred pound of cocaine was destroyed just now, and 130 pounds of assorted crack cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines have been destroyed.

Accused Gang Boss Killer Rhys Speaks In His Own Defence
22 year-old Nicholi Rhys, who has been on remand awaiting trial since June of 2010 when Andre Trapp was murdered, was finally able to give his version of events to the court. On Monday, his attorney, Simeon Sampson, made a no-case submission on his behalf asserting that the Director of Public Prosecutions was unable to provide any evidence which linked his client to Trapp's shooting death. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who is conducting the trial without any jury, denied that request and ruled that Rhys did have a case to answer. So Rhys took the stand today in his own defence. He told the court that on the day of the murder, he was walking along Southern Foreshore alone. He said that when he arrived at the Prince Street intersection, he heard gunshots, so he took cover in a yard on Prince Street.

Remanded For Stabbing
Tonight, 29 year Rudy Faber, a resident of Biscayne Village, is at prison after he was accused of a stabbing. According to police, at around 5:00 p.m. on Monday February 4, 2013, 32 year-old Corrington Villanueva was socializing at Carmita's Bar on Regent Street West, when Faber approached him and stabbed him in the left abdomen for no known reason. Police charged Faber with attempted murder and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, who remanded him until March 22, 2013. Villanueva maintains that he doesn't know why he was attacked.

Two Hours Into Meeting, No Decision Yet
As we told you at the top of the newscast, the general memberships of the PSU and BNTU are meeting right now at the Parrish Hall in Belize City. No cameras are being allowed inside to tape the event - and we are told that no interviews will be given after because they don't want the decision of this branch to affect the other branches that are yet to vote. They are there to consider the proposals for a salary increase made by government and approved by their union executives. As we have reported, that proposal is to base the Proposed Salary Adjustment on a surplus in government revenue. The proposal is explained in detail in a one page flyer that has been circulated to the membership - about 120 of them attended the meeting. We note that the attendance at today's meeting is far less than what we saw a few weeks ago when they voted to protest and strike, if necessary. That may have to do with the fact that half day was not given for today's meeting - which started at 5:30 pm. Right now they are still in the question and answer session and no vote has been taken. We should know the result by tomorrow.

Calling All Ballers
The Belize Basketball Association is looking for the best basketball players under the age of 19 to take to Cleveland Ohio for the King James Tournament. Last year, in national tryouts, they picked from 220 of Belize best teenaged basket-ballers, and now, this year's recruitment process has commenced. Coach Bernie Tarr says he wants the best to come out starting tomorrow in San Ignacio: Coach Bernie Tarr - Recruiting Highschool Basketball Athletes "We start in San Ignacio, 5 o'clock in Falcon Field. We'll hit all the districts. And again, it's for any boy high school basketball player who wants to try out. It's an open try out. And from that list, we'll narrow it down. Last year, we had close to about 220 athletes who tried out district-wide, and we want to pass that number. I am always about improving and getting better, so I want to see as many kids out as possible. The King James Tournament is one of the best recruiting tools if your goal and dream is to play college basketball. It is open to Division 1, Division 2, Junior College scouting services that attend these games. In the footage that I gave you, you'll see a line of college coaches along the baseline, probably about 30 to 40 coaches who watched us and followed us throughout the tournament last year. So, if you want to get recruited, this is the best way it do. Last year, we faced teams who was six-eleven, six-ten, six-eight, very skilled teams, very organized, a lot of structure. There were two teams from Canada which also came, so we were only the first truly international team which participated. The level of competition is going to be best, and that's why all the college coaches go to this event."

PM Makes Nice With COLA
Two weeks ago when the ICJ campaign was launched - a trio of COLA activists were thrown out of the event - when it appeared that they might be making some kind of No-ICJ protest. It was a non-event really, but today Geovannie Brackett - the COLA President who also doubles as a PLUS TV journalist got a chance to advance his self-interest and press the Prime Minister for an explanation. On the day of the event the PM said he knew nothing of it, but today it seemed he had been briefed and was ready to joust: Reporter "Anti-ICJ forces were apparently tossed out of the gathering, I think that you said at the time that you had not -" Prime Minister Dean Barrow "That includes my good friend Geovannie? Was he there as a member of the media, or as a protestor? [That is] a very important distinction. Please proceed."

Channel 5

Why isn’t Mark King criminally charged in Court?
Minister of State Mark King is officially on three months suspension without pay after a brawl which occurred at the Princess Casino in the Corozal Free Zone early Tuesday morning. King has been charged by the police with the serious criminal offense of Aggravated Assault of uniformed police officer, Nelson Ramos, as well as Using [...]

Salary adjustment depends on surplus
After meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow last Friday, leaders of the Public Service Union, Belize National Teachers Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers agreed on a proposal set forward by government to resolve the salary adjustment dispute. On Saturday, those leaders took that proposal to their wider executive bodies and again, [...]

Hundreds of Belize City B.N.T.U. meet discuss salaries
As we said, Prime Minister and union leaders emerged from a meeting last Friday with a tentative deal for salary increments that relies on a surplus in the government revenues. The deal will now be decided by the respective unions and the first joint meeting is underway. News Five spoke earlier today with Kathleen Flowers, [...]

Prime Minister calls union’s economist ‘off’
On February first, union leaders met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, but they did so without an integral part of the team. Just one day before the meeting, president of the A.P.S.S.M., Jose Castellanos—the man considered the numbers guru and firebrand of the team—withdrew. There have been reports that his sudden departure from the scene [...]

Prime Minister juggles national issues
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been juggling enough balls on a number of national issues. Most recently, the dilemma has been keeping the unions at bay while trying to re-structure the five hundred and forty-four million U.S. dollar superbond. Going into the meeting with union leaders last Friday, all eyes were on the leader of [...]

Mayor to withhold license renewal for hard pay
The Belize City Council is deferring from legal advice provided by the Ministry of Labour and Local Government in respect of renewal of licenses. Mayor Darrell Bradley intends to improve collection by implementing an action that would withhold essential services until residents can agree to a payment plan on outstanding taxes. The advice from Minister [...]

Roundabout to be upgraded
‘An active maze’ is one way of describing the road works that have made motorists search for alternate routes to reach their destination in Belize City. That is because today’s route to work may not be open this Thursday, as the repairs to the city streets are being carried out at a furious pace. The [...]

Cop survives carnal knowledge case
  Police officer Yannick Wade was free to go today after charges of carnal knowledge were withdrawn against him. Wade, who was represented by attorney Arthur Saldivar, appeared before Judge Troadio Gonzalez and was informed by prosecutor Leroy Banner that since the two main witnesses in the case against Wade could not be located; the [...]

Delivery man robbed of everything
A nineteen year old delivery man of Chon Saan Palace in Belize City was robbed at gunpoint just after eight on Wednesday night.  It happened when Daniel Lopez made a food delivery at a house located at the corner of the George Price Highway and Vernon Street. When Lopez arrived at the house, he handed [...]

High School All Star Team scouting begins
An all star high school basketball team will be heading to the U.S. in April of this year to participate in the 2013 King James Classic in Ohio. Twelve students from high schools countrywide are hoping to make the cut that will land them an opportunity to win a basketball scholarship.  The selection will also [...]

How to motivate prisoners
Regardless of creed, gender, religion or race; everyone has potential—and it is up to you to know and acquire your full potential. That is the message which the Motivational Missionaries Tour Belize 2013 is instilling in Belizeans from all walks of life.  Over the course of this week, Bert Oliva and Robin Korth, also known [...]


Belize's Ruling Party Prepares For Convention For Deputy Party Leader
The United Democratic Party’s convention to choose a deputy leader is set to take place in the next week and a half in Corozal. Collet area representative Patrick Faber is challenging the incumbent, Orange Walk North representative Gaspar Vega. Intra-party campaigning...

Prime Minister Explains Deal With The Unions
The leadership of the Belize National Teachers Union has begun the process of explaining a proposed agreement for salary adjustments to their general membership. Meetings are scheduled across the country where the Union representatives on the joint negotiating team will divulge t...

Prime Minister Speaks on Minister's Suspension and Involvement In Altercation
A government minister was involved in an early morning incident in Corozal yesterday which has resulted in criminal charges. Reporter Dalila Ical filed this story yesterday. DALILAH ICAL Northern Correspondent “An altercation at ...

Food Drive Receives Tremendous Support
On Yesterday’s news broadcast, we reported on the food drive spearheaded by Dara Robinson that would be taking place today at the MCC tennis Court. This afternoon, Love News stopped by shortly after the food drive began to see how well it was going. Robinson told us t...

Robbers Concoct New Strategy For Food, Cash and Vehicle
It is a popular Belize City restaurant and since robbers targeted its deliverymen over the past few years, Chon Saan Restaurant on Kelly Street has excluded some areas of the city’s south side for delivery orders at night. But that exclusion did not include the George Price...

Photo Exhibit Launches In Orange Walk
A photography exhibit is now open for the public in the Orange Walk District. A small exhibition titled “Birds and Animals of Belize” makes its way to the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Town. The exhibit is the work of Noel Escalante, who ha...


Customs Official Make A Police Report On Contraband Incident; No Mention Of Shooting!
On Monday’s newscast, you heard Lisa Cawich complaining that customs officials roughed up her uncle, Benito Cawich, after they chased him at the junction of the Phillip Goldson Highway and the Village of San Victor. According to Cawich, after the customs officials abruptly stopped her uncle they assaulted him causing injuries to his face. Cawich says that her uncle tried to run but the police officer that was present shot at him. According to Romario Cawich, that bullet that was fired ricocheted hitting him on the leg. That was the story given to us by Benito Cawich’s family on Monday, but today police are saying a totally different story. According to the official police report, the customs officer identified as 36 year old Evan Cassanova was at the check point situated at Buena Vista Village accompanied by his colleague Clevon Baizor and a police officer. The report further explains that sometime around 4:30pm, Cassanova observed a black ford pickup travelling at high speeds. Cassanova says that he signaled the vehicle to stop but the driver, assumingly Benito Cawich, continued almost knocking them down.

Belizean Man Charged With Murder In The US, Sentenced To Life!
A Belizean man has been sentenced to life in prison in Pearland, Texas in the United States. Twenty one year old Hermilo Moralez has been convicted by a Brazoria County jury for the 2010 murder of 18 year old Josh Wilkerson. Moralez was identified early in the investigation as a person of interest when he was observed loitering in the area of Josh Wilkerson’s abandoned vehicle. When questioned, Moralez provided false information relating to his identity. When his true identity was discovered, he was taken into custody and charged with Failure to provide proper identification. His bond on that charge was set at $2,000 US dollars. As the investigation progressed, Moralez agreed to cooperate with search and rescue teams on the ground, which were actively looking for Wilderson’s body. Moralez was handcuffed and walking with detectives through a field when the group arrived at a fence. As investigators made their way over the fence, Moralez attempted to pull a detective’s weapon from his holster. Moralez was immediately restrained and returned to the city jail. As a result, Moralez was charged with Attempting to Take a Weapon from a Peace Officer. His bond on that charge was set at $30,000 US dollars. A motive for the killing has not been identified and no details regarding Joshua Wilkerson’s remains are being released.

Corozal Man Lucky To Be Alive After Vehicle Flips Over
A Corozal man is lucky to still be alive tonight. Reports to our news room indicate that just before the lunch hour this morning, a white van belonging to flipped at least two times on the Philip Goldson Highway before coming to a stop. Resident of College Road in Corozal Town, Mario Leal was driving at the time when suddenly one of his van’s front wheels came loose and flew off causing Leal to lose control just before entering the village of Biscayne on the Philip Goldson Highway. As a result, Leal sustained minor injuries and was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and released shortly after midday. Mario was on his way to Belize City to pick up a group of tourists but never reached the old capital. This evening when we called the owner of the company, George Moralez, he confirmed the incident and didn’t elaborate, other than everything was under control. We here at CTV-3 wish to remind drivers to conduct proper inspections of vehicles on a monthly basis, and for vehicles that travel the highways on a daily basis, we recommend a weekly inspection in efforts of avoiding accidents.

PM Barrow Weighs In Mark King's Actions
The country of Belize was inundated yesterday with the headline story of Minister of State Mark King’s altercation at the Princes Hotel and Casino at the Santa Elena Border. King was involved in an incident which led to him being thrown out of the Casino along with this entourage of friends. In what has left many media houses in the country perplexed, the Government Press Office issued a release stating the charges that King would be levied with, but no mention of the Minister of State was done in yesterday’s Police Report much less, the mentioning of any charges against him. An official press release from the Government of Belize stated that it was pretty much satisfied with its preliminary investigation and that Prime Minister Barrow has suspended King from his ministerial duties effective immediately for the next three months without pay. The incident unfolded sometime around two of Tuesday Morning as the Casino was celebrating its tenth anniversary. One of the Minister’s friends was caught in the bathroom having sex and was immediately escorted out of the casino but not without a fight. King noticed that his friend was being kicked out of the Casino and decided to exert his presumed Ministerial Clout but he quickly realized that he had none. He along with his entourage was escorted out of the Casino. Once outside, twenty-two year old Diego Witz Junior observed that King was being taken outside by Casino Security which prompted him to attack the security. An on duty officer was on hand and quickly attempted to calm the situation, only to receive a punch from Witz. Witz was quickly subdued and detained. Witz was placed in the pan of the police vehicle and King joined him willingly.

Horizon Partners Are In Belize For Medical Mission
Horizon Partners for Belize Medical Mission have been visiting Belize offering free health services and surgeries to Belizeans for a number of years now. Nurse Lupe Ack has been the key person in organizing the yearly event. Since the group will once again be in Belize, today we decided to drop in at the Northern Regional Hospital to speak with nurse Lupe Ack who shares what the surgeries will be for and how Belizeans in the north can register. Lupe Ack- Coordinator Horizon Partners for Belize “Tomorrow we have the ENT’s; air nose and throats plus plastic surgery. Plastic surgeries include cleft lip pallets, ear reconstructions, and the removal of cist, ganglion, warts and body masses. The persons need to come in and pre-register. With the pre-registration that we do it makes things easier for me since I am doing this by myself. SO I pre-register and do their paper work. So when they come in I have their paper work done and that makes the process easier. And then they go to the doctor, the doctore checks them and if they need any surgery they are told when they will be schedule and when it will be. The surgery days will be on Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday.”

Football Sensation Deon McCauley On His Way To The Big Leagues
Belize’s World Cup goleador is making history as he has joined the ranks of a Major League Soccer club in the US being the first Belizean to play in the MLS. Well, the journey is not quite yet complete for Deon into the big leagues as he is currently practicing with USLPRO team Los Angeles Blues. The LA Blues are the B Team of the LA Galaxy and a preseason game was held yesterday where the Galaxy defeated the Blues three to nothing. Deon McCauley took to the field against world class players such as Robbie Keane from Ireland, Jose Villarreal from the US National Under-21 team, Brazilian player Marcelo Sarvas, and Gyasi Zardes who just recently transferred from English soccer team, Liverpool. McCauley will be working out with the LA Blues until he can elevate his level of play from Semi-pro to professional. Deon McCauley was scouted during the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana games that were played in Costa Rica in mid-January of this year. McCauley scored the winning goal against Nicaragua giving Belize its first historical victory against any Central American Team in dramatic fashion. Deon McCauley was recognized as the goleador for the World Cup qualifiers for this region. As a note, the last big name superstar football player to play for the LA Galaxy was David Beckham who opted to trade out of the team about two years ago. We here at CTV-3 are rooting for Belize’s top ranked player Deon McCauley and with him all the best.

The Art Of Acrylics
As of recent, we have been noticing many workshops and seminars geared towards women who are seeking ways of earning a way of life and most importantly, being self-employed and not having to depend on anyone. These types of workshops and certificate programs were started in efforts of assisting battered women, single mothers, and women with limited income resources. Programs have been held in beading, jewelry making, soy milk production, jam production, dried fruits, among many others, so that these women would move forward in life. Added to the long list of programs already conducted, a course will be offered this weekend at the Banquitas House of Culture focusing on your fingers. A workshop on manicures will take place starting this Saturday and will be hosted by Belizean Nail Technician, Erika Vega. Vega says that the core focus of the program will be manicures, acrylic nails, nail polish, and designs for nails. Vega says that conducting the seminar will be renowned Mexican Manicurist Ricky Lara from Monterrey City, who will ensure that anyone that is currently doing nails as a hobby can turn it into a small business. Erika Vega explains.

Belize Set To Participate In Regional Pageant
In last night’s newscast we told you about two Orange Walk Rotaractors that are going to represent Belize in Central America in the coming months. Stephanie Acosta and Victoria Urbina are going to participate in the 2013 Central American Rotaract Conference in Honduras. And while those two are heading south, there is another Orange Walkeña that will represent Belize internationally. Grisel Carballo is heading north to the City of Merida in Mexico where she will compete in the La Diosa Maya Internacional 2013 Pageant. Presently Carballo is in Belmopan attending school at UB and we spoke to her today where she was still feeling the excitement of when the news was broken to her. Ms. Carballo says that she, and we quote, “will give my heart and soul in representing this beautiful country Belize. I must say I am excited and can’t wait to showcase what our exotic paradise has to offer.” The pageant is expected to be held on March 16 of this year. Last year’s La Diosa Maya Internacional pageant was won by Shirley Nicole Velásquez from Honduras. We here at CTV-3 wish Ms. Carballo all the best in this Pageant. We will follow Grisel Carballo’s journey as she prepares for the journey to Merida City in Mexico.


Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fatima arrives in Belize
A pilgrimage involving Our Lady of Fatima has arrived in Belize. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo was the airport for the arrival and bring you this report.

Police officers accused of theft
Two police constables were charged with the theft of $525.00 Belize currency and 120 Mexican pesos when they appeared in Court. They are 23-year-old Phillip Swift and 23-year- old John Galvez. They pled not guilty to the charge and they were each offered a bail of $2,000.00. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith stipulated that $500.00 of the bail must be cash. She adjourned their case until April 9. The incident occurred around 1:20 p.m. on November 16, 2012. The complainant, Carolee Samuels, reported to the police that she dropped her purse in front of Oxygen Boutique while she was walking on Freetown Road and when she went to Queen Street Police Station about two hours later her purse was returned to her but there was no money in it. She told police that her purse contained $525.00 Belize currency and 120 Mexican pesos.

Youth walks free of double-murder charge
Twenty-two year old Shaquille Jones, charged with 2 counts of murder, was acquitted of both charges today by a jury of 7 women and 5 men. Jones was charged with the murders of 29 year old Jermaine Trapp and 18 year old Cameron Blease, who were fatally shot on December 26, 2008, in the parking lot at Princess Hotel and Casino on Newtown Barracks. After the prosecution closed its case having called 6 witnesses, Jones’ attorney, Arthur Saldivar, submitted that the evidence of identification was poor and his client does not have a case to answer to. Justice Troadio Gonzalez upheld the submission and he directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. The prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Kaisha Grant and Leroy Banner, had relied mainly on a statement given to the police by Blease shortly after the shooting. Blease in the statement identified Jones as the person who shot him. But Justice Gonzalez in his ruling said that Blease was not in a position to register and recall the features of the assailant and his identification could not be relied on. Trapp, with Blease in the front seat beside him, had just driven into the parking lot in a car when the gunman fired several shots. Trapp was shot in the back of his head and he died on the spot. Blease was shot in his right shoulder and chest. He was found alive the following day over the fence of Princess. He succumbed to his injuries on January 5, 2009 at the KHMH.

Teenager murdered near his home
A Belize City teenager was gunned down last night in the old capital. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett worked the crime beat today and file this report.

Crooked Tree villager wins big Fantasy 5 jackpot
Cordell Rhaburn, a 74 year old resident of Crooked Tree Village today collected his bounty of $320, 875 after taxes when he showed up at the Fantasy 5’s offices for his prize. Rhaburn is Fantasy 5’s latest lotto winner. Public Relations Officer with Caribbean Gaming Company, Karyl Wallace, told Love News, that since Caribbean Gaming Company initiated Fantasy 5 in December of 2011, the company has given out over two million dollars. And since the other two games, Lotto and Mega Bingo have gone on pause, Wallace says that their sales have stabilized. Rhaburn is single and lives alone. His original prize was $377, 500 before taxes.

Tribute to Bob Marley planned by local fan
While the United States of America Celebrates Black History Month in February, we are reminded of those who have fought for the betterment of mankind. Tomorrow February sixth marks the Birthday of Legendary reggae Icon Robert Nesta Marley, or Bob Marley as we mostly refer to him. To coincide with his birthday, Dara Robinson is closing in on preparations for the annual tribute concert and food drive for the icon. It all kicks off with the food drive which will be held tomorrow. This year Robinson says he’ll be traveling to the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk for both the food drive and concert. As to the concert, it will take place at the MCC Tennis Court in Belize City on Sunday February tenth and Robinson says it is an event for the entire family. According to Robinson there will be security but he says that since Bob Marley’s music inspires peace love and unity among others, he hopes there is no disruption. Tickets for the concert in Orange Walk and Belize City are valued at five dollars each.

Investigators probe fatal Corozal fire
Investigations continue to try and determine the exact circumstances that led to the death of a three year old girl in a house fire in the Corozal district on Monday morning. Love TV’s Marion Ali reports.

OCEANA-Belize challenge to oil concessions goes to hearing
A little over a year ago OCEANA and co-Claimants Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage filed a case challenging the validity of six offshore production sharing agreements. After many preliminary objections the hearing finally took place today. According to a press release from OCEANA quote, “In arguing the claimants’ case, Mr. Godfrey Smith, SC stated the PSAs were granted in breach of the provisions of not only the Petroleum Act, but also in contravention of the Environmental Protection Act, the Fisheries Act and the National Parks Act. He also argued that in the case of the PSAs that have since been renewed, that renewal happened despite the fact that the concessioners did not adhere to the very conditions laid out in their original concessions, which required payment of rental and administrative fees, relinquishment of part of their blocks, and that specific activities be undertaken over the life to the original contracts” end quote. Love News today caught up with Vice President of OCEANA in Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd who told Love News about the outcome of the hearing. Matura Shepherd says that no matter what the judge’s decision is, that will still leave option for appeal and although she hopes everything is positive for OCEANA she is firm that as Belizeans we must be aware of the importance of the natural wonders of waters. Representing the defendants were Senior Counsel Denys Barrow and attorney Naima Barrow.

Junior Minister Mark King suspended from Cabinet
The news broke while most Belizeans were sound asleep. A pre-dawn ruckus near the Belize-Mexico border this morning had all the trappings of a low-budget Hollywood movie. Only thing is the star was one of Belize’s very own in the person of Junior Minister Mark King. The result of the ugly incident has left a trail of embarrassment stretching from Corozal … to Lake Independence … to Belmopan. Our coverage starts with a report from Love TV’s Dalila Ical in Corozal. By mid-morning today, the office of Prime Minister Dean Barrow fired off a press statement describing the incident as behavior on the part of the Lake Independence area representative as not consistent with his obligations as a Minister of State. The government statement says that while charges of disorderly conduct and threatening words will be levied against King and the matter allowed to go through the court system, the Prime Minister was satisfied that the Junior Minister’s involvement in the incident constituted, “at the very least, unbecoming conduct.” The statement goes on to say that after consultation with King, Prime Minister Barrow, quote: has decided on an immediate three-month suspension without pay from his duties as a Minister of State.” The official statement ends by saying that the Prime Minister and Cabinet were expecting that Mark King would issue a statement of apology to his constituency, colleagues and the country. That expected statement of apology from the Lake Independence area representative came by mid-afternoon today. King described the incident he was involved in as a, quote: breach of the peace, end of quote. Before offering the apology requested by the Prime Minister, King said that he makes no admission of wrong-doing and will be taking all necessary steps to be properly represented at the trial. Then he said, quote: I want you all to know that I am very sorry and deeply regret that this incident occurred.” End of quote. The statement from Mark King ends by saying, and we quote: I apologize to you, the Belizean people, members of my constituency and to all my Cabinet colleagues for this unfortunate incident, end of quote.


Prime Minister Barrow speaks about Hon. Mark King’s behaviour
This morning Prime Minister Dean Barrow appeared on the LOVE FM Morning Show and has become usual after such appearances, the rest of the press awaited him outside for an impromptu news conference. High on the agenda this morning was yesterday’s abrupt suspension of Minister of State Mark King,...

Updated Police Report includes Minister Mark King’s name
The Police Press Officer today sent out a more detailed report which included the Minister Mark King’s name and his involvement in the incident that took place at the Princess Casino early yesterday morning. Today’s report stated that a Police officer reported that on Tuesday morning at about 2:30am...

PM says proposals made to Unions are reasonable
Another major crisis on the Prime Minister’s hands is the recently concluded negotiations with the major trade unions for a 30% salary adjustment over the next three years which Government had initially stated, they simply cannot afford it. The unions’ leaders have accepted a proposed increase beginning in 2014...

PM says Castellanos wanted to leave because of a medical problem
Policy analyst for the Ministry of Agriculture and Former Union Negotiator and President of the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM), Jose Castellanos, has gone AWOL since writing to the Prime Minister last week to announce he would resign from those positions because of alleged intimidation. Today, the...

Belize City Police distroy illicit drugs
This morning in Belize City at an undisclosed location, representatives of law enforcement and the judiciary as well as PLUS News were on hand to witness the destruction of quantities of various illicit drugs. It happens occasionally and today we spoke with Mario Bustillos, exhibit keeper for the Police,...

Rudy Farber charged for Attempted Murder of Corrington Villanueva
Belize City Police made an arrest today in an attempted murder case. On Monday February, 4th 32yr old Corrington Villanueva of Brides Alley, Belize City was stabbed to the left side of his abdomen. At the time, Villanueva was socializing at Carmita’s Bar, when one Rudy Farber approached him...

Deliveryman for Chon Saan Palace, Belize City, robbed
A 19 year old deliveryman for Chon Saan Palace Belize City robbed. The 19 year old reported that on Tuesday night at about 8:20pm he made a delivery at house located at the corner of the George Price Highway and Vernon Street, Belize City. Upon arrival he met a...

Unnatural Death in Belize City
Police are also investigating a case of UNNATURAL DEATH. Last night just before 7pm, police were called to a house on George Street, Belize City. Inside the 10 X 12 Plycem structure located at the back of the yard, the partially decomposed body of a 24 year old Jeffrey...

Aggravated burglary and sexual assault in Boston Village
An aggravated burglary and sexual assault were reported. The incident occurred on Sunday February 3rd, shortly before 11 pm. Ladyville Police visited ROMASH KA FARM in Boston Village, which is located approximately 6 miles on the Old Northern Highway. 34yr old ANDREY BORISOV, of Russian nationality reported that around...

PM says Government will resist Arbitration Award to Belize Bank
In December of last year, the London Court of International Arbitration awarded the Belize Bank a judgment of over $30 million in relation to the Universal Hospital Affair. GOB has long resisted such awards and today the Prime Minister told reporters that this one will be resisted too. DEAN...

PM says Superbond deal is nearly done
Super bond for Valentine’s Day? A few days ago AJ Mediratta, Co-Chair of the bondholders’ credit committee for Belize’s half a billion dollar Super bond, visited Belize and with the Prime Minister told reporters that the deal was nearly done. In responding to a question on whether the agreement...

PM will accept Court decision in OCEANA case
We told you last night about the OCEANA Oil concession case that wrapped up in the Supreme Court yesterday. The environmental organization is challenging concessions to six companies based on various breaches of contract and local law. The Prime Minister, who has previously supported offshore drilling, was very short...

Donation will assist Belize Cancer Centre to acquire land for new facility
World Cancer Day was celebrated on February 4. In commemoration of the day, numerous activities have been held countrywide to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. Two persons have taken that awareness further by donating 50,000 dollars to the Belize Cancer Centre in... =============

Union leaders support Government’s salary adjustment proposal
On Friday, February 1st, members of the Joint Negotiation Team for the Trade Unions, met with the Prime Minister and the relevant Cabinet Ministers. This past Saturday, the Joint Councils of the three unions APSSM, BNTU and PSU, met to consider the proposals that were crafted at that meeting. President of the Public Service Union Mr. Marvin Blades ...

OCEANA challenges six Oil concessions in Court
Justice of the Supreme Court Oswell Legall has reserved judgment for a future date in claim no. 810 of 2011 featuring OCEANA in Belize, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), and the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage claiming against Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Hon. Gaspar Vega in regard to six oil c ...

17 year-old Eddie Soriano murdered in Belize City
There was another murder last night in Belize City. Shortly after 7:pm, Belize City Police visited an area on Banak Street, where they saw the motionless body of 17 year old Eddie Nelson Soriano with 4 gunshot wounds to the upper section of his body. Police investigation revealed that Soriano was walking on Banak Street, when two male persons rode ...

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Details of Union’s Salary Adjustment Proposal released
After the Joint Councils of the three unions; APSSM, BNTU and PSU met with the Prime Minister of Belize and the relevant Cabinet Ministers on Friday of last week to consider a salary adjustment; features of the Salary Adjustment Proposal were released. The main ones being: 1) Proposed Salary Adjustment will be based on a formula of actual recurren ...

Minister Mark King makes apology for incident
Earlier we told you about Cabinet’s press release in which Prime Minister Dean Barrow suspended Hon Mark King for 3 months from his duty as Minister of State. Late this evening the Minister sent out a release saying, and we quote, “My fellow Belizeans, by now you would have learnt through the media that I was involved in an incident whi ...

Mark King to be charged for assault of Police Officer
Mark King is to be charged in connection with an ongoing assault of a Police Officer investigation in the north. Earlier today at about 2:30am a uniformed police was on duty at the Princess Casino located at the Northern Border. While standing outside of the casino, he noticed that the security guard from the casino was escorting a male person out ...

Our Lady of Guadalupe High School holds a Business and Science Fair
Our Lady of Guadalupe High School held a Business and Science fair today. Students from Forms 1-4 were required to create some sort of business or science experiment; majority of the students had business stalls where they sold a variety of food items. Plus news visited the fair and spoke firstly with a group who called themselves Tuti Fruti Explo ...


A Tale of Five Cities: San Cristobal Churches
One notable architectural feature of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico is the many beautiful churches that grace the city. Barry made it a personal goal to photograph each one of them within walking distance of our hotel. Here are the results of his efforts. The church above had a very pretty adjoining garden: The next church required quite a climb of switchbacked steps to reach. My quads were still sore from Palenque, so I only made it to the top once. I think Barry made the climb at least three times!

10 Medicinal Plants of Belize that Can Save Your Life
Bush Medicines of Belize Thousands of trees, plants, fruits, roots, and vines can be found in the pristine rainforests of Belize which have been used traditionally for medicinal purposes. Before modern medicine developed laboratory drugs, our ancestors, the world over used herbs and weeds for health. Using a combination of medicinal plants and prayers, shamans and healers treated both the physical and spiritual ailments of their communities. Today the knowledge is all but lost; however, scientific communities from the western world have shown a new interest in the medicinal properties of tropical plants. For example, the National Cancer Institute started the Belize Ethnobotany Project, which has sent of 2,000 species back to the NCI to be studied for cancer fighting properties. The Belizean government has also recognized the importance of these plants, and in 1993 set aside 6,000 acres for the Terra Nova Medicinal Plant Reserve to transplant potentially valuable plants from areas of jungle in danger of development. At the moment, many Belizeans continue to use rainforest plants for medicinal purposes in the same way the Maya did thousands of years ago. Here are ten medicinal plants that are widely used by the Belizean population;

Junior Minister Mark King Suspended From Cabinet-Belize
According to an official statement, King was suspended from his duties as a Minister of State for three months without pay. In the official government statement it was announced that Cabinet was briefed on the incident at the Princess Hotel and Casino in the Corozal Free Zone and that King’s behavior was “not consistent with his obligations as a Minister of State.” Cabinet was also informed that the police, based on their preliminary review of the facts, will be bringing charges of disorderly conduct and threatening words against Minister King.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Homemade Flour Tertillas
I had bee tole that tertillas were easy t'make..and noe I knoe that thay air! Fresh flour tertillas rilly taste bettr thun stere-bouite. These a'ken be made n' a cas arn er a non-stick fryin pun. I used mah trustee old cas arn fryin pun and t'ertillas turnt out greet. Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1/2 teespoon bakin' powdr 3/4 teespoon salt 1/4 cup vegetabull shertenin' 2/3 cup hot watr

International Sources

Edward J. Wisniewski passes away, co-owned "Bob's Paradise"
, Edward J. (E.J.) Wisniewski, 68, of Deerfield Beach, passed away on Sunday, January 27, 2013 of ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's Disease. He passed at the home of his former wife, Bonnie and Salvatore W. Tripi, in Ocala, Florida, who cared for him in his last months. His profession and his love of fishing also led him to many places afar such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Eastern Caribbean Islands, Panama, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Alaska, and of course, his favorite place, Belize. He co-owned Bob's Paradise, a mini-resort on the coast of the Caribbean (accessible by boat only) in the Monkey River area of Belize, Central America. Unfortunately, the resort was destroyed by Hurricane Iris in 2001. He made many lifetime friends on his travels and revisited quite often. He one day hoped to retire in Belize and just fish.

Belize to join T&T at Gold Cup
Underdogs Belize secured their biggest ever football achievement last week when they qualified for the 2013 Concacaf Gold Cup. Belize hosted T&T in a friendly in 2010 and the Russell Latapy-coached team was heavily criticised after being held to a 0-0 draw. However, the Central Americans have been improving and qualified for the semifinals of the Central American tournament in Costa Rica. They were narrowly beaten 1-0 by El Salvador in the third place playoff last Sunday. Belize, along with Central American champions Costa Rica, runners-up Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico will join T&T at July’s Gold Cup in the USA alongside the host nation, Canada, Haiti, Cuba and Martinique. T&T co-head coaches Hutson Charles and Jamaal Shabazz were in Costa Rica last week to view games involving T&T’s possible Gold Cup opponents. “We had the opportunity to see some of the teams we may be coming up against and it proved to be a worthwhile trip,” Shabazz said. “We were able to see styles of play. We’ve met these teams before, but it’s good to stay abreast of what they are doing. They will also be looking at what we do before the Gold Cup,” Shabazz said. The Gold Cup will be played from July 7-28.

Top 4 Foodie Adventures in Belize
It's not every day that you enjoy experiences like lunching in a Mennonite community, making silky chocolate out of cacao beans, and drooling over the offerings in a jam-and-hot-sauce factory. But that's the kind of culinary day-to-day you get when you're in Belize. Top it all off with tasty fry jacks and bottles of Belikin beer. Deep within this tropical, English-speaking country—an easy three-hour flight from Dallas-Ft. Worth International—with around 300,000 residents are adventures that will surprise even the most sophisticated foodie, from small towns in Northern Belize on down to Punta Gorda near the Guatemala border.

This week Prospect Journal is publishing a series of photo journals about international travel – join us as we explore a diverse set of countries by reading our “Changing Perspectives: Journalism Through an International Lens” series! I spent two weeks with family in Belize, a small country in Central America near Guatemala. This is the view from our front door in the small town of Dangriga. Belize is the only country in Central and South America where English is the official language, although Spanish and Creole are more commonly spoken by the natives. While there, I was able to travel throughout the country, including the capital, Belmopan. Although poverty-stricken, the country is strikingly beautiful.

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