In an effort to increase the safety of all residents in San Pedro and to curb the issues of crime on the Island, Mr. Steve Spiro arranged for the National Team in charge of Community Policing to visit San Pedro. The meeting was convened on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, at the Town Hall with the presence and participation of all the Neighborhood Watch Presidents, educators, councilors, SPADAI, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Hon. Manuel Heredia, and Ambergris Today as the media. Members of the National Team first addressed the proper formation and effective implementation of the neighborhood programs including Mr. Carcamo, Officer Commanding Community Policing Unit; Ms. Cris Garcia, Head of Crime Stoppers Belize; Mr. Gilbert Pitts, National Neighborhood Watch Coordinator; and Mr. Douglas Hyde, National Youth program Coordinator. After their presentations several issues were addressed.

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