Two years ago the KHMH started a campaign that appealed to the public to adopt its wards for better upkeep and to help the hospital have more aesthetical appeal.  Over that period a number of businesses and anonymous donors have come forth and taken on the challenge.  The aims and objectives of the hospital are to improve the quality of care and improve the standards of services that it delivers.  Today, Courts Belize Limited and Dr Jose Guerra, an Obstetrician at the KHMH, pitched in and came up with new amenities and renovated bathrooms for two private wards at the Maternity Ward.  Love News was present and asked KHMH Chief Executive Officer, Dr Gary Longsworth, what the improvements include.


“this particular project had to do with renovating two private rooms in the maternity ward; we approached Courts Belize Limited on this and we mentioned this to Dr. Jose Guerra and he immediately jumped on board and said that he would donate to this cause; of course, he is one of the more prolific obstetrician/gynecologist, so he just loved the idea that we would have this type of amenity available to patients who would want to access it.  The room is nicely decked out, we have all the amenities – flat screen tv, refrigerator, recliner, couch, bedside tables, fully appointed bathrooms; the bathroom was here but not in the shape it was in, it is a huge improvement, you have to remember that this hospital is 16 years now and these rooms during that time never got a facelift.  So we did everything that was necessary to bring them back up to mint condition as far as we could to equip them so patients would have a comfortable stay and would have access to all the amenities that they need while they are here.  We already have a private fee schedule for the hospital and that won’t deviate much with  moving from where the rooms were originally to this location, I don’t expect too much of a change.”

Meanwhile, Kovenka Rodriguez, a Marketing Officer at Courts Belize Limited, told us that they willingly accepted the request. 


“We were approached with specifically what they wanted, due to being a hospital they have specific guidelines of what they should have in the rooms.  However, with that selection we sent pictures, they approved and we decided on a sofa bed, two black TCL TV and two Mabe refrigerators.  The value of the items is approximately eight thousand dollars to round it off and that’s all inclusive of the items for the two rooms.”

The KHMH charges a fee of 500 dollars per night for private wards.