Beach erosion is visible
A concerned resident of Dangriga Town forwarded to The Guardian newspaper pictures of what appears to be massive erosion taking place in that town. According to the resident, he casually took the first picture of the beach in front of the Grace Ramirez Park in Dangriga Town on July 22nd. At the time, he thought nothing of it but was shocked and concerned when he visited the very same park at the very location and realized that the sea had eroded a significant chunk of beach, so much so that a park table which was once on solid land ended up being washed into the sea.

One hydrologist, whom we forwarded the images to, indicates that the damage being done to the beach was considerable considering the space of time. Since the erosion has been taking place, there has been some level of intervention taking place to minimize the amount of damage that is being done to the beach. Residents have taken it upon themselves to begin to throw old car tires at the point of erosion in an effort to prevent any more from taking place.

The Guardian