Portofino Restaurant on Ambergris Caye Highlights Belize Ingredients with Signature Amuse-bouche

It’s called an Amuse-bouche (pronounced a,myz?bush) and probably not too many people in Belize are familiar with it because it is typically done at finer restaurants in France and other parts of Europe. They are similar to hors d’oeuvres but smaller in portion and can be described as more whimsical and unique.

One such restaurant on Ambergris Caye, Belize that is introducing amuse-bouche to the country is Portofino Restaurant, which has just recently redesigned its menu and introduced new techniques and products. The appetitive is meant to arouse the sense of taste with intense and distinct flavors. It’s typically the chef’s complimentary welcome and designed to entertain your mouth as a preview to the menu items to come. The Amuse-buoche changes from a day to day basis depending on the specialty of the evening and the chef’s creative flow.

Before our evening meal at Portofino Restaurant, we were served the ‘Taste of Belize’ amuse-bouche that consisted of a shot of watermelon, Belize’s Marie Sharp habanero sauce, coconut cream and lime zest. Fresh Belizean flavors with the coolness of the watermelon and coconut cream balancing the sharp habanero sauce. It was definitely the perfect beginning to a wonderful dining experience at Portofino.

The Amuse-bouche was a welcome surprise and certainly adds to the overall dining experience in Belize as Portofino is helping pave the way for fine dining on Ambergris Caye.

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