The Belize City Council will be planting a hundred more trees around the City. It's a part of the Council's tree planting project -which not only promotes a healthy environment but also aims at beautifying public spaces. The one hundred and ten mahogany trees were donated this afternoon by community activist Francis Gegg . 7news was invited to the small handing over ceremony.

Francis Gegg, Donated Trees
"It's in support of the City beautification project. City Council is doing a great job on improving the city and we have a supply of Mahogany trees at the little farm up the road and I wanted to contribute in a small way to that beautification process. One of the things I like about the Mahogany tree especially is the fact that it grows and straight and it creates a nice canopy eventually. Of course it's the tree that has made Belize famous over the years and for a long time was the primary source of our export wealth and we need to propagate more of them and give more attention to Mahogany."

Roger Espejo, City Councillor
"First let me highlight that the contribution today by Mr. Gegg is one more gesture that we partake into emphasize to the City partnerships - a perfect example between City and private sector. It's something that we've been promoting since we came into office last year. These trees are going to go throughout the entire length and breadth of the City. This is the second contribution that Mr. Gegg has made to the City. Last year we received 100 trees and this time we are receiving 110 and they are larger and more develop than last year's contribution. We are going to do on the south and north side and along the tourism route because that's something that City Council is keen on - developing tourism in Belize City. Certainly it's going to be an added feature to the tours that the City tour operators do."

Monica Bodden
"How do you guys plan on maintaining these trees?"

Roger Espejo, City Councillor
"Like Mr. Gegg said they need moisture of course. It's coming close to the end of the rainy season. In our view there is no bad time for planting, so we have to maintain it with water and its something that we have to get the community involved in as well to maintain the trees as well as to fertilize them wherever we put them."

The trees will be planted around the entire city. This is the second hundred that the council is receiving; the first hundred didn't fare that well, as it turns out they needed to be watered regularly.

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