Dillon Jones may be Belize's best known comedian - and now he's organizing a show called "Drama Meets Stand Up". It's scheduled for this Friday at the Bliss, and he told us today that he has gotten the well-known Trinidadian comedian, Errol Fabien, on the line-up for the evening.

Both Jones and Fabien told us this evening why you should come out for the show:

Dillon Jones
"This Friday the 15th of February Valentines its "Drama meets Stand Up" and we are coming live from the Bliss and it is a pleasure to introduce to the country Mr. Errol Fabien all the way from Trinidad. We called him Trinidad master of laughter. He is going to be at the Bliss along with drama artist like Joseph Stamp, Patrick McPherson, Ava Kelly, Colin Smith, so it's going to be a combination of drama and stand up. Lionel Mangar from Cayo will be there along with myself will be performing."

Errol Fabien
"It's great to be in Belize and I am looking forward for everyone coming out on Friday 15th - to come and laugh."

The show starts at 7:30 p.m., with tickets for $25 from Jones or from the Bliss Center.

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