There is a criminal story that didn't make the police press release this week. It involved a police officer and two Belize Defense Force soldiers. The incident happened at a club in Ladyville early Thursday morning. From what we have gathered so far is that two off duty BDF soldiers were socializing at the Blue Club in Ladyville along with a police officer who is on long leave. The two soldiers got into an exchange with the police officer and shortly after they left the bar.

It is alleged that the 2 off duty BDF soldiers drove off in an army vehicle -while the police rode off on a bicycle. While the police officer was riding his bicycle on the Old Airport Road that leads to Price Barracks, the BDF soldiers followed and intercepted him near to the BTL's substation on the Old Airport Road.

It is reported that the police officer pulled out a handgun belonging to the police Special Branch Unit and fired a shot at the soldiers - that was when the soldiers pulled out their weapons and began beating the officer until he was unconscious. The police officer received cut wounds to the face, right eye, head and under the chin and was later picked up by Ladyville police and taken to the BDF clinic on price Barracks where he received treatment. The incident is under investigation. We understand that the incident will be tried in a civil court since both BDF officers were off duty and the police officer is on long leave.

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