The bus terminal located adjacent to the Ministry of Works here in Orange Walk was to be a temporary one yet there seems to be no movement forthcoming in order for busses to be relocated. And while time goes by, complaints about the terminal keep rolling in especially from vendors who rely on their everyday sale to make ends meet. Today we were once again called out to the terminal and when we arrived we found vendors up in arms. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

Just beside the entrance of the Orange Walk Town Bus Terminal are four vendors who every day struggle to make ends meet. Today; however, they are up in arms because of a construction that is taking place inside terminal grounds.

The benches located under the shed are being upgraded in order for commuters to lean their back. While commuters applaud the initiative, those on the other side of the fence say it will affect their sale and are asking for an open space to be left between the benches in order for buyers to have easier access to their products.

Edward Garnett, Vendor

“I also spoke to the right hand of Castro and he came by a couples time and said that the will do a split on the bench so that at least we can have on entrance so that people can decide who they want to go buy to. So that they can access this part of the area. They need to put a split so that we the vendors can sell our foods. It’s about quick access to the people on the bus.”

Vendors strongly believe that their cries will not be heard.

Edward Garnett, Vendor

“I don’t see any measurements where they will put the split. The board has been made to put the back rest which will seal us off. And is they seal we off then I guess these vendors will corrupt- will be enemies with the Hindu inside which should not be.”

Another problem is the prohibition of selling inside the busses. According to Garnett, this move is causing them to lose money.

Edward Garnett, Vendor

“We used to go into the buss and sell our food but they don’t let us do any more.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

And the thing is that when vendors go into the buss, they pile up in the bus. They transform the buss into a sardine can making it uncomfortable for the passengers.”

Edward Garnett, Vendor

“That is true especially when they sell liquid and it drips on people we as vendors should look at all of those things too. But consideration needs to be done as well. It will be very good, it will not affect in no way if they fulfil their promise and put the split. There will be no problem but they have to put the split. I see that they have the bench already made but not measure to put the split. So this is why these people and the rest of vendors called the media to come so that their guys can make sure that they fulfil their promise and do the split. The measurement has already been made to seal the back area.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“So what if the split is not place because I heard the constructor saying that there will be no split?”

Edward Garnett, Vendor

“He is saying that but like I said somebody came to me just now that they will fulfil and put the split because that was something that was decided way back a couple of months.”

And while there seems to be no solution to these problems another one is near the horizon.

Reymunda Wright, Vendor

“Llegué y me enteré de que el hindú es poner la barrera para que los clientes no podrán comprar nuestros alimentos. Pero si esto sucede, entonces ¿cómo vamos a vender? ¿Cómo vamos a vivir? el hindú está ahí y hacer su dinero y por qué es que nosotros, que somos los beliceños no tienen ese lujo. También he oído que van a construir una valla, pero le pregunté al ministro Castro considerar los beliceños. Todos nosotros necesitamos para sobrevivir. No sólo venden para mí, puedo vender para donar a las personas mayores. No estamos luchando porque queremos luchar con otros, pero estamos luchando por nuestro derecho a ganarse la vida. Así que le pido al ministro y el consejo de la ciudad para hacer algo al respecto porque entonces no vas a tener nada para comer.”

We were also informed that the two bathrooms at the terminal are presently out of service due to some sort of construction that is taking place.