Residents given promissory notes which take effect if the UDP wins

On Friday afternoon February 8th, 2013 Hugo Patt, the Corozal North UDP Representative and the UDP slate running for the Xaibe Village Council headed by one Leidy Trimminius held a ceremony of their UDP Cronies in the village giving them promissory notes on land parcel which would be valid if the UDP won the upcoming Village council elections in Xaibe Village.† The problem lies in that the same parcel of lands had already been allocated to people in Xaibe Village by the duly authorized person in the Village to do so, the Chairman of the Village Mr. Danny Tzul. The Village Council Act clearly states that the Chairman is the only duly authorized person who can distribute land parcels in the village. What Hugo Patt did could be alleged to be buying votes with promissory notes of land.

This is illegal and against the constitution. Hugo Patt should know this, but since buying votes and disrespecting the law is the norm in the UDP, this is probably nothing new to him.

The Villagers did not stand for his nonsense and on Sunday 10th February 2013, a large meeting was held with attorney at law Marcel Cardona. Cardona advised them of their constitutional rights and to not be intimidated by the show of police force that Hugo Patt called out to intimidate the Villagers.

Strangely enough it was not Hugo Pattís signature on the promissory note but one Mr. Vallejos. So should anything go wrong you know who takes the blame? The Villagers of Xaibe have stated loud and clear that they will not be intimidated by the likes of Hugo Patt and company. Letís hope Hugo Patt sees the Light and Leave the people of Xaibe Village to handle their own affairs.

The Belize Times