She has been touted as the Caribbean’s Hottest Disc Jockey in Heels, and to see her, and listen to her smooth vocals on the radio, or watching her in action at nightclubs and hotspots, you know you agree. Known around the Caribbean as “Miss Blease from Belize”, she is an incredibly talented deejay who can tease the ears with mixes that can spin a crowd into frenzy. Her resume lists “television producer, actress and socialite”– a woman of many talents indeed.

Linda Michelle Blease was born on December 29, 1985, and raised in the island village of Caye Caulker. Her humble beginnings in an environment with few privileges only fueled her ambition, and it helped her build up for opportunities that have brought her to where she is.

We at My Beautiful Belize had the opportunity to get some a quick Q & A with Linda, talking about growing up in Caye Caulker, sharing her ideal day on her home island, and of course, talking a little bit about making it in Belize, especially in the entertainment industry of this country.

MBB: You grew up in Caye Caulker, but now live in the city (kindly confirm) and travel quite a bit with your (amazing) deejay career. A lot of people grow up in a small place, and head out searching for a better life. You have succeeded in so many ways, creating a path where there was none, and making big strides for yourself. Bravo! How does a Caye Caulker chick do it?

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