The national football team recently gave a phenomenal performance at the Copa Centro Americana Games.  The world took note of our players as they beat Nicaragua in a hotly contested game. On the heels of their hero’s welcome, the International Federation of Association Football, (FIFA) has rewarded Belize by shooting up higher on the world rank of competing countries. News Five spoke via phone to Ruperto Vicente, the President of the Football Federation of Belize about how the improved ranking will affect Belize’s football stock.

Via Phone: Ruperto Vicente, President, F.F.B.

Ruperto Vicente

“I’m pretty much excited about Belize’s ranking in FIFA ranking system because all the hard work that we’ve put into football development in Belize is now paying off. And it is remarkable that it has happened in such a fast pace. But from one-sixty-seven to a hundred and thirty-two is certainly a very large jump for Belize. I must congratulate our national team because it was only when our “A” national team participate in tournament or games or even friendly games that our ranking is improved. We will continue to work hard; we will continue to have our national team participate in tournaments and in friendly matches during FIFA’s scheduled games. We increase our ability to compete against other teams. In other words, we will not only be able to compete against Central American teams, now other teams in other parts of the world will be looking at Belize as a potential competitors and they may seek to play against us. But certainly as it is, Trinidad is already asking us for a game. And we are going to try to host Trinidad game in Belize. And this is as a result of the improvement in our ranking.”

The team is now preparing for the Gold Cup Tournament that takes place in July in various US cities. 

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