Dean Barrow

During the United Democratic Party convention at the Andres Campos Civic Center in Corozal Town, Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed rumors that he may not lead the U.D.P. into the next General Elections. He said the rumors about his health are false and he will continue as the party leader.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“No study the rumor mill. Pay no regard to the gossip mongers. Noh listen to the false talk. Every so oft, I hear something wrong with me. Ah ill with this or with that. But I want tell you this afternoon, apart from the lee bad back—and you know I could deal with that—apart from dah lee bad back, as far as I know, there is not a damn thing wrong with me. And as long as good lord continues to give me health and strength and as long as it is your wish, I fully intend to lead the United Democratic Party into… I intend to take this party into the next general elections and to record… And to record the third successive general election victory for the U.D.P. 

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