Screen_shot_2013-02-20_at_7.46.12_PMMarch 7th will mark one year that the Orange Walk Town Council saw a change in leadership as Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team of six councilors was elected to run the affairs of the town. So far Orange Walk has seen a number of changes. But residents are clamoring for more, primarily they want better streets. Now we all know that the upgrading of streets translates to hundred of thousands of dollars spent. For the present town council upgrading the streets of town is a demand that must be met even with the little resources available.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“The council has met and has made a very strong decision that this year we will focus mainly on street maintenance and street upgrades. Last Saturday’s inaugural ceremony of the mural the deputy mayor listed out the number of streets that we want to upgrade. Now we know that there is not only ten streets in Orange Walk Town, the town council itself can afford to pave and fix every single streets; however, what we are committed to do is to address these ten main streets and then maintain the other that can be salvage. We do have those streets that maybe it’s a good length of road and only one section of that road is in good condition. So we are trying to see how we can address those and fix those problems so that people have a better driving environment in the municipality. And so this year that is our main focus: to address the street infrastructure.”

The ten streets to be upgraded are Barbados Street, Muffles Street, Staines Alley, Gravel Lane, Cemetery Street, Mahogany Street, Westby Alley, San Pedro Street, Liberty Avenue by the corner of Sarstoon Street and Raintree Street.