There are scholarship opportunities for Belizeans who wish to read for a Masters degree or a Doctorate. The scholarships are being offered under the Caribbean, Pacific Island Mobility scheme. Lloyd Enriquez is the Development Officer at the University of Belize.


And itís a full scholarship at Masterís level, at Doctoral level and itís open to all Belizeans who have graduated from one of the member countries that is participating in this scholarship scheme. It is being funded by the European Union. It includes everything from airfare, tuition fees, books and even a stipend for daily expenses. Application is online, the website is - they go to that website and they can open the application. The deadline is March 1, 2013. They will need a good scanner to be able to upload some of their documents. When they go on the website they would be able to see the listings of courses being offered.Ē

Enriquez says the scholarships are open to any Belizean who is a graduate of a participating university, such as UB.

The CARPIMS Program is a cooperation and mobility program in the area of Higher Education, implemented by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union. According to the scholarship website, selected applicants will receive a monthly stipend according to the type of mobility they carry out. A full Masters for a period of 22 months will earn six hundred Euros or about one thousand, five hundred dollars in monthly stipend. The full Doctorate for a period of 36 months will earn nine hundred Euros or two thousand, three hundred dollars in monthly stipend.