Rebuilding continues in southern villages where many houses were damaged or destroyed by hurricane Iris. "IRIS RECONSTRUCTION" is a group of concerned private citizens involved in building shelters for the needy. Using a building design developed in Honduras after hurricane Mitch, the same simple but durable shelters are now being constructed in Toledo. The 16' x 24' shelter is supported by six cement or hard wood posts, by the choice of home owner. The zinc roof is fastened to 7 trussed rafters.
This shelter provides protection from the elements. The floor and walls are finished according to the ingenuity and ability of the home owner. Building expertise and labor is provided by volunteers from Belize, USA, and Canada in conjunction with the prospective owner.

By November 30, 140 of the shelters had been erected in 7 different villages. 26 more are in the process of completion in the village of Santa Cruz. Materials and funds are available to finish a total of 200 buildings. Further investigation indicates that at least 100 additional shelters are needed for aged, widows and families displaced or living in wet conditions.

Funding for the first 200 houses has come from both private donors and organizations. Approximate cost for each shelter is $850BZ ($425US). Special thanks to all who have contributed both in monies and materials ! For more information or if you are interested in helping with a donation.

Details on disaster, news reports: //

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Details on rebuilding, home surveys: //

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Big Falls Village after the Storm: //
Other area villages //

Southern Belize post hurricane: // //

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Please make checks to HURRICANE IRIS RELIEF FUND
Donor Name_________________________________

Marty Casado ([email protected]) or Frank Redmond ([email protected])
Hurricane Iris Relief Fund
910 W. 16th
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Online Donations at: //
Direct Deposits to the account at:
Belize Bank San Ignacio,
16 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town,
Belize. CA
A/C 5015355 in name of
Hurricane Iris Relief Fund
the manager is Mr Sabido and his
tel no is 501 92 2031

For International Transfers:
Bank of America International,
1 World Trade Center,
New York NY 10048-1191
Routing # 026009593
For transfer to Belize Bank,
Belize City, for further transfer to A/C 5015355 listed above.

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