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The San Pedro Sun

Dr Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II staff trained in Basic Life Support
The staff of the Dr Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II has been trained and certified in Basic Life Support (BLS). The BLS-PolyClinic-Training-1training was held via a course that all 17 staff members attended on Sunday February 17th. The course was made possible with the support of the Central Health Region, the Public and Private sector of San Pedro and the professional and patient trainers of Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) consisting of Michael Pratt, Darrell Spencer and Chris Kirby.

SPTGA members re-elect Billy Leslie as president
During his previous two-year term, Leslie and his board had promised to identify funding for the acquisition of a patrol vessel that the association could use to help authorities patrol the coast of Ambergris Caye. “We are still on the final stage and we are looking in securing that vessel with the help of the Area Representative and the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC),” stated Leslie who explained that the Belize Tourism Board is in the final stages of acquiring the vessel. Fuel for patrolling will be secured through the SPTC while the SPTGA will be in charge of management and maintenance of the vessel.

Cultural Day at SPRCS showcases food, music and dance
The San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS) hosted their annual cultural day activities on the school grounds on Friday February 22nd. Hundreds of students attended classes in various colorful cultural attires which complimented the school’s event. But the cultural attire was not all; cultural music filled the air at the different display booths. The delicious smell of traditional homemade food also brought people over to peruse educational available on the various ethnic groups found in Belize. The community, along with parents got the opportunity to view the booths and learn more about each of the cultural groups that makes up the diverse nature of the country. According to the Principal of SPRCS Roxanni Kay, the students have been preparing for the event for almost two months. “The purpose of this event is for the students to experience the different cultures and mingle with each other. By doing this – having the students experience the culture – they learn even more and it’s much better. It’s a day where everybody gets down to doing things on their own; they dressed up, brought in food and shared with the parents and teachers and even their fellow students,” explained Kay.

Black and White Culture Center – Bringing Garifuna culture to life in San Pedro
Following her presentation of the art of (ereba) cassava bread-making and a show of the outfit used to dance the Jankunu (a dance with an origin formed through mimicking the white slave masters) participants are invited to view a 30 – 45-minute presentation on the Garifuna Culture featuring the late, great, Andy Palacio. But the experience isn’t over then! Visitors are then invited to indulge in a buffet of traditional Garifuna food with a mixture of Creole cuisine! Mmmm…following a scrumptious meal – participants enjoy some Garifuna drumming and other traditional dances. This is truly a unique experience – and can only be had at Black and White Cultural Center. You can be the next one to experience this truly amazing cultural simulation by contacting Julia Martinez at 605-2895 or 625-5204.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Collect Memories Not Things: Belize
Visiting Belize on an Island Expeditions tour of Crooked Tree Village, Lamanai, Altun Ha, Belize City and Half Moon Caye on Lighthouse Reef. This short was filmed as part of a Vancouver Sun photo essay and travel story that will run on February 23, 2013.

A photo that… makes me laugh or smile
One of my favorite spots, if not my favorite, is the small island of Caye Caulker. You can read more here about why I love Caye Caulker. Anyways, the island has this chilled, “go slow” attitude towards life that is reflected in everything they do and have. And here comes my favorite sign in the island. What I find funny is that the main form of transportation in Caye Caulker are golf carts. Now, how fast can you go on a golf cart? Oh, and it’s true, there are two cemeteries and no hospital.

Making Chocolate Like The Mayas Used To
I love chocolate. I enjoy tasting it every now and then, and as I write this post I have an organic chocolate bar sitting next to my laptop. But, other than eating it, I knew nothing about chocolate nor how it’s made. Here in Belize, I had the opportunity to learn how chocolate is made from raw cacao to final product. But what’s even more interesting is that I learned how to make chocolate like the Mayas did for over a thousand years. The word cacao originated from the Maya word Ka’kau’, as well as the word chocolate from Chocol’ha and the verb chokola’j – “to drink chocolate together”.

10 Reasons Why Belize Has Become the Center Of Attention in the 21 Century [Slide Show]
If you know a little about Belize you will be able to answer the following questions with ease -- How big is Belize? Name the capital of Belize? Where exactly is Belize located? I know the answers to those questions because I was born here -- "I Mek Ya" like Maria Sharp's habanero pepper sauce. But a couple years back if you asked an outsider these same questions -- a quick "I have no clue" was their response. Ridiculous right? But it is true! That was the era when Belize was overlooked and no one was interested in it. Like people...time have changed and our country has become somewhat...VIRAL! to speak -- like that "Charlie Bit Me" video on YouTube. Suddenly, the earth has spun out of orbit and Belize is at the epicenter of it all. But how can a small third world country like Belize become so popular overnight? -- you might ask. Without babbling any further, here are the reasons why.

Bishop Martin Visits the SIPL
The San Ignacio Public Library had some Standard 2 students visit from Bishop Martin, to get them into reading. "Standard 2 visits for activities & stories."

Energizing Youth Entrepreneur Workshop Today
The Energizing Youth Entrepreneur Workshop is today in Belmopan at the University of Belize. It's only $10 per person, and that includes lunch. Speakers include Stephen Okeke, Shelly Usher, James Scott, and Kay Menzies. Sounds like it'll be highly motivational.


After 64 Years Of Cutting Hair Barber Calls It Quits
Back in 1949, a Mexican National by the name of Antonio Padilla made his way to Belize specifically in Orange Walk Town. After some time here, Padilla literally build up shop; a Barber Shop that is. For about 64 years Padilla has been cutting the hair of countless Orange Walkenos and after a 6 decade run Padilla sis calling it quits. Padilla recounted his up and down of his career to Reporter Hipolito Novelo and explained why after so much time he had decided to close shop. Hipolito Novelo reporting… Antonio Padilla, Veteran Barber “Voy a completar 86 años en abril. Será en el día de los locos. 1 de abril. Dicen que si uno nace en ese día entonces usted podría estar loco.” This is 85 year old Antonio Padilla, the owner of Padilla’s Barber Shop here in Orange Walk Town. Padilla is originally from Chiapas Mexico but back in 1949 he migrated to Belize. A year after Padilla started his career as a barber seeking to make some extra bucks. Back in those times he says, a dollar was worth a whole lot.

23 days After: 15 Year Old Still Missing
There is also growing concern for a missing 15 year old minor from the Village of Libertad Corozal. Today makes it 23 days that 15 year old Hilmar Cal left home and has not returned. Last week, the child’s aunt, 45 year old Belizean housewife, Olympia Bull, informed police that her nephew left home on January 31st en route to Corozal Town to sell homemade bread. Since then he has nor been seen or heard from. Ical is described as being of Mestizo descent, brown complexion; 5 feet in height, medium built and weighs about 85 lbs. If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of Ical you are asked to call 911 or the nearest police station.

$250K Playground Being Built In San Rita Corozal
The Corozal Rotary Club has been in existence for approximately 30 years and has brought great improvement to Corozal Town. The group has played an important role in the evolvement of the San Antonio School Snack program, Christmas party for Mary Hill School, Ride Across Belize 2010 and numerous scholarship programs just to name a few. Recently added to the group’s already long list of projects, is the restoration of the park in Santa Rita Corozal. The club is carrying out the major project in partnership with the Corozal Town Council, the business community and several International Rotary Clubs including the Rotary Club of Nisru Leduc from Alberta Canada.

87 Year Old Still Missing
Where is 87 year old Mamerto Castillo? That’s the question that family members of the octogenarian are asking tonight after he’s been missing for nine days. Castillo, better known as Don Mito, was last spotted in the Village of Chan Pine Ridge and to date his family ignores his whereabouts. As concern grows, so does the reward. Castillo’s family is now offering $400.00 for information leading to his whereabouts. Castillo left his home in the village of Yo creek around 9:30am on February 13th. Family members say the octogenarian told them he was going to gather some wood near the Village of San Lazaro. Castillo was last seen wearing a light pink long sleeve shirt and kaki long pants. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mamerto Castillo is asked to contact the nearest police station or call 303-2047 or 629-1688. Of note is not Castillo has problems with his hearing.

Form Your Neighborhood Watch Group Now!
Belizeans, in particular those in the old Capital, have been living under the fear of losing their lives at any given point of time due to the high increase in crime. This past weekend alone the law system recorded more than ten crimes. And while Belize City is the nuclei for crimes committed on an almost daily basis, the lives of citizens living in other districts, has also been interrupted by fear. One of the most effective and oldest practices to lower crime is neighborhood watches that are formed in many communities. In Corozal alone, more than nine neighborhood watches are presently working hand in hand with the Corozal police formation to fight crime. In sight of how effective neighborhood watches are, the Belize Police Department has launched a neighborhood watch project which commenced in San Ignacio. Organizers of the project were in Corozal on Wednesday night where members of various neighborhood committees were introduced to the program by Senior Superintendent of Police Louise Willis. Louise Willis- Senior Superintendent of Police “Today’s objective was to meet with different organizations; schools and we had meeting neighborhood watch groups and parents of the cadets. We have planned tours for the other districts. We will be here next Wednesday again. Well, we are asking the neighbor to form neighborhood watch groups in all the different community. We are asking the members of the community if they have skills to come in and help the cadets in life skills. Thi si a start and we are grateful for this start in Corozal and I applauded the people for coming out tonight and I hope they come out at our next meeting.”

PUP Calls On Castro Removal Over Alleged Nepotism
Earlier this week it was reported that Major John Flowers’ term as Ports Commissioner ended quite suddenly. Reports are that Flowers and the Minister of State for Public Works and Transport, Edmund Castro, got into a heated discussion on whether or not one of Castro’s Relative should be hired at the port. We tried to get in contact with Castro but as of 5:30 this evening his phone went straight to voicemail. And while Castro did not answer our calls, the People United Party was not silent on the matter. In a strongly worded press release, the PUP decries in the strongest terms quote, “The rank political interference and high handedness displayed to the Ports Commissioner Major John Flowers as well as the continuing nepotism displayed by the UDP government” end of quote. We spoke to Deputy Leader in the PUP Dolores Balderamos on the issue as she explained more. Dolores Balderamos, Deputy Leader PUP “We are extremely concerned and we decry and we deplore the blatant nepotism and also the high handed ministerial interference with the work of a government statutory body that being the Ports Commissioner. We are very concerned that this kind of high handed behavior is continuing as if the UDP Government don’t care and they are just hell bent on doing whatever they please as if it is their personal property. For example we have said the Minister of State Castro is behaving as if the office of the Port there is his personal property or fiefdom as we put it. We have to raise our voices load and clear that the Belizean people don’t want this kind of nepotism and high handedness and we won’t tolerate it.

PUP Defends Free Speech
The People United Party was also vocal on another issue. The west most popular morning talk show, Rise and Shine, is in friction with a government minister. On this morning’s Rise and Shine show, host, Louis Wade Jr. and regular long time co-host Patrick Andrews took to the airwaves to discuss Minister of National Security John Saldivar’s grudge against the two men. Reports are that Minister Saldivar is threatening to sue both Andrews and Plus TV for the comments made of ministerial wasteful spending in Government. According to Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party, Dolores Balderamos, Minister Saldivar’s threat is an attempt to stifle public discourse and infringement of freedom of speech. Dolores Balderamos Deputy Party Leader PUP “We have freedom of speech in this country and as long as we don’t anything that isn’t true and as a matter of fact if he believes that it is not so then the law is there. But as far as we know the citizens, the media and the persons who comment have the right of free speech once they don’t say anything reckless.

Corozal House Of Culture To Celebrate 1st Birthday
The Corozal House of Culture is just a few days away from celebrating its 1st anniversary and word to CTV3 News is that the institutions first birthday will be celebrated in grand style. Sunday February 24th will mark one year that the house of culture opened its doors to the Belizean public with the objective of promoting art, history and culture in Corozal. Over the past year the house of culture has seen numerous exhibits showcasing the talent of Corozalenos and the history of their home town. With her eyes set on the future, Director of the Corozal House of Culture Debra Wilkes Grey says, while the first year of existence will now from part of history Sunday’s celebration will mark the beginning of a new chapter. Debra Wilkes Grey- Director House of Culture “It’s been an amazing year and we have had a lot of supports from private persons, organizations and the community including yourselves. CTV3 I want to thank for always being there supporting us and promoting us. Sunday starting at 3pm we will have Art in the Park for the Artist out here for purchasing and vendors of food for your taste buds. For children we will have Ozzy the Clown and jumpy house, an art corner and face painting. Ozzy the clown will come in at 4pm on stage and will perform for about an hour and a half with his style of comedy.” Cultural presentations on stage begin at 6:00pm featuring the Corozal Community College Dance Company and local artist Anika Perez. The event promises to be entertaining and educative at the same time catering for the entire family.

The Belize Times

NO DEAL! – Union members demand salary increase NOW
The membership of three Unions have given their leaders the onerous and, some would say, prickly task of going back to Prime Minister Dean Barrow to present a counter proposal to a salary adjustment proposition that was concocted with their input within the halls of the Cabinet room on Friday, February 1st. The Union’s Council of Management approved the Prime Minister’s proposition at a meeting held a day later at the Convention Hotel in Belmopan, but that was manifestly premature, because over the past few days the general membership has rejected the proposal and instructed their leaders to “wheel and come again”. The Unions had held a massive demonstration in Belmopan, demanding respect and no less than a 30% salary increase over the next three years. But in the meeting with the Prime Minister, the Union leaders walked out with a bag of air. The Prime Minister offered a salary increase of no more than 10% starting 2014 IF there is a surplus in revenue, in comparison to this year’s collection. The Union’s membership has intelligently raised the bar of expectation for any possible final salary agreement, calling for a salary increase floor of no less than 8%, improved collection of Government’s taxes, a stiffer clamp on the wastage that occurs in Belmopan, and no ceiling if it is based on the country’s revenue performance.

Human Smuggling Ring Busted?
An Orange Walk resident has been detained and held for questioning in the Police’s investigation into what is believed to be a human smuggling ring in Belize. A van ...

Joe Coye & Florencio Marin Sr. Vindicated – Chief Justice strikes down GOB witch-hunt
A four-year long witch-hunt orchestrated by the Barrow Administration came to a screeching halt today on Wednesday, ...

Vega/August win….UDP implodes – UDP Secretary General to resign, others could follow
The UDP is unquestionably at its lowest point. Even former UDP leader Manuel Esquivel and other senior members feared that this day would come. They warned in the name of the little ...

Wrong voting right?
By G. Michael Reid "If it were probable that every man would give his vote freely, and without influence of any kind, then, upon the true theory and genuine principles of liberty, every member of the community, however poor, should have a vote… But since that can hardly be expected… all ...

What SEDI DID The Honourable Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington. He is Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Some critics say he is the Minister of Israel affairs. Others say he is sounding like a spokesman for Guatemalan affairs. What Sedi did was sign a document called a compromi. He signed without getting permission from Belizeans ...

Knowing The Hour
There is a term in literature which is taken directly from the French word for “untying”, nouer, and in our primary schools, our children are taught to refer to the events immediately following the climax of a book or play as “denouement”. This literary term is in essence the euphemistic way of identifying when a situation is going downhill. In the technical sense it specifically refers to the outcome or result of a complex situation or sequence of events. It is the final outcome or unraveling of the main dramatic complications in a play, novel, or other work of literature. In drama, the term is usually applied to tragedies or to comedies with catastrophes in their plot. Denouement is usually the final scene or chapter in which any necessary, and, as yet unmade, clarifications are made. In political terms, this literary term aptly characterizes where the UDP government finds itself in 2013. There are certain realities that accompany this stage of a dying government’s life. Therefore, these are dangerous political times in Belize and all the socio-economic indicators, which could lend the Government some currency to muster hope for our people have been destroyed, misused or disengaged. ...

Belmopan Bandits leads Premier League football
The defending champions, the Belmopan Bandits are leading the Premier League of Belize football competition with their 2nd win 2-0 over San Felipe FC in Week 2 of the closing season tournament at the Isidoro Beaton ...

Galen University wins 1st ATLIB basketball champs
The Galen University Eagles won their first ever Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) basketball championship, blowing away the University of Belize Black Jaguars 70-44 in finals at the San Pedro Junior College ...

Historic Win! – Ecumenical girls are national basketball champs
The Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College won their first ever Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) basketball championship, blowing away the University of Belize girls 30-5 in ...

UDP voter claims bribery
24 hours before the UDP convention for First Deputy Leader, the fight for the second highest post got really nasty. A video posted on Facebook on Saturday morning at 10:34 showed an alleged UDP Orange Walk voter claiming that he was bribed by one of the ...

Patrick Faber on chopping block?
Inside UDP sources have informed the BELIZE TIMES that the new ruling faction within the UDP is pressuring Prime Minister Dean Barrow to re-shuffle his Cabinet shortly before or after presenting the ...

AMAZING GRACE – Who Cares If I Die?
It’s easy to question the true value of a life. The way we butcher each other today there’s a tendency to think only about ourselves and everyone else can, well, ‘go to hell’! A couple months ago my dad gave me a two coconut. We were double minded about where we ...

“Every hundred feet the world changes” – The Portraits of Michael Gordon
By Yasser Musa, February 18, 2012 The official story is always the same. Around 1995 Michael Gordon was “discovered” on the corner of Prince and Albert Streets in Belize City sitting amidst dozens of pencil drawings on cardboard and recycled paper. ...

Wake Up Belizeans: The Silent Epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse is Staring Us in the Face
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph Sexual abuse is a violation of a young person’s rights. Most of our children are at risk of communicating with or meeting abusers and predators who prey upon young and often vulnerable children. Sexual abuse comes in many forms and often silences its victims. At times, ...

How to fix the economy!
Part II by Richard Harrison GENERAL STRATEGIES GOING FORWARD i. To restructure the economy to make it more competitive for ALL production of goods and services to be profitable. This means bringing the costs of as many factors of production as possible, in line with costs in competitive countries. Particular attention should ...

UDP Street Hustle?
There seems to be some kind of hustle in everything the UDP gets its hands on. The most recent scheme seems to be ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – What about Patrick?
By Anthony Sylvestre Jr. Dean Barrow giveth and he taketh away! Well, that is what Dean Barrow obviously thinks- that Belize and all its inhabitants are his to rule and lord over as his domain. And his weekend filicide (killing) of his political son, Patrick Faber, confirms this again, lest we would ...

Dangriga Town Council – undergoes Planning and Budgeting training
The Dangriga Town Council held a two-day Planning and Budgeting Retreat for the Managers of its various departments on Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th February, 2013, respectively, at the Sister Henrietta Delille Spiritual Life Center ...

Faber Eats Humble Pie
The little man with the big ego was humbled, if but for a few days, on Sunday in Corozal following his decisive loss to the bumbling, fumbling Gapi Vega, for UDP Deputy Leader. Belizeans had little interest in the UDP convention but there were many particularly in ...

Belmopan Area Rep threatens Plus TV’s Patrick Andrews
UDP Belmopan Area Representative and National Security Minister John Saldivar has threatened to sue Plus TV’s Rise and Shine morning co-host Patrick Andrews for certain remarks made during the February 10th, 2013 morning show. Saldivar claims that Andrews committed libel against him, and instructed a high ...

First-of-its-kind Community Care Center inaugurated in Dangriga
A well-furnished single-storey concrete building was handed over by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the residents of Dangriga. It was received by the Mayor Major (Ret’d) H. Gilbert Swaso ...

Referendum Process Contaminated
Contributed By the time October comes around, the referendum process by which the people of Belize and Guatemala will be asked whether or not we should go to the International Court of Justice to settle Guatemala’s claim to Belize, will be so contaminated by both Belize and Guatemalan officials, that there ...

Callate tu boca!
Ever since taking office as the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington’s mouth has been Belize’s worst enemy. His raw, unbridled ineptitude has made the Government of Belize the laughing stock of ...

12 Gunshot Victims in Bloody Weekend…crime wave continues
In a matter of two days, criminal activity spiralled out of control in the old capital ...

More BWS firings
More employees at the Government-owned Belize Water Services have been terminated as the company carries out a wild investigation into the dissemination of scandalous letters that accuse high-level officials of ...

Crippling Unemployment in Belize!
The unemployment rate in Belize is at a crippling level – the highest it has been in 14 years, according to figures released by the Statistical Institute of Belize. The national labour force survey (separate from the 2010 National Census which had unemployment at 24%) declared that ...

Is Belize at War? – New Statutory Instrument invoked BDF Volunteer Element
In times of war or disaster, the Defence Act give the Governor General powers to invoke a proclamation calling out for the volunteer battalion of Belize Defence Force to report for duty. Such battalion would supplement the BDF force that would be engaged in battle or ...

BGYEA’s land demonstration still on
A national demonstration has been planned for Tuesday February 26th in the City of Belmopan by the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association. The group is protesting the many problems and obstacles which Belizeans face at the Ministry of Natural Resources when attempting to obtain their constitutional right ...


Hitching rides and having fun
Being the second day that Denis has been cold turkey from cigarettes he was not feeling as agitated and up for a trip to town. Yesterday I went solo because he had his head burred in a book all day to shake the cravings. We set out on foot towards one of my favorite back roads ran into Caroline of Caroline’s cooking, she told us to hop on her cart and she would get us as far as Perla Escondita where her delicious restaurant is. We chatted about the strong winds last night and big waves on the barrier reef this morning. Right after she dropped us off along came Commodore Andy in his new lime green golf cart. He was picking up his sail from Caribbean Villas and offered us a ride the rest of the way to town – he was happy to have my portable radio on board. Again weather quickly became the topic and we chatted about the surge happening at the reef, the small craft warning in effect and that Dennis has been missing diving with Chuck and Robbie because of how stirred up the water has been.

Fabulous February!
As February draws to close we have to express a small sigh of relief as to the gorgeous weather conditions we have had and the bustling energy of the island! I wish every month was like February!! Caye Caulker truly glows at the moment as businesses are enjoying the income the high season is generating and as they each individually put it back into their businesses! A number of businesses have set up brand new front street locations giving the tourist on this island a greater (and more colorful) selection and choice for their time on the island – Black Durgeon Dive Shop is now located right beside Happy Lobster and the additional space now gives them greater visibility for what was already a fantastic product but also greater room to assit their customers. Barefoot Fisherman has brought its operation from the back to the front street beside the split – right next to the Jetski rentals. These guys are one of the few Operators which focus on the very popular activity of fishing and therefore they are sure to take off!

On the Road Again
I don’t know what it is about a concrete pour for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize but the advent of one most definitely increases my excitement levels. And this was decidedly the case this morning when I woke up much earlier than usual at 3.30 am. On finding out the time I tried very hard to return to sleep. Counted sheep. Counted the number of goal scoring chances that Arsenal have spurned in recent games. Turned to a more pleasant subject and tried to count the number of concrete blocks used for our house so far. Nothing worked. In fact I became more awake and so gave it up as a bad job and got up. After a couple of mugs of coffee on the veranda it was time for a shave and shower, on with the shorts and T shirt, grab the camera, kiss Rose goodbye, and I was on the road again to head to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Got there at 6.25 am and it was eerily quiet. No sound of voices. No sound of the concrete mixer. A quick look at the bodega to see that it was still locked and that there were none of the guys’ bikes around informed me that I was too early. Not wishing to be there when they ‘clocked in’ at 7 am I was forced to go for breakfast again at Estel’s (OK I could have just hung around but…).

Belize’s Independence a Transition From Colonialism To Neo- Colonialism
Today some 30 years or so after independence Belize’s administrative, political, judicial, and economic systems remain largely structured as it was prior to independence coupled with a decreasing will and capacity to act, but with increased powers to prevent action by anyone or other sectors. The state now has more growing power to hurt and very little and declining motives to help the citizens of Belize through direct government action. This is further complicated by a policy apparatus designed for crisis management. Instead of pro-active ,thoughtful, rational policy formulation we have policies designed primarily in response to one crisis after another. In addition, we have produce bureaucrats not trained to solve problems, but rather to answer to the mandates of powerful government ministers. This has resulted in a stop-gap, ad-hoc, wait and see approach to policy formulation and implementation. The transition from from a colonial to a neo-colonial economy in partnership with a deform political system has done naught, but confuse, exploit, and divide the working class along petty partisan lines.

International Sources

Seeking a Sister Forest in Belize
The City of Arcata is interested in exploring the potential for a Sister Forest relationship with the Toledo District of Belize and the Belize Forestry Department. Potential goals of such a relationship could include: • Sharing information in fire management and control, climate change adaptation both locales will be able to share experiences and lessons learned and promote the exchange of information and the understanding in areas of mutual interest, in order to support the conservation and management of biodiversity and natural and cultural resources. • Providing an in informational exchange in sustainable forestry and community based approaches to sustainable management of native forest types, implementing research, inventory and monitoring programs necessary to achieve success.

Simply un-Belizeable
Every day a thrilling new adventure in paradise... "Pull, pull, pull!"our guide Tup Meesupwatana yells as I attempt to wrangle in whatever I've snared on the end of the 68-kilo fishing line. The fish is putting up a fight, and winning so far. We're deep-ocean fishing, Belizean style, which means I don't have a rod to help out, just line, hook and bait as we troll along Glover's Reef Marine Reserve, about 45 km off the coast of Belize. I'm wearing biking gloves so the line doesn't cut my hands, but it doesn't help with the haul. Every time I pull up some line, it slips through my gloves and the fish starts to win the battle once again. Meesupwatana grabs at the line and helps me wrangle it closer to the powerboat. I really can't believe what I'm pulling in ... Since arriving in Belize, every day has been an adventure, whether kayaking, fishing or snorkelling along the barrier reef. Designated a World Heritage Site, the reef system runs 300 km along the coast of the Central American country, making it one of the largest in the world. Relatively undeveloped, Belize's preserved and undisturbed natural areas attract those who want to bypass tourist crowds and experience the country's history, culture and environment first hand. Thanks to Canadian-based Island Expeditions, I'm calling Glover's Reef home for five nights as part of their Glover' Reef and River of Caves tour. Since 1987, the adventure tour company has been showing travellers the best of Belize. With the private island of South Caye as home base, we've spent each day exploring with expert guides. The atoll and some of the 700 patch reefs teem with varied sea life. A snorkelling expedition takes us through the turquoise ocean, with guide Bernaldo Villafranco pointing out hundreds of tropical fish of every size and colour.

Sail Belize’s Great Barrier Reef with Raggamuffin Tours
Raggamuffin Tours – Caye Caulker’s best tour operator company has put together an amazing adventure to access the more remote and inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef that showcases some of the best snorkeling and fishing areas. The tour takes the route from Caye Caulker and finishes in Placencia (the tour is never undertaken in reverse – however there is the opportunity to travel back with the boat for those who are direction-ally challenged), remaining in the inner reef to allow for calm sailing waters. The trip is designed as an island hopping adventure for all those want to experience Belize’s uninhabited Caribbean paradise. The adventure will take place over a period of three days and passengers will spend the night on beautiful Rendezvous Caye and Tobacco Cayes whilst visiting Goffs Caye or English Caye and South Water Caye. During the day the sailboat will gently cruise through Belize’s crystal clear waters and picture postcard scenery whilst stopping to snorkel at least twice each day. Snorkeling opportunities can be maximized by those who are passionate snorkelers by additionally snorkeling around Rendezvous Caye and Tobacco Caye the afternoon they arrive and the morning before they depart. Fishing is also an additional element to the trip. Raggamuffin Tours carry with them hand lines, trawling rods, spin rods and a spear gun. For those passengers whose passion it is for fishing, this is an ideal opportunity to trawl off the boats, spin cast on the islands and to experience spear fishing! For fly fisherman, although whilst they are on the boat there is no way of accessing the flats, whilst on Rendezvous and Tobacco Caye the flats off these islands are abundant! (They do not provide fly fishing equipment for the trip).