Are both of these organization going to
be regulated by the PUC ?

Concerning rates, services and other developments ?

Fundamentally, has the PUC released its
10 year goal with its year by year milestones. I have been search around the varies web sites and I have not seen found yet ?

What it should talk about is the kind of
development they are planning for the direction it will take. The project growth of the society and industry as will as the project growth rate of the electric and phone infastructure.

For example where do they see rates being in
10 years based on their thinking ?

What kinds of services and range do they foresee ?

These plans are not written in stone but it is designed to give people both at the industrial level and consumer level some
idea as to where they are going and what the
local authority think.

Well if you know of where it is located
please post the url I think it would be good
to look at.