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Today's Belize News: February 26, 2013 #458933
02/26/13 08:42 AM
02/26/13 08:42 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Best Director Ang Lee researched Life of Pi in Belize
In January 2010, acclaimed filmmaker, Ang Lee was on Ambergris Caye where he and his two sons, Mason and Haan trained to become certified SCUBA divers with White Sands Dive Shop. After receiving his full certification, Lee along with White Sands’ PADI staff instructors Elbert Greer and Sam Lin, visited LOP-068 Pi Patel takes in the bioluminescent wonders of the sea.Hol Chan Marine Reserve for a night dive. The San Pedro Sun’s publisher Ron Sniffin and son Jem were invited to join them on the dive, where Lee wanted to view bioluminescent sea creatures in order to realistically portray them. Lee also wanted to get acquainted with the underwater world for the movie he was working on – Life of Pi. Three years later, on February 24th Lee took home the Best Director Academy Award (Oscar) for Life of Pi, the movie he researched in part here in Belize. This was his second award for Best Achievement in Directing; his first Oscar was in 2005 for the film Brokeback Mountain. Life of Pi was nominated for eleven Oscars, including best picture, and not only won for Best Director but won Best Cinematography, Original Score and Visual Effects as well.

Holy Cross softball team heads to District Finals
Holy-Cross-SoftballOn the morning of February 19th two schools competed against each other in the hope of advancing to the Belize District Final for the National Sports Council’s Primary School Softball Tournament . Competing were San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS) and Holy Cross Anglican Primary School, both in the male division. The match took place at Ambergris Stadium where the boys from SPRCS gave a valiant effort but fell short, losing to Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in a best out of three matches. Holy Cross won the first two matches securing them the position of representing San Pedro at the Belize District Final which will be held on April 1st. The scores for match one were 9-6 and 11-2 for the second match. Officiating the games were Ruth Lamb and Barbara Cadle. The Holy Cross softball team will be traveling to Belize City to compete against the other area champions.

Carlos Perrote to direct San Pedro’s first ever Summer Music Camp
The children of San Pedro are sure to have a productive summer this year,as they will have the opportunity to learn theSteel Pan Kids vibrant art of music. For the first time ever, a music camp for children between the ages of five to eighteen will be held. This music summer camp has previously taken place annually in both Orange Walk Town and Belize City. Children learn the skill of playing a variety of instruments that include the percussion, Garifuna drums, steel pan, piano and guitar. No program of this style has previously been held here in San Pedro Town, so it is bound to be a great learning experience for the community’s children.Percussion Camp Training the children is Cuban music teacher Carlos Perrote. Perrote obtained a Master’s degree at the Supreme Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba. Perrote is well educated in the world of music, having played in the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and toured Germany, France and Italy. Since 1991, Carlos Perrote has resided in Belize, and has since produced two albums, worked as a music teacher at the National Institute of Creative Arts, and was even musical director for the late Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective. Currently, Perrote is the music director at Grace Primary Music School and the Holy Redeemer Marching Band. He has been recognized as a very talented musician in Belize and with his diversity in combining music , especially Cuban and Garifuna rhythms.

Tia Chocolate goes Rappelling and Zip Lining at Bocawina Falls
As I hung several feet up in the air, held up by what I genuinely felt were mere woven threads, I began to question my decision. Not only had I happily signed the release form, I also had begged to do this. WHY would a reasonably sane person like me ask to be strapped up and hung on a few wire cables? It couldn’t possibly be because the call of the jungle had been roaring in my head for weeks? It couldn’t possibly be because as out of shape as I am, I firmly believe I can scale mountains and positively run down a waterfall. No, I’m insane…that’s the only possible explanation. But, I must backtrack a little, and explain how I found myself in this most compromising position. I am the girl who spends anywhere between 10 to 16 hours in front of a computer, with my only form exercise of the day being my 10 minute bike ride into town, and walking one flight of stairs to the office. That is it. But, hey, I grew up in mountain town – “I da Cayo gial!” When Tropic Air’s Julie Kee emailed an invitation to try their newest tour at Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Silk Grass, Dangriga, it was all I could do to contain my excitement. Zip lining! Rappelling 100 feet down a waterfall! Piece of cake! I was going to scale that mountain and go down that waterfall, and they wouldn’t know what hit them!

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Traffic Wardens Attend Public Relations Workshop
Traffic is one of the biggest problems on the island and the San Pedro Town Council and San Pedro Traffic Department are working hard on alleviating traffic flow on our heavily congested streets. Many changes are set to come including the exclusive parking for golf carts on Barrier Reef Drive and the shifting of delivery time for large trucks that take goods, produce and products to the stores. With these and other changes to come, the traffic wardens need to know how to properly approach the island residents and how to deal with situations they are faced with on a daily basis. During the weekend, Councilor Kenrick Brackett, whose portfolio includes Traffic, made arrangements for the island’s seven traffic wardens to attend a Customer Care and Public Relations Workshop.

Jennifer Lawrence Amongst Oscar Winning Actors Who Visit Belize
Amongst those celebrities who visit Belize have been big Oscar-winning actors, including recent Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. The 22-year-old actress won the Best Female Actress in a Leading Role last night, February 24, 2013, for her work in the film Silver Linings Playbook, beating out Zero Dark Thirty‘s - Jessica Chastain, The Impossible‘s - Naomi Watts, Beasts of the Southern Wild‘s - Quvenzhane Wallis, and Amour‘s - Emmanuelle Riva for the honor. But Jennifer Lawrence is not the only Oscar-winning actress to have visited San Pedro, Belize; others include Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta Jones, Harrison Ford (Oscar Nominated) and rumors of Halle Berry and George Clooney on Ambergris Caye were plentiful. We only assume that there have been others we don’t know of as resorts on the island are very hush hush when it comes to catering to their celebrity clients, while some stay at super secluded and exclusive resorts.

Feliz Bar & Grill Donates to Holy Cross Anglican School
Feliz Bar & Grill, Heather & Kevin Smith, donated a check for $995.00 to Holy Cross Anglican School! Feliz Bar & Grill donates funds raised from Wednesday night Bingo games every month. January was a fundraiser for our little Holy Cross School and February is fundraising for SAGA Society. “How very generous of Heather, Kevin and all the patrons who came out to play Bingo and show their support. We salute you!!! Thank you for all that you do.” – Linda Carter of Holy Cross Anglican School!

When San Pedro Prepared for the Visit of the Nuns
When the motor boat arrived at the main pier, half or more of the village was at the beach to witness such poignant spectacle. The men helped carry their belongings to the Scout Room. In the night at 7 p.m. they congregated at church for a prayer session called a Novena. A Novena in the Roman Catholic Church is the recitation of prayers for nine consecutive days to achieve a specific purpose. Seeing them in meditation and prayer and song brought goose bumps to all of us. We remained silent in respect of their prayer session as we gathered around the church. Their singing, we thought, was a choir of angels. And when they came out, we gathered around them trying to give them a hug and hoping we would receive some religious relic, religious picture, pendant, or even a rosary. They knew this and were always prepared with these tokens for their little friends of San Pedro.

Misc Belizean Sources

Caye Caulker Kids doing the Harlem Shake!
YESSSSS, that's Master Blayd up front and center in the cow outfit

Belizeans press for land reform
The Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association [BGYEA] and its social partners will be holding a national land reform rally on Tuesday at the steps of the National Assembly in Belmopan. The purpose of the rally is to highlight the need for increased transparency, efficiency and accountability in the management and distribution of national lands as well as to secure a commitment by the prime minister of Belize and the minister responsible for the distribution of land for their support for, as well as direct participation in a series of public consultations through which a national land reform policy can be developed and implemented.

The Government of Belize, in discharge of its duty to ensure the safety and security of all persons in our country, hereby advises all members of the public that any attempt on their part to clear the Western Border can give rise to serious danger to themselves and we therefore strongly advise against participation in any such action. Proposed efforts as reported in the media may conduce to a disturbance of the peace and to unnecessary tensions between two countries, contrary to the long-standing efforts that successive Belize Governments have been working hard to secure. The danger inherent in such action can readily be seen from the details of a press conference which was called by then Prime Minister Said Musa on 26th February, 2000. Instructive excerpts of that speech are now reproduced in this release, and we quote: “We call this press conference today to provide you with the facts as we know them surrounding an incident that occurred on Thursday morning (February 24, 2000) in an area of Belizean territory near our Belizean Defence Force border posts at Treetops, south southwest of Jalacte Village in the Toledo District.

Tony Rath Photography
I spent last week with a Japanese film crew doing a documentary on Belize. I did all the underwater work for them. One site we worked at was Crawl Caye at the very southern end of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. The day was very windy, and the in water visibility was not good. Knowing I had to capture something, I worked in the shallows around Crawl Caye where the sunlight was able to penetrate and add some color other than green to the scene. I knew there would be sunrays with the cloudier water, and was fortunate to encounter a huge school of sprat - so thick it actually blocked the light at times. It is always a little tricky to shoot into the sun, as every little scratch or piece of dirt on your lens will show. I was lucky to get the school and a nice burst of sunrays in this shot. In the video, the sun rays are dancing and the school of fish is pulsating ... the film crew was ecstatic with the resulting footage.

Lonely Planet Ranks Belize as Most Family Friendly
Lonely Planet released their list of the most family friendly places, and Belize is listed first. Cayo is mentioned, of course, and the picture is Caracol. "But the interior doesn’t mean sacrificing fun in the water, with underground rivers to tube, jungle lodges on swimming holes and Mayan ruins reached by boat. If you rent a car, a tad pricey (about US$80 per day), you can connect a few dots at your own leisure. For an unforgettable stay, try the remote and family-friendly Barton Creek Outpost in the Cayo District, with a rope swing on the country’s finest swimming hole. And pull in for Garifuna drum lessons at the laid-back beach of Hopkins."

New Falcon Field Neighborhood Watch
The Falcon Field Neighborhood Watch, Cayo's newest neighborhood watch, is having thier first meeting tonight. Together, we stand! "Falcon Field - New Neighborhood Watch Committee forming! First mtg tonight! The newly forming Falcon Field neighborhood watch will have its first gathering on Monday 25th Feb at 7:30 at the Bejos home (across from Latino Mix). Please repost for those living in this neighborhood (2-4 blocks in all directions around the park). All are welcome to support us. P.C. Jones will be presenting."

Fashion Street
Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) invited The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) in its participation at Fashion Street. The event was held downtown Belize City, on Albert & Dean Street, Saturday February 23, 2013, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. A total of 1 booth (with dimensions 10‘x 20‘) was endowed to BELTRAIDE. Fashion Street, directed at strengthening and supporting Creative Industries, showcasing live art, fashion and a wide selection of entertainment, gave artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and artwork to a crowd. BELTRAIDE was able to establish a wide array of networking with individuals to promote its Small Business Development Center (SBDC) as a proactive approach to promote investment and trade development, marketing, business facilitation, and research.

Art In the Street
It’s the third year for the annual Street Art Festival and according to organizers, there will be new surprises for those art lovers. On Saturday afternoon downtown Albert Street will be lined with booths showcasing live art, fashion and a wide selection of entertainment. The festival was created to build a national forum for artists and offers artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and artwork to a crowd. We caught up with the team at NICH who told us what families can expect tomorrow.

February 17, 2013 - February 23, 2013 Fishing Report
It just seems like I’m giving out as many gifts to our guests that return as “El Pescador Family” as I am bonefish pins! It makes us really happy when we see our friends come back. This week was filled with “family.” Thank you all for being so supportive of one another. For me, it was a special week because my niece Sarah was also here. Sarah grew up in my fly shop back in Victor, Idaho – and hasn’t fished in years. This week there we were wading the lagoon searching for bonefish. When I said, “Sarah, put it there! – the fly landed and a bonefish was on! She hadn’t lost her cast and that smile still makes me tickle inside. The level of confidence with all the anglers grew this week and I know everyone will continue to build on what they learned and continue to cast to their dreams.

Channel 7

Weekend In Belize Rural Sees Four Homicides
IT was a deadly weekend in Belize Rural where four people were killed - three of them within a short six hour period between Friday night and early Saturday morning - one in Ladyville, one in Hattieville, one in Western Pines. And then there was one more killing last night off the Boom Road. Four homicides within a small area - generally known to be peacible. But this weekend it was ultra-violent: Three were shot, and one was chopped up. Two of the shootings were clearly executions, while the other shooting and the chopping were cases of vehicles breaking down - and the drivers being killed when they walked and left their cars. It is a puzzling panorama of violence and the officer in charge of the entire area is ASP Chris Noble. He discussed the disturbing weekend with the media this morning:

Father of Four Ambushed and Executed
And we'll recap all those murders tonight - starting with the last, which was the most recent. It happened last night off the Burrell Boom Road where a 33 year old Ladyville resident was ambushed. Jules Vasquez spoke to police and his family:.. Jules Vasquez reporting 33 year old OREN HUMES was killed here - this feeder road - off the Burrell Boom Road last night. This morning police re-visited the area - in the hopes that they could find some physical evidence which could nto be seen last night. Oren Humes was ambushed in this this Jeep Cherokee riddled with bullet holes from at least two gunmen. One who shot through the back, And one who shot through an open window on the side, the bullets piercing the opposite door and smashing the opposite window there was also a bullet hole through the windshield.

Truck Breaks Down, Man Walks For Help, Gets Killed
And while Ladyville police do have persons of interest they are seeking to question for the Humes murder, clues are not so easy to come by in the case of Jose Campo. The 56 year old resident of Western Pines at mile 8 on the George Price Highway was killed when his truck broke down at mile 9. This happened at around 6:30 on Friday and he decided to hike through the bush back to his home which is about a half mile away. But he never made it. While he was walking someone chopped him up and left him to die. Around 11:30, his family started to get worried that he hadn't returned home and they launched a search party. The found his body at about midnight. Police discussed the case today: ASP Chris Noble, O/C Ladyville, Regional Executive Officer "This person was found off the highway in the area of mile 9. He does have severe injuries and did succumb on scene and body parts were almost severed with regards to it. He did go missing and was found by persons known to him. The police are dealing with it. We are just following up on what is being given to us."

Man's Car Ran Out Of Gas, Killed As He Walked Home
As we told you at the top of the newscast, there were four murders in the Belize Rural this weekend. Two were executions, and the other two victims, strangely, were both men whose vehicles had broken down on the Western Highway and they were walking home - in each case less than a half a mile. The differences are that the first one happned at around 6:00 pm - that was Jose Campo and he was apparently chopped to death. The second victim was John Gideon and he was chopped to death. At around midnight on Friday, the 32 year old Hattieville Resident's car ran out of gas, and when he decided to walk home he was shot and killed. Monica Bodden found out more about his tragic death:... Monica Bodden reporting The body of 32 year old John Gideon was found here at mile 17 on the Western Highway- less than half mile from where he lives. Around midnight on Friday, Gideon body was discovered lying face down in a pool of blood on the shoulder of the highway - His grey Mercedes Benz was parked opposite from where his body lay. He was seen suffering from 3 gunshot wounds - one to the head, face and back.

Prison Warden Savery Executed Outside His Home
On Friday night a prison warden was executed outside his home in Ladyville. It happened around 10pm as 37 year old Ernest Savery was walking out of his home on Perez Road. According to police, a man dressed in full black rode up on a bicycle and fired four shots at him. One of those shots caught him in the right side of his abdomen and he died on the spot. This is not the first time someone had made an attempt on Savery's life. In October of 2010, he narrowly escaped death after his vehicle was riddled with just before reaching the Hattieville junction. Savory was shot to the neck while 32 year old prison officer Miriam Gillett was killed. In August of 2004, Savory was one of three convicted by a jury for the murder of a 67 year old San Pedro resident. The man was beaten to death with a crowbar inside his house. After serving 7 years behind bars, Savory was set free by a Privvy council decision. His brother Eric Lewis known as Ghetto Fab was killed in 2010.

Justice For Ellis "Pepper Gacho" Meighan
Tonight, 20 year-old Japheth Bennett, the man who was accused of killing well-known Ellis Meighan Sr., is awaiting his sentencing hearing, after he was convicted of murder today before Justice Adolph Lucas Sr. Viewers may remember that Meighan, father of the well-known Tyrone and Ellis Meighan Jr., was shot to death on September 9, 2009. Crown Counsel Kayshia Grant got her main witness to testify against Bennett, but when he took the stand, he told police he didn't see who the gunman was. However, in his statement to police in 2009, he told police that at around 8:40 p.m. he was coming from playing basketball and was heading to his sister's house, he heard the shots and later saw a man lying at the corner of Banak Street and Central American Boulevard. He also told police he saw Bennett, someone who he had known for 5 months prior to the shooting, standing over Meighan's body with what appeared to be a firearm in his hand. This forced Grant to treat her witnesses as hostile, and it also forced a trial within this trial in which this recorded statement was tested. Justice Lucas ruled that the statement was admissible as evidence, and when Grant closed her case, Bennett gave a dock statement.

Cop Accused of Selective Amnesia Cleared Of Perjury Charge
After 5 years and 4 months, Former Police Sergeant Anthony Polonio is free tonight of the criminal charge of perjury after he was acquitted today before Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Polonio was caught up in one of the most sensational cases in which he was accused of refusing to cooperate with the office of the DPP, in October 2007, businessman Chayben Abou-Nahara was acquitted of shooting Shawn Copius to death. Viewers may remember in the manslaughter trial of Chayben Abou-Nahara, he was one of the 2 police officers were accused of perjury when they took the stand and told the court that they couldn't remember if they detained and process him. This forced the prosecution to concede that they didn't have Abou-Nahara on record as being the accused person. The then DPP told 7News that these men purposefully tanked the case, but in Polonio's trial which started last week Wednesday, Justice Gonzalez listened to testimony presented by the witnesses for the prosecution and he wasn't convinced that their case against him was strong enough.

The Famous Matthew Williams Tries To Get Back His Van
Last week we told you about the human trafficking cargo that was busted by Ladyville police. As we reported, they impounded the van and recovered most of the 15 persons who were inside. The owner of that van, a well-known Orange Walk resident was detained and then later released. Turns out he had rented the van - and he says he had no idea that the persons he rented it to would use it to move human traffic from west to north. Today we met him at the Ladyville police station trying to get his van back. He told us more:.. Jules Vasquez "You rented it. Did you know they were going to use it for human trafficking?" Matthew Williams "No sir, automatically no sir. I didn't have any intensions that they were going to do that. Before I even handed the key to my vehicle I explained to them that I don't want then to run nothing illegal in my van because I don't want to have any problem with the law and they still went and did stuff behind my back." Jules Vasquez "Have you spoken with these people?" Matthew Williams "Right now I am looking for them and the authorities are looking for them too because I need to get some answers from them." Marion Ali, reporter "When you were renting or lending them the vehicle, you never had a conversation with them as to what the use of the vehicle be used for?"

Guats Sabre-Rattle, Foreign Ministry Cautions, Maheia Unfazed
On Friday we told you about Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington's stern warning to Will Maheia and his Belize Territorial Volunteers about their project called "Clearing Our Borderline". Responding to a formal diplomatic note from the Guatemalans warning that it will cause friction along the border, Elrington said quote, "they could well find themselves arrested by the Guatemalans because there are no clear boundaries (along the border)." To add to that, today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent out what you might call a cautionary tale: it warns that quote, "any attempt…to clear the Western Border can give rise to serious danger…and we therefore strongly advise against participation in any such action." End quote. It also goes on to revisit an incident in February of 2000 when 3 soldiers and one police officer were arrested by 25 Guatemalan Military as they patrolled near Treetops, south southwest of Jalacte Village. Despite these warnings, though, Maheai is going right ahead. Today he stopped by our studio to tell us why:.. Will Maheia "The response has been overwhelming; I am humbled by the amount of support that we are getting throughout the country. I am proud of the Belizean people; they are the ones that motivate us to do what we do. We believe that we need to take care of this country, we need to take care of the country's border, I don't know of any country in the world beside Belize that doesn't have a mark border. I just think that it is our duty and obligation as Belizeans to ensure that our borders are secure. As part of the territorial volunteers - we've been together for a while now. The group that we are a part of has been in existence over a year now, but we've known each other for over ten years now, so we've been going into the forest for a long time just looking at Belize's resources."

Dumptruck Driver Charged
Last week, 7News told you about Kenrick "Money" Sutherland, a temporary worker on his first day of work with Belize Waste Control, who was sitting on the edge of a small garbage truck when he fell off, right beneath the back wheels of the truck. He was crushed to death. Well, the driver of that truck was 57-year-old Honduran National, Luis Beltran Garcia, and he is at prison tonight after he was taken to court this morning. He was arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where he was read the four criminal charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, and permitting a person to travel not properly seated. Due to the fact that his immigration status in Belize is uncertain, Magistrate Cayetano remanded him to prison until March 29, 2013. According to eyewitnesses, Sutherland had just jumped unto the truck as it was moving off and never did steady himself. The driver didn't have time to react and ran over his chest without even knowing, and he had to be alerted that he had just run over someone. Sutherland was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A Blow-By-Blow Account Of The Boxing
Last week, we told you about the Boxing card that was held on Sunday at the Bird's Isle. It's all part of the effort to restore the sweet science to the prominence that it once held. The main event was the amateur phenom, Alex Neal, who was going up against Mohammad Harmouche, the more experienced boxer from San Pedro. 7News was there, and Daniel Ortiz has the blow-by-blow account: Daniel Ortiz reporting Yesterday, the Bird Isle was alive again with the flicker of a promise for the revival of boxing. Fans and supporters and all gathered for the full ticket of fighters coming from Lion's Den Ladyville, Lion's Den Cayo, and the Leopold Smart Gyms. Several of those up-and-coming boxers who wouldn't participate, still showed up to support their team mates. Early in the first bout, Eduard Garcia, using superior footwork, danced around Brandon Aguilar, to gain control of the match at its early stages. As the fight progressed he was just edging out Aguilar, leading in points. But it soon became a test of fitness, and Aguilar clearly had the advantage, pacing himself and then at crucial moments, he started landing big hits.

And Judo for All
And while Boxing struggles to regain its former glory, another sport is trying to makes its own story here in Belize. Viewers may remember that the Judo athlete, Cuban Belizean Eddermys Sanchez, was one of only 3 to participate in the 2012 Olympics. He was defeated within seconds because he didn't have the training and facilities that athletes from those other countries had. Well, this weekend, 7News visited with the Judo Association of Belize, where we found out that that there is a contingent of Belizean Judo athletes who will be participating in the 2013 Central American games. And the President says that like the Olympics last year, these games will be more of a venture for experience, rather than to win. He explained why: Wellington Chee "We have selected some athletes to participate. At this moment we are going to send three representative to participate in the Judo events. The students that are presently going to Costa Rica there are basivally quite inexperience because Judo Association of Belize a very new federation and we still are going through the stages of formation to trying to promote.

New Vehicle For ISF
It goes largely un-reported by the police press office, but Independence Village has seen a worrying number of armed hold-ups of small grocery stores. And that's part of the reason why the Intermediate Southern Formation is getting a new vehicle - courtesy the Ministry of National Security. It's one of two vehicles handed over today by the Ministry. At Headquarters in Belmopan, Deputy Commissioner Aragon told the Press Office how it will be used:.. Elodio Aragon, Deputy Commissioner of Police "It means a lot especially in these challenging times there is a need for mobility within the police department especially in the rural areas. The vehicles going to ISF will definitely play a role out there. The one for CIB in Belmopan will also assist our officers to be able to get out there quicker in response to calls and when carrying out investigations. Slowly we are getting in what we need whether it be when it comes to basic equipment and vehicles. I think over a period of time now we have seen now the department is slowly increasing in the amount of vehicular resources." The other vehicle went to the National Crimes Investigation Branch.

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02/26/13 08:43 AM
02/26/13 08:43 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

4 murdered; Ladyville’s Ernest Savery gunned down
The City was spared of murders over the weekend but in a span of forty-eight hours between Friday and Sunday nights, four men were murdered in separate incidents as violence shifted to the outlying communities. Two murders devastated residents of the Hattieville area and police are also investigating two others that occurred in Ladyville.  At [...]

No fuel in car, then rider shoots and kills
There was another murder on Friday night. The victim is John Gideon Junior, and employee of San Pedro Belize Express who you will recognize from a radio and television ad for the water taxi. In fact, it was the company’s shirt he was wearing that led to confirmation of his identity. The father of two [...]

Same highway, Sunset Park resident hacked to death
The lifeless body of fifty-six year old Jose Nemencio Guido Campo, a naturalized Belizean of a Sunset Park address, was discovered by his son on Saturday morning, several hours after the duo last saw each other on the George Price Highway.  According to Luis Campo, they were heading home from Cotton Tree Village around six [...]

Hattieville security guard shot multiple times
On Sunday night, the fourth murder for the weekend was recorded. Oren Humes was executed near the Burrell Boom/Hattieville junction. It was a most brutal murder in which Humes, a security officer at the CASHU Medical Clinic, was hit by a volley of bullets while he drove his vehicle. As his family grapples with Humes’ [...]

3 survive murder attempts
But there were other acts of violence aside from the murders in Ladyville and Hattieville areas. Three persons survived attempts on their lives in the City on over the weekend. On Friday afternoon, Cecil Hinds and Moises DelCid were shot in the Jane Usher Boulevard area and transported to the K.H.M.H. with varying degrees of [...]

Belize will not bow to Guatemala’s pressure
The Comision the Belice was Guatemala’s preeminent body that studied all facets of their claim to Belizean territory. The unit has now been dismantled because the Guatemalan Government was not informed in 2008 that the referendum Act was amended. According to the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Fernando Carrera, they did not know of the amendment prior [...]

Ministry’s safety concern for machete crew…
While News Five had the attention of the Minister and C.E.O., we had to ask them about the hundred machetes that the Belize Territorial Volunteers intend to take to Punta Gorda to clear from Gracias Adios, then along the Sarstoon River and eventually the Chiquibul and Caracol.  The decision by the group, spearheaded by Punta [...]

…But group promises to chop border line
We’ll have more from those pages of history read by Elrington on Tuesday’s newscast but late this evening, Wil Maheia and one of his associates spoke to News Five about the planned action this coming weekend. Maheia says that several villages have pledged support and volunteers from a village scout association also intends to join [...]

Minister Farrakhan coming to Belize
The founder of the nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan will be visiting Belize in early march as part of a Caribbean tour.  Last January, Farrakan’s visit had to be postponed due to illness. This time around, Farrakhan is scheduled to arrive on March fourth and leave on March eleventh. During the visit, it is [...]

Judge’s safety concern in drug and ammunition case
Twenty-two year old Zurisaday Villasenor Mendez, a Mexican from Quintana Roo, was at the Las Vegas Hotel at the Corozal Free Zone when he was arrested by the police.  Inside the hotel room, officers reportedly found two firearms with ammunition, a plastic bag which contained twenty eight grams of suspected cocaine; cannabis and an assortment [...]

Cop’s perjury trial about ‘the bearded man’
  Nine days after the beginning of the trial against forty-six year old former police officer, Anthony Polonio, he was acquitted of Perjury. Polonio appeared before Justice Troadio John Gonzalez who today directed the jury of eight women and one man to find him not guilty. Polonio’s attorney, Simeon Sampson last Friday, submitted that there [...]

Killed on the job, coworker charged for manslaughter
  Fifty-seven year old Honduran national, Luis Beltran Garcia an employee of Belize Waste Control, was slapped with four criminal charges today: Manslaughter by Negligence for causing the death of Kenrick Sutherland, Causing Death by Careless Conduct, Drove Motor Vehicle without Due Care and Attention and Permit a Person to Travel Not Properly Seated. Garcia [...]

BGYEA to demonstrate against Lands Department
Members of the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, (BGYEA) led by Nigel Petillo, are spearheading a march on Independence Hill on Tuesday where they will protest against the Barrow Administration, particularly the Ministry of Natural Resources. The planned demonstration is set to coincide with the weekly Cabinet meeting and Petillo says the movement is gathering [...]

Cab knocks down man then flips over in Belmopan
There was an accident in the Capital on Sunday night. Sometime after eight p.m., a taxi with license plate number D-00116 crashed into a man in the Tiger Town area. Residents in the area said the cab driver was speeding when he hit the man, and though he applied the brakes, the car skidded and [...]

Family of 4 loses home in fire
A family of four lost their house and belongings over the weekend when a mid-afternoon fire gutted the building. Pamela Francis and her three children were at their house on Central American Boulevard when the fire started. While they managed to escape unhurt, the wooden structure and all its items inside were lost in the [...]

James Adderley’s weekend sports update
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 3 in the PLB brought a monster show Saturday night to Capital City where the Belmopan Bandits hosted Police United a ball club looking to re-discover its swagger after a disappointing start to the 2013 semi-pro football season. However, it’s a moment fraught [...]


Court Judge Directs Jury To A Not-Guilty Verdict For Former Police Officer
Former police Sergeant Anthony Polonio, charged with perjury, was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Polonio was charged when he appeared at the trial of Chayben Bou-Nahra on October 24, 2007, and testified that he could not identify Bou-Nahra, who ...

Several Murders Reported In The Belize District
As we reported over the weekend, there were a number of murders since Friday night in the Belize District. Altogether, there were four, with the last being on Sunday night on the Boom/Hattieville Road. That incident claimed the life of Oren Humes. The first incident o...

Training Underway at Police Academy; Police Receives Two New Vehicles
Law enforcement officials are undergoing two week training in Belmopan. Reporter Patrick Jones has the story. PATRICK JONES “Close to fifty representatives of law enforcement agencies around the country are taking part in what’s called and inter-institutional ...

Owner of Van Carrying Illegal Immigrants Speaks to Media
Last week Wednesday Ladyville police detained well-known Orange Walk car dealer, Matthew Williams after his 15-seater Ford van bearing Orange Walk license plates was intercepted and found to be carrying 15 undocumented immigrants on the Boom/Hattieville Road, including men, women and c...

Belize City Council Relocates Vendors From Ground Zero
If you take a look around Belize City, you will notice that there is a lot of infrastructure and projects in place to beautify it. However as some may say there is a cost to beauty, and some vendors from “Ground Zero”, or the area in front of the Water Taxi Terminal o...

Young Boy Severely Injured After Falling From Tree
A regular day of play ends in tragedy for a twelve year old boy from Orange Walk Town. The boy identified as Graciano Ramos is hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in critical condition after he fell from a tree while playing with his little brothers, cousins and neighbor...


Four persons murdered over the weekend including Farmer
There were four murders over the weekend, all in the suddenly hot Belize Rural area. The incidents were centred around Ladyville, Hattieville and Burrell Boom. We start first with the chopping death of a Belizean farmer. Police are investigating the death of 56yr old Jose Nemencio GUIDO CAMPO. Early...

John Gideon shot dead on the George Price Highway
On Saturday morning at 12:05am Hattieville Police received information of another body. Police visited an area near mile 17 on the George Price Highway where they saw the body of 32 years old John Gideon an employee of San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi lying face down in a...

Orin Humes ambushed and killed by a group of men
The most gruesome murder reportedly took place on Saturday night when Orin Humes was apparently ambushed by a group of men after he dropped someone off in the vicinity of the Burrell Boom Road. As you can see, the vehicle in which Humes was found was mercilessly shot up...

Ernest Savery gunned down in Ladyville
Ernest Savery gunned down in Ladyville. The fourth murder took place in Ladyville on Perez Road, a main street in the village. Resident Ernest Savery was leaving his home when a gunman in dark clothing and riding a bicycle fired four shots at him. One of the bullet hit...

BYGEA preparing for national protest
BYGEA is preparing for a national protest tomorrow. Recently, BGYEA has been in the news concerning land issues in Harmonyville, which the group claims is the fault of the Ministry of Natural Resources. BYGEA not only accuses the Ministry of delaying the processing of land documents for over a...

Owner wants back van Police caught ferrying illegal immigrants
Matthew Williams wants his vehicle back. Last week we told you about two separate busts of Central Americans being allegedly trafficked through Belize to the U.S. A white van impounded in one of those cases belongs to Orange Walk resident Matthew Williams, who was held and questioned by Police...

Combating Illicit Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives
Inter-Institutional Training Course in Combating Illicit Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives. The United Nations Regional Center for Peace, Disarmament & Development in Latin America & the Caribbean (UNLIREC) is sponsoring an Inter-Institutional Training Course in Combating Illicit Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives for members of the Belize...

A man and a minor busted with unlicensed firearm and drugs
A man and a minor are in prison tonight after police busted them with an unlicensed firearm and drugs. Our Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzy reports. HARRY ARZU – Dangriga Correspondent: Independence Police have now formally charged two persons today on gun related offenses. Police were at the Georgetown Technical...

Belmopan Traffic Accident leaves pedestrian injured
A road traffic accident in the City of Belmopan last night, has left a pedestrian injured. Shortly before 8pm last night, Haquin Bonilla a taxi driver of San Martin; was heading on Hummingbird Drive in the Mountain View area; when he lost control of his white Toyota Camry at...

Judo Federation sending athletes to compete internationally
The Central American Games kickoff in March and one of the disciplines participating is the little-known sport of judo. It is a martial art that has been around for many years, but Belize’s local Judo Federation has just begun to send athletes to compete internationally. A group is scheduled...

Police Department receive two new vehicles
Another Handing over of Vehicles to the Police Department. This morning Minister of National Security the Hon. John Saldivar handed over additional vehicles to the Police Department at the Police Headquarters in Belmopan. Receiving the two Mahindra pickup trucks from the Minister was Deputy Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon....

Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns against clearing of Belize Western Border
Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns against the cleaning of Belize Western Border. Last week, we told you that “Belize Territorial Volunteers’ has plans of clearing the Border, but today the MFA sent out a press release saying and we quote “The Government of Belize, in discharge of its duty...

Gunman opens fire on Belize City home; two hurt
Three men are lucky to be alive after a gunman opened fire at a home on Jane Usher Boulevard Extension. Friday afternoon, three men were at the residence when an unmasked gunman entered the property. He approached Cecil Hinds who was outside the home and shot him four times....

Two hundred attend Energizing Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop
Over two hundred people attended Saturday’s Energizing Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop. The UB Auditorium was abuzz with folks of all ages from all over country, as business owners shared keys and tools on how to create employment opportunities. There were presentations, Q&A segments and yes even dancing. The speakers included...

Ladyville police investigate accusations of carnal knowledge
Ladyville police are investigating separate cases of carnal knowledge reported by a 13 year old, against two men. The minor told police that last December, she was walking home when a man she knows picked her up, drove her to an abandon house and had sexual intercourse with her....

The Reporter

Nicholi Rhys found not guilty of murder in second trial without jury
Nicholi Rhys, 22, the man accused of the sensational murder of Andre Trapp, the reputed leader of the South Side Gangsters (SSG), was found not guilty in the second trial without jury in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin on Friday, February 15. In acquitting Rhys, C.J. Benjamin ruled that the prosecution’s evidence was not enough to prove that he had committed the murder.

Accused burglar leaves finger prints behind and gets busted
Louis Romero was remanded into custody, after he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith on a charge of burglary, on Monday, February 18. Police arrested and charged Romero after scenes of crimes technicians matched his finger prints with those lifted from the crime scene. Romero pleaded not guilty to the charge, but the court prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that burglary is a prevalent crime and if granted bail, the accused might interfere with the police’s investigation, which is still on-going. The prosecutor also objected on the grounds that the prosecution has a strong case against the accused and that the accused man knows where the virtual complainant lives and could interfere. Besides, the prosecution submitted, none of the stolen items had been recovered. On January 28, the home of Kevan Jenkins, located on Lumber Yard Crescent, was burglarized. Jenkins, who is the Belize City Council Traffic Manager, reported the incident to police and scenes of crimes technicians were dispatched to search for finger prints evidence. A number of assorted jewelry was stolen from Jenkins home, as well as some footwear and $150 in cash. The total haul from the home amounted to $1,250.

Public Accounts Committee matters
The principles of transparency and accountability ought to transcend the divisiveness of politics in any democracy. The realization of these twin concepts should be among the list of things that are spared from the inutile nature of the bicker-style politics employed in Belize. As stated before in previous editions of this paper, there are 13 standing committees in the House, but only one such committee—the Public Accounts Committee—is chaired by the opposition party of the day.

I wondered aloud when I wrote that article a couple weeks ago. I stated near the end that what came out of that meeting would say much about the calibre of the Prime Minister and on the path of the nation in the months ahead.

Min. of Health tells how teenager died!
The sudden death, lack of an autopsy and relatively quick burial of a 17-year-old Mayan girl of Golden Stream Village, Toledo, caused many to question the girl’s cause of death, but the Ministry of Health said Thursday that there was no signs of foul play and no need for a post mortem. Milca Sho, who was reportedly mentally challenged, died on Sunday, February 17. According to the release, the health professionals reviewed the Belize Health Information System (BHIS), which confirmed that Sho suffered from a chronic disease that eventually led to her death. “On February 17th, 2013, the patient was brought into the hospital by her father … [who] reported that two days before she had ingested a very large amount of soap powder detergent.” The release added, “Along with the clinical data retrieved from the BHIS and the history provided by the father, the medical officers felt confident to issue a death certificate. So no autopsy was needed.” The release also sought to counter the rumour that the girl had suffered abuse of various forms in the home setting. “Two medical officers examined the body and found no sign of external injuries.” A check into the teenager’s medical past, dating back to March 19, 2012, showed that she was first medicated for a chronic disorder for voluntarily consuming large amounts of bath soap. Days later Sho had to be hospitalized at the Punta Gorda Town Hospital where she had to undergo a blood transfusion. Milca Sho was laid to rest on Tuesday in Golden Stream Village, Toledo.

Police stumble on human trafficking ring!
An Orange Walk man who is suspected of being involved in a human trafficking ring has been detained by Ladyville Police along with his van bearing Orange Walk license plates, on Wednesday, police reported.

Bondholders: Belize’s most-favored creditors
The newly re-negotiated terms for US$548 million “superbond” offer protection to the bondholders that, among other provisions, make them Belize’s most-favored creditors. According to Debt Review Leader Ambassador Mark Espat, the most-favored-creditor provision lets the bondholders know that “GOB will not settle, by negotiation, any other outstanding claim on better terms than it has offered holders of the super bonds.”

Bondholders accept new superbond terms
The Coordinating Committee of Belize Bondholders announced Tuesday that its members, who represents more than 60 percent of the bondholders, will accept the Government of Belize’s new “superbond” terms. The committee, via its press release, also encouraged all remaining bondholders “to consider carefully the terms of the exchange offer in making their own independent appraisal of the merits and risks of participating in the exchange offer.”

Vega defeats Faber’s challenge
The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) held its bi-annual convention in Corozal Town, on Sunday, where outgoing Party Chairman Patrick Faber challenged the sitting First Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega for his seat and lost. The 567 delegates, who represented the 31 electoral constituencies gave Vega 331 votes, while Faber, the UDP’s Collet area representative, received 233. It was an unquestionable defeat for Faber who has made political history by challenging, for the first time in UDP history, a sitting First Deputy Leader and deputy prime minister position. His challenge, however, did not receive Party Leader Dean Barrow’s endorsement. After the votes were tallied, both Barrow and Vega offered kind words. Barrow said to Faber: “Sir, you continue to distinguish yourself and if ever there was any doubt that you were the total package, that doubt had been stilled this afternoon. You have always been a lion in victory and today you are magnanimous in defeat.”

Study: improve kids’ behavior by switching to less violent TV shows
Teaching parents to switch channels from violent shows to educational TV can improve preschoolers’ behavior, even without getting them to watch less, a study found. The results were modest and faded over time, but may hold promise for finding ways to help young children avoid aggressive, violent behavior, the study authors and other doctors said.

HIV increase caused by fall in condom use A fall in the proportion of gay and bisexual men using condoms is behind the rise in HIV infections in those groups in the UK, say researchers. Wider use of anti-retroviral drugs has helped to stop a sharper rise, a study by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and a number of universities found. They found a 26% rise, from 1990-2010, in the proportion of men who have sex with men who did not use condoms.

Ecumenical Jr. College girls win ATLIB National Basketball Championship
The girls of Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College upset the girls of University of Belize 30-5 to win the basketball championship finals organized by the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize and hosted by the San Pedro Junior College at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Sunday, February 17.

Galen Eagles win ATLIB National Basketball Championship
The Galen University Eagles won their first ever national title in any sporting event organized by the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize, as they asserted their dominance 70-44 over the men of the University of Belize to win the National ATLIB Basketball Championship finals hosted by the San Pedro Junior College at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Sunday, February 17.

Conclave brings out cardinals’
Popular pressure is mounting in the U.S. and Italy to keep California’s Cardinal Roger Mahony away from the conclave to elect the next pope because of his role in shielding sexually abusive priests This move targets one of the most prominent of a handful of compromised cardinals scheduled to vote next month.

Nuevo Laredo’s police chief missing! Zetas are target of investigation.
The police chief of the violent Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo has been missing for days, and state authorities are trying to find him, the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday


Winding down and getting busy San Pedro Belize
It is day 8 of our cleanse and Dennis and I have officially started winding down and adding a bit more to our diet. We actually started that yesterday by going for foodie happy hour at Aji Restaurant and enjoyed some delicious fish tacos – can’t Imagine anything Hugo cooks being bad. They wefe served 3 to a plate with fresh fruit on the side and a great deal for $10 bzd. Today’s winding down treat was some Soprasata in our backyard from Wine De Vine. The owners of the duplex where we live had invited a few people over for pool time, margaritas and tapas this aft, so we joined then when we got home from our errand run. We had to do town so Dennis could settle up with Chuck and Robbie’s dive shop. It was a super hot day, the kind where your shower lasts 5 minutes if that. Luckily we ran into Jim, Phoebe and Zeke at the Baker and hitched a ride to the turning circle. That saved us about a mile and a half walk and it was nice to catch up with the Blackburn’s, they own a condo at Grand Caribe and do Belize for 6 months at a time. After Dennis squared up at the dive shop, we chatted with Robbie for a bit and headed down the beach where we ran into Orillio. He is back in town for a few months to sell his wood carvings, his work is really nice so be sure and check it out if you are looking for souvenirs.

2012: An August Hurricane Scare to The End of the World, FINAL PART
I hear you groaning...either because you are sick of this filler recap material (how dare you!) or because it is now almost March 2013 and I'm still reminiscing about 2012. I posted: Part One from Guanaja, Honduras to A State Fair to Medellin a while ago and then Part Two The Panama Canal to Two Lobsterfests in Belize to Paddling with Whale Sharks. Those took me through part of August 2012. Here is part three and the completion of my recap. Promise. Early August gave us a relatively rare hurricane scare. The town boarded up and liquor sales were banned for one full day (oh the humanity!) and Ernesto passed by with only mild disturbance. I celebrated the first of the Belizean September holidays "The Battle of St. George's Caye Day" on St. George's Caye. And met this 11 year old kid running his own aquarium. Very impressive.

10 Amazing Snapshots of Belizean Wildlife
Although Belize is a relatively small country, it has an amazing variety of wildlife living in a wide range of habitats. Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world has described the plants and animals of Belize as the stars of the country. In this blog post, we highlight 10 amazing snapshots of Belizean wildlife: The kinkajou, (Potos flavus), also known as the “Honey Bear” or “Night Walker” in Belize, is a furry, long-tailed mammal that lives in the lowland rain forests of Southern Mexico, Central America and parts of South America. Brown basilisk are also called the Jesus lizard. They are native to Panama, Belize, northwestern Colombia and Costa Rica. In Guatemala, this species is widespread and found practically anywhere where there is a water source.

Getting the Advanced Diver Certification in Placencia
I’ve been a diver for over 11 years… well, sort of. One of the first things I got to do while in Placencia, Belize was a full day of snorkeling at the Silk Cayes. The cay, which looks like if taken from a “Wish you were here” postcard, is fully surrounded by colorful coral formations and marine life. You can spend hours snorkeling over them and not get tired of the variety of fish, corals, and sponges that lay peacefully under the sea. By the end of the day, I was all excited about my full day of snorkeling and the fact that I swam with turtles and sharks. Once back at Placencia; Patty, the owner of Splash Dive Center and the one responsible for this snorkeling tour, asked me if I was interested in doing a Discovery Scuba course. Discovery Scuba is like the trial version of the Open Water Diver certification. You can experience how it feels to dive underwater without having to go through the whole course. If you like it, then you can go ahead and get certified.

Belize, U.S. to Work Together on Schools, Medical Care
Construction equipment and materials for a joint U.S.-Belizean exercise is scheduled to begin arriving in ports in Belize in the spring for New Horizons 2013, an event that will test U.S. military members’ ability to deploy while building partnerships with host-nation medical and civil engineering experts. The exercise, overseen by U.S. Southern Command, is slated to last 90 days and include several construction projects to add new classrooms and buildings to schools. Manpower will be provided by both U.S. and Belizean military engineers. In addition, combined U.S. and Belizean medical teams will conduct multiple medical events to provide medical services to Belizeans. Preparations have been going on for months to kick off construction and medical events in the spring, according to planners. The construction equipment and materials scheduled to arrive will be received, stored and secured by the Belize Defence Force, who will also be participating in the exercise.

Boat Drinks
With no work on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize there wasn’t anything obvious to feature and rather than produce an edition just for the sake of it I decided, as publisher, not ” to publish and be damned” ( OK I know it was the Duke of Wellington -and not a publisher- that made this statement). I did ponder whether I should do a ‘heres where we started and heres where we are now’ edition’. Decided against it because regular readers have seen it all before. And , its all in the archives anyway. You’ve got to have editorial standards haven’t you ( apologies if I am getting a little carried away with myself -shades of Randolph Hearst/Rupert Murdoch creeping in?). Did spend a fair amount of time yesterday preparing for the weekly meeting with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, that we deferred from last Friday (because of the preparations for the concrete pour on Saturday), until today. After that had been taken care of I spent a couple of hours driving around the island – north and south of the bridge – looking at the types of fences that people have had erected. We need to decide on two types of fence. One for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and the other for our lots in San Pablo (to hopefully keep them clear of rubbish).

Belizestagram! The Best Photos Of The Week
Here’s another weekly mashup (February 18 – 25) of the best Belize Instagram photos. All these photos are personally taken by the individuals in Belize. If you want your photos to be included, remember to tag them using the hashtag #Belize.

International Sources

New World Oil & Gas: Shore sees "significant potential"
Broker Shore Capital remains upbeat on New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) after its recent drilling setback in Belize. It said it continues to see “significant volumetric potential at Blue Creek”, its project there. The comments follow an update from the exploration junior revealing it has increased its interest in Belize to 75% from 35%. It is about to start drilling on its third well in the tiny Central American country, on the West Gallon Jug prospect. The element missing was the trap for the oil. So what showed up on the seismic was either a late trap development (created after the migration of the oil past), or late tectonic movement, which causes traps to breach. “With live oil shows and extensive residual oil encountered at the B Crest well location, trap appears to be the key outstanding element, and West Gallon Jug is considered to be geologically independent of B Crest,” said Shore. “We continue to see significant volumetric potential at Blue Creek, where drilling of the next well is on track to commence very soon and is fully funded by existing cash resources.” The broker ascribes a net asset value 25 pence a share, including the company’s assets in Denmark.

New World Oil and Gas increases working interest in Blue Creek Project
New World Oil and Gas, an oil and gas operating company focussed on Belize and Denmark, has formally received a 75 per cent working interest in its Blue Creek Project located in the producing Petén Basin in northwest Belize. This follows the Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment formally approving the assignment of a further 40% working interest in the project to New World’s wholly owned subsidiary, New World Oil and Gas (Belize). The assignment follows the drilling of two exploration wells on the Blue Creek PSA ‘B-Crest’ location, as detailed in a farm-out agreement announced in June 2011. Having drilled two wells to date in Belize, the ‘Blue Creek #2′ and ‘#2A ST’, under the terms of the farm-out agreement, the company reported that it was on track to earn-into a 100% working interest in the project by drilling the West Gallon Jug Crest prospect to a total depth of 8,800 ft. Drilling is expected to commence on the third well in March 2013. William Kelleher, New World Chief Executive Officer, said: ‘Earning into a 75% working interest into the Blue Creek Project in Belize marks a significant milestone for the company.

New World Oil & Gas confident of upside despite leaving first wells uncompleted
As always New World Oil & Gas boss Bill Kelleher leaves his best shot till last. 'We continue to do what we have always done – expose our shareholders to tremendous upside,' he says wrapping up our chat. He is referring to a summary at the end of his presentation that remains the basis on which most investors bought into the stock. It reveals that New World (LON:NEW) has 40 prospects, eight of them drillable – five in Belize and three in Denmark. Combined they add up to almost 400million of oil and more than two trillion cubic feet of gas with an indicative net present value of $6.4billion. 'It is what the institutions are keen on and why they invest in us – the big upside,' Kelleher adds. The meet and greet comes in the wake of the company’s first and second wells – B Crest 2 and 2A. The latter is a side-track of the original. Oil was uncovered, just not in commercial quantities. In fact New World found three of the four attributes required for a working hydrocarbon system - source, migration, and seal. The element missing was the trap for the oil. The most cogent explanation for this is tectonic movement, which broke the trap.

Romance in the Rain
The day started as the last couple had, a bit dreary and cloudy, we felt a few spots of rain as we made our way to the vehicle that would take us on our last adventure as guests of Ka’ana Belize. We had done our first activities separately – Pete explored the ATM caves and I took the lazier pursuit of floating in a tube down a river – we were excited to do this last one together and for it to be an adventure designed for pure romance. An hour drive on muddy roads and we arrived at the remote Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. A quick (but steep) climb down a slight hill put us at the base of our destination, a small but fast moving river, fed by the loud and stunning 150-foot Big Rock Falls. We took off our shoes such that we could walk on the wet rocks with a little steadier foot, and bee-lined for the basin. While our guides set up for lunch, we headed straight for the water.

Air Force Firefighters train Central American counterparts
Firefighters from the 612th Airbase Squadron at Soto Cano Airbase, Honduras are training their Central American counterparts in an exercise called CENTAM Smoke. Staff Sergeant Brian McGovern of AFN Honduras has the story.

You’d better Belize it: Exploring the central American hotspot
Spend some time in the happy Central American country where diving with sharks and driving with chickens is all part and parcel Remember,” urges my dive master, “if you start feeling drunk, let me know right away.” It’s a request that would sound strange at the best of times, but right now, at 8am on a boat in the Caribbean with a bar nowhere to be seen, it’s downright odd. But then I remember what we’re about to do. And gulp. I’m in Belize, a tiny Central American country home to the world’s second biggest barrier reef, and I’m floating above the Great Blue Hole. The aptly-named sinkhole, labelled one of the world’s 10 best dive sites by scuba godfather Jacques Cousteau, seemingly drops into nothingness, as if the plug’s been pulled out of the ocean and we’re about to get sucked in. We’re to dive down 40m into the hole, a depth far greater than I’ve gone before. That means it will be the first time I’ve been at risk of nitrogen narcosis, a condition resulting from breathing too many pressured gases that basically makes you feel wasted. It sounds appealing enough, but at 40m under, the results can be disastrous as you’re tempted to do things like give your air to the fish, or simply keep swimming down, down, down, happy as Larry until the lights go out. And so, firmly promising to let my designated diver know if I’m hit by a sudden streaking urge, we take the plunge. Down we go, 10m, 20m, 30m. The water is unfeasibly warm and the visibility spectacular as we skirt the wall of the subterranean cave, deeper into the abyss, which continues down for 125m. In the distance a lone bull shark eyes us curiously before continuing on his way.

PHOTO: Engineman 1st Class Nicholas Matthews, assigned to Riverine Squadron (RIVRON) 2, Detachment 2, guides a medium tactical vehicle replacement off High Speed Vessel (HSV) 2 Swift
BELIZE (Feb. 18, 2013) . Swift is deployed to the U.S. 4th Fleet area of responsibility to conduct Southern Partnership Station 2013. (U.S. Navy photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Ashley Hyatt/Released)

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