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Today's Belize News: February 28, 2013 #459142
02/28/13 09:38 AM
02/28/13 09:38 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: The San Pedro AIDS Commission says THANK YOU!
The San Pedro AIDS Commission wholeheartedly thanks all those who in one way or another helped make our participation in Carnaval 2013 yet another success for this group. I applaud the members who opted to dance during the three days of Carnaval and the members who donated or worked for this event. I also salute the “friends” of the AIDS Commission who joined in the festive dancing: Sara Sanchez, Shirley Eiley, Naie Duran, Alex White, Mari Magaña, Erin de Santiago, Brittney O’Daniel and Kristi Gonzalez. Great job guys! San-Pedro-AIDS-Commission-ComparsaGracias to our “Friends” for their continued support. Special thanks to Matachica Resort, Sandbar, Findley Halliday, Mrs. Elvia Staines & Ryan Edwards, Ellos Boutique, The Liquor Box, Tropic Air, Carmen & Alex Eiley, Super Buy, Juvinie Sabido, Mrs. Shelly Huber and Betty Villelda. Thanks to Bistro Mestizo for providing the tasty food following the dances and to Martin Ancona and Mauricio Aquino for their assistance.

Body of unidentified female found in water south of town
San Pedro Police have started a murder investigation following the discovery of the body of an unidentified Caucasian female. The body was found partially floating in the water near the southern part of San Pedro Town shortly around 8AM on Wednesday February 27th. According to residents in the Mar de Tumbo area of San Pedro Town, the body was taken out by nearby resort workers from a rocky beach side, after which police were called to the scene. Female Body FoundAccording to police, the female was observed wearing a black undershirt, a blue jeans short skirt and was barefoot. The female also had on a wedding band and a pair of earrings. Police have been trying to determine the identity of the female, and are speaking to residents living in the various resorts. “She doesn’t look familiar to us and she does not look like a local,” said one of the residents in the area who police asked to view the body in an attempt to identify the body.

Ambergris Today

Belizeans Unite For Land Reform Demonstration
The Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association [BGYEA] and its social partners participated in a National Land Reform Rally on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at the steps of the National Assembly in Belmopan. The crowd of about 135 men and women commenced the march from the area behind the museum over to the National Assembly and then circled that building three times, all the while, chanting for "transparency and accountability" and "land for the needy, not the greedy", and singing songs of redemption. The purpose of the rally was to highlight the need for increased transparency, efficiency and accountability in the management and distribution of national lands as well as to secure commitment by the Prime Minister of Belize and the minister responsible for the distribution of land for their support for as well as direct participation in a series of public consultations through which a national land reform policy can be developed and implemented.

Traveller’s Liquors Don Omario Aged Rum Has Rich Belizean History
Since 1953, Traveller’s Liquors Ltd. has been providing Belizeans and visitors alike with a broad and unique assortment of distilled and fermented products. Founder and Patriarch of the family, Master Blender Omario Perdomo, gave the company its name because of its original success serving travelers along the main route into and out of Belize City. Today the company boasts the 15-year-old aged rum called the Don Omario Vintage Rum that many rum experts have compared to a fine bourbon or scotch whiskey. The vintage rum is obviously named after the late Omario Perdomo and there is even a Royal Visit Edition of the rum as it was served to HRH Prince Harry of England during his visit to Belize during HRH Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Anniversary. Tasting Notes Very Smooth – warming aroma - a dry, medium-weight body – earthy - the finish is long, consistent with the taste and aromas. It is described of having sublime sweetness, including brown sugar, light caramel, vanilla, nice blend of oak from fresh and older casks, roasted walnuts, the slightest essence of frangipani, banana and spice. It has 45% ABV that speeds the delivery of the aromas. The Vintage Rum is only available at the Traveller’s Liquors Heritage Center in Belize City or at their retail and distribution center in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Misc Belizean Sources

CRFM Ministerial Sub-Committee on Flyingfish calls stakeholders to action
Fisheries ministers who met on Friday, 22 February 2013, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, to review urgent governance and management issues challenging the seven Caribbean countries that currently harvest the Eastern Caribbean flyingfish (scientific name: Hirundichthys affinis), are calling stakeholders across the region to action. At the ministerial meeting, convened by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and chaired by The Bahamas, the CRFM Ministerial Sub-Committee on Flyingfish issued a call to stakeholders, asking them to ensure that the necessary technical consultations and analyses are completed to ensure that the final Strategic Action Programme (SAP) report, which will be used to lobby for funding, adequately provides for the interests and needs of the people of the CARICOM/CRFM States. The ministers also called upon the countries to ensure that the consultations with stakeholders at the national level and the updating of the Draft Fisheries Management Plan for the flyingfish are completed in a timely manner, so that the final plan can be submitted to the Sub-committee for endorsement at its next sitting in May 2013 in Barbados.

New World Oil & Gas: Shore sees "significant potential"
Broker Shore Capital remains upbeat on New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) after its recent drilling setback in Belize. It said it continues to see “significant volumetric potential at Blue Creek”, its project there. The comments follow an update from the exploration junior revealing it has increased its interest in Belize to 75% from 35%. It is about to start drilling on its third well in the tiny Central American country, on the West Gallon Jug prospect. The element missing was the trap for the oil. So, what showed up on the seismic was either a late trap development (created after the migration of the oil past), or late tectonic movement, which causes traps to breach. “With live oil shows and extensive residual oil encountered at the B Crest well location, trap appears to be the key outstanding element, and West Gallon Jug is considered to be geologically independent of B Crest,” said Shore.

New World Oil & Gas increases stake in Belize project to 75%
New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) this morning confirmed that its stake in the Blue Creek project in Belize has now increased to 75% from 35%. It has earned the additional project equity following the completion of two exploration wells, as set out in the terms of the group’s farm-in agreement over the asset. And with the completion of the next well, on the West Gallon Jug prospect, the company will complete the acquisition as its stake will rise again to 100%. New World expects to start drilling this well in March. "Earning into a 75% working interest into the Blue Creek Project in Belize marks a significant milestone for the company,” said chief executive Bill Kelleher. “Although we did not make a commercial discovery at our B Crest prospect, three of four elements which make up a working hydrocarbon system, source, migration and seal have been confirmed. Trap remains the only outstanding risk and importantly each of our remaining five drillable prospects in Belize are geologically independent of each other.

Open a Beach Bar in Belize
After 25 years as a union glazier, Craig Pearlman was ready for a change. “I installed windows in commercial buildings, sometimes as high as 42 stories up,” says the 47-year-old New Jersey native. “We worked right on the window ledge of high-rises in Jersey City and Hoboken. I almost fell a couple of times. That scared the hell out of me.” Tired of the risks and weary of working for someone else, Craig dreamed of opening his own beach bar. “I was sick of jumping out of bed each day to an alarm clock and fighting the crazy traffic. And each year, when the weather began to turn in the fall, I found myself wishing for the warmth of a tropical climate,” Craig says. So when a friend suggested he look into Belize, he did exactly that. “My friend had heard it was a great place to make a fresh start, with good business opportunities and lots of raw potential.” Within months, Craig had booked a flight to check out some properties he’d researched online. After looking at several areas of the country, he fell in love with the remote, off-the-grid, jungle area surrounding tiny Monkey River Village, population 300.

VIDEO: Start of Boom to Belize, sponsored by Guinness
We hooked up a GoPro on the back of Oceana's canoe. You kinda get the sense of how intense the race and speed can be. Consider this previews for coming attractions at the Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge.

20 Things About Photography Expeditions in the Tropics I Learned All Over Again
Here are 20 things I can pass on should you want to take your expensive camera gear and risk it to document one of the most wild and beautiful habitats on earth.

Strings of Love Full Moon Concert Pictures
The Benque House of Culture has some pictures from the Strings of Love concert. "The Cayo Music School, Benque Marimba Project and Violinists Trina & Arun graced us with a night of mellow and soothing instruments, for the Strings & More full moon concert. Image's courtesy of Elvisa Avila for Lens of Culture ' World Arts Outreach"

Faith Nazarene Visits the SIPL
Faith Nazarene Primary School went to hear some stories at the San Ignacio Public Library.

Rotary District 4250 Conference in Cayo
Starting Wednesday, Cayo is hosting Rotary's District 4250 Conference. They'll be at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for much of their meetings. Welcome, Rotarians! "XVIII Rotary District 4250 started uyesterday at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel."

How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil
Last video we showed how to extract the milk from a coconut to make coconut milk . In this video, we continue the process to use the milk to make coconut oil from scratch. Although it was a long process, the taste of the oil was unmatched. This is a healthy oil that is for internal and external use.

BDF receives 8 Seabee Reconnaissance boats
USA Ambassador announces the Belize Defence Force receiving 8 Seabee reconnaissance jet propelled boats for interoperability missions in the Rio Hondo, Corozal.

Channel 7

San Ignacio Cabbie Dies In City Collision
Yesterday morning, 37 year old San Ignacio Taxi Driver George David Moro left home as he always does on Tuesday's to bring a merchant to the city. He usually returns in the evening but not last night. Moro was killed in a violent collision in front of CISCO Construction at mile 3 on the Western Highway. IT happened at 7:30 and 7news was on the scene shortly after: Jules Vasquez Reporting When we arrived on the scene the driver of one of the cars, 31 year old Mexican Diplomat Marco Antonio Lopez Leon was being taken in an ambulance But there was no ambulance for the driver of the other car, 37 year old George David Moro. He was crushed behind the wheel and died. Lascelle Arnold who lives in Belmopan was one of the first persons on the scene: Lascelle Arnold - Came Upon Accident "He was breathing when we arrived there. We opened the door, and he was still alive, breathing. Apparently, he was all the way underneath the dashboard. The seat snapped back completely." Jules Vasquez "How long was it before the taxi driver expired?" Lascelle Arnold "I would say about - when I arrived there and opened the door, he was still alive. When the ambulance came he was still alive. By the time the started to get stuff out of the ambulance, when we went back to the car, he was gone."

Wyoming Woman Dies Mysteriously On San Pedro; Pol Launch Homicide Investigation
A tourist was found dead on San Pedro this morning - and island police are treating it as a homicide investigation. The 32 year old female from the state of Wyoming in the USA was found dead at 8:00 am behind Royal Palm Villas. As police told us, she was found on a beach chair - we have video courtesy the San Pedro Sun: Cpl. Mark Young - Investigating Tourist's Death (Via Phone) "At that time, we visited that area, the female was seen lying face up on a green beach chair with foam coming from the mouth." Jules Vasquez "Were there any signs of foul play corporal?" Cpl. Mark Young "Not at this time." Jules Vasquez "I read on the San Pedro Sun as well that there were bruises around the neck of the female. Where there apparent bruises on her neck?" Cpl. Mark Young "Well, not to our knowledge."

Hon. Wilfred Warns Again
Wil Maheia and his Belize Territorial Volunteers are going to clear the border on Saturday - and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made it clear, they're on their own. That's because Belize's Foreign Minister has said they are threading on dangerous ground and face the possibility of getting arrested. Additionally, the Guatemalans have sent a diplomatic note to Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs warning that such an initiative will only exacerbate border tensions. Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington has already publicly warned against the initiative due to its risk of causing a border incident, but as we showed you, Maheia is unfazed and leaning on what he calls overwhelming support from the Belizean public. Today, Elrington was at another function, and 7News got a chance to ask him in person if his Ministry will accept Maheia's public invitation to accompany them to see first-hand that they don't intend to cause friction with Guatemala. Here's how he responded: Hon. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs "The Government will not accompany him. The Government is advising that it's a dangerous initiative, and certainly, the Government is not going to do anything that could jeopardize the lives of its citzens, whether they are officials or other citizens."

ASP Vidal Effects Mass Transfers At Special Branch
Six weeks ago, we reported that ASP Mark Vidal had taken over Special Branch - while also retaining control of the GSU. Well, yesterday he shook up Belize City's Special Branch as it had never been shaken before, by ordering the immediate transfer of 14 officers to the patrol branch. That's - more than a quarter of the Department's manpower, gone in a one fell swoop. Incredibly, this includes the officer commanding and his deputy. So why the massive, unprecedented purge? In a statement today, Vidal told us that quote "Some repostings were done as a first phase in restructuring and refocusing the Branch to become more efficient and effective in addressing the threats to national security." He added that, quote, "It is also part of wider a Police Department's plan in the rolling out of the four Policing precincts at Eastern Division to more effectively police the communities affected by violent crimes." And while that's the explanation he gave us - reports we've gotten say that those who were transferred weren't told anything. It's news because of the scale of the transfers and also because Special Branch Officers are rarely transferred, since they operate in a sensitive area.

Bench Warrant For Mayor Bradley?
There is a bench warrant with Mayor Darrell Bradley's name on it. The document is dated December 2012, and it could be activated depending what happens in the Supreme Court tomorrow. The warrant is part of a bundle of legal papers filed with the court in which Belize Waste Control wants the court to cite Mayor Bradley for contempt. It stems from a 2.3 million dollar arbitration award granted to Waste Control against the city council in 2009 - when Bradley was the City's attorney. Back then, as attorney, he said the city would pay the debt monthly, but it never did - not even when he became mayor. And so in 2012, Waste Control attorney Fred Lumor got the court to agree that Waste Control's constitutional rights had been violated and the money should be paid forthwith. Again, it was not, and so now Lumor wants the court to cite the mayor for contempt. If such a citation is made, then the bench warrant to commit him for not paying the monies owed will be activated. We could not reach Bradley for comment - but will tell you the outcome of tomorrow's hearing before Justice Michelle Arana.

Petillo Downcast About Demonstration Turnout
Last night we headlined the land demonstration in Belmopan. It was spearheaded by BGYEA and other groups, but for all the publicity and the public push that it got over a subject that is of extreme public interest, the crowd had to be considered disappointing. In fact, rather than making those in power uncomfortable, it may have served to comfort them - that less than 150 people were upset enough about land distribution to protest. Yesterday when we spoke to Petillo, he glossed over the poor attendance, but today he was more realistic and also downcast: Nigel Petillo - President, BGYEA (Via Phone) "Jules, I'll be honest with you, it's not surprise to me that the Belizean people didn't come out there physically. Disappointed, yes, you can say that I am disappointed, but I'll be honest - in fact let me tell you what disappoint me the most. It's the same people who you are fighting for, Jules, the same grassroots poor people who you are trying to open their eyes to make them realize that only when political parties want something from you, they will send that money, mobilize you, feed you, and give you small pocket money for the day. This just tells me that our people, once again, don't get it. Our people have missed it again. In fact, BGYEA members, it is disappointment to see that the same people who you are fighting for, the same people who call me every day and night - Nigel, I haven't gotten my papers as yet. Nigel, I went to try to pay at the Lands Department, and they didn't accept my payment. Nigel, they said that my name wasn't in the system. Nigel, when will I get a piece of land? Those are the same people who we are fighting out there for, not for any personal gain, because you don't vote for us. You all don't give us any money. You all don't pay our bills.

A Special Strategy For Youths
Very regularly in this newscast, we report on different government initiatives targeting youth development. These initiatives are designed and by experts who are - in most instances - adults, but today, the Government of Belize launched a new venture. It is innovative because the consultants and experts who designed it just happen to be the target group, the youths themselves. It is called the National Youth Development Policy, and it is a program in which the concerns of the youths are brought to a forum within the Government, who consult with them and act accordingly with funding to realize the solutions. It was launched today at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, and 7News spoke to a few of the officials who will ensure that it is implemented. Sherlene Neal-Tablada - Adolescent Development Officer, UNICEF "One of the things that we really tried to advocate for is investment in young people. And so, the fact that the country has a policy that has been signed and approved by Cabinet indicates the level of seriousness the Government has about its young people and its intention to invest in young people. The policy provides that framework for us to say that we must come together, let us use these actions outlined in the policy to be able to make some right actions on behalf of young people."

Family Blames KHMH for Newborns Death
Tonight a couple is making allegations of negligence against the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital - after their 4 day old baby died while receiving treatment at the institution. Laura Budd and Clarence Tillett rushed their newborn, Clarence the third, to the emergency room around 2 on Monday morning after the child was suffering from a stomach ache and jaundice. The baby was admitted into the hospital for treatment but died later that same day. The couple strongly believe that it is the hospital to blame for the death of their first and only child and told 7news that even after requesting for more information on the cause of their baby's death, they have been denied. The father and mother narrated the events form when they were in the emergency room with their ailing child:.. Today we contacted the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital about the allegation and we were told by the Public relation's officer that the matter is under investigation and as soon as it is completed they will give a statement.

US Will Prosecute Stolen Bze Artifacts
We're all familiar with the Jade Head, or the Buena Vista Vase...these are well known treasures of antiquity. But what about all the Mayan treasures that have been looted by temple raiders or the state sanctioned plunder that happened in the colonial era? Those are gone forever - there's no inventory of all the treasured antiquities lying undiscovered at sites across Belize and no way of knowing what all was looted. And to this day, with so many archeological sites still unofficially excavated, looters and traders often make off with large quantities of priceless artifacts and sell them on the black market. To try to combat this problem, the United States has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Belize which provides US Government Organizations with the authority to bring legal action against anyone caught with artifacts from Belize. There was a small ceremony today at the House of Culture to note the importance of this MOU, and 7News attended. Here's what the officials told the media about what it means for Belize: Dr. Jaime Awe - Director, Institute of Archaeology "It's a great accomplishment for the country of Belize. Why, great, that's because the US, by signing this agreement, is declaring that they will join with us, collaborate with us to do everything in their effort to stop the importation of Belize's antiquities into the United States."

Busted With Big Bucks
55 year-old Arab businessman, Suresh Jaisinghnai dodged jail time today when he came up out of his pocket and paid a $25,000 fine after he was taken to court for failure to declare funds. According to the Financial Intelligence Unit, Customs busted Jaisinghnai as he was attempting to board a plane with $9,276 US in cash, which he did not declare. This is against the Money Laundering and Terrorism Act of Belize which makes it mandatory to declare cash over $10,000 Belizean Currency. He was just over $8,000 above that limit, and as a result, he was charged with failure to declare currency. He presented himself before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today where he pleaded guilty to the offence, and was fined $25,000, to be paid forthwith because it was his first offence.

BTB: Graffiti Is Great!
Graffiti is often seen as counter-culture and written off as vandalism - but there is an often overlooked public art aspect that redeems this much maligned street art form. And Last week Saturday at the Street Art Festival, the Belize Tourism Board held a graffiti art competition to promote interest and participation by young artists. They had to design graffiti art themed around the representation of Belizean culture, and the artists had to create their pieces within 3 hours live before an audience of streetwalkers. Today the BTB announced the 3 best pieces. We spoke to the artists about their inspiration: Kristian Carter - 1st Place, Street Art Graffiti Contest "I like the Mayans of course, so I had that basic idea for the landscape, from the bottom, and then everyone else joined in with their ideas, and pitched in what they can do. Everyone worked very hard toward it. It was a very great experience for me. I like it; I enjoyed it. It was a nice idea."

Canadians Donate Wheelchairs
A group of Rotarians are visiting from Alberta, Canada and this morning there were at the KHMH making a generous donation. The team donated one hundred and ten wheelchairs to physically challenged Belizeans from across the country. The project is the culmination of 4 years of fundraising. Terry Stacey told us more:.. Terry Stacey - Rotary "Today's donation is about a project that's taking us 4 years to do the fund raising, $25,000 Canadian currency, to bring down 110 wheelchairs to Belize. The Rotary District that we belong to in Canada has had an education project down here in Belize for about 5 years. So, when our club started to think about where we wanted to do an international project, we thought Belize would be good because our district already had a relationship with Belize. So, we did some checking, and we got the idea that wheelchairs were needed. So, that's when we decided that we were going to start fund raising for the wheelchair project. We connected up with Francis in the Belize City Rotary Club, and he's been helping us find the right places to distribute the wheelchairs." The donation is valued at 13 thousand Belize dollars. The wheelchairs are of various sizes and will be distributed only on Monday's and Tuesday's. If you are in need of a wheelchair you can contact telephone number 6-0-4-2-5-4-3.

Money for Community Police Initiatives
Today, the US Embassy to Belize, the CARSI fund, collaborated with the Police Department, Community Policing and Crime Stoppers Belize to hand over a donation of just under $200,000 in equipment. The donation is to bolster the capacity of 19 Neighborhood Watch groups across the country, and Police's Special Constable Program. They held a handing over ceremony at the Yabra Community Police Unit's headquarters this afternoon and 7News was there. Here's what the National Neighborhood Watch Coordinator told us about how this equipment will be used: Gilbert Pitts - National Neighborhood Watch Coordinator "We have applied for a CARSI grant, and we've received over $200,000, It will be coming in 3 phases. This is the first phase; right now we've selected 20 neighborhood groups from around the country, and we are issuing out today lights, whistles, 2-way radios, and handcuffs. These are the items which will be issued to the different groups today. In the second phase, we'll be issuing signs, more handcuffs, radios and other items to the different group. This all national, country-wide, from Punta Gorda to Corozal, to San Pedro. We've selected 20 groups, and we've selected the more active groups right now. With this, the other groups might see it, and become a little more active, and in the next selection, they will be a part of the donation also." Reporter "Sir, who do you prioritize? What areas get what attention first?"

How To Fight Disease On The Frontline
Today in Belmopan, training was held for the first responders to disease outbreak. The idea is to make them better at detecting and preventing high priority public health problems. Participants include Medical Officers of the Ministry of Health and from the Belize Defence Force, Public Health Inspectors, Public Health Nurses and Laboratory Technicians. Englebert Emmanuel explained this essence of epedimiology: Englebert Emmanuel - Surveilance Officer, Ministry of Health "What the training will do is to equip our public health and military people to understand disease patterns, and to identify sources of transmission, in terms of eliminating public health threats through health education, and through public health intervention, which would then reduce the incidents of disease." Captain Russel Manzanero - Physician, BDF "It is very important, I believe has been mentioned before, that the surgeons, having soldiers who are always exposed to the elements, and always being out in the fields. They always expose themselves to certain illnesses and diseases. They come in contact with the entire communities. I would say that soldiers are always involved some sort of communication, or in contact with someone, and diseases are always there. So, of course, having this important epedemiology training would help us equip and find out how to manage and prevent certain illnesses within the force." The program is administered by the Centers for Disease Control in the USA.

Channel 5

Female U.S. national strangled on La Isla Bonita?
A criminal investigation is underway in San Pedro where the body of a woman was removed from a shallow area of the sea south of the island. The woman is a US national visiting from Wyoming and up until news time, because notification was pending with her family; her name is being withheld at this [...]

Moro dies after crashing into Mexican embassy vehicle
A traffic accident on the George Price Highway, just a short distance from the police checkpoint ended fatally for a taxi driver just after seven on Tuesday night.  George David Moro was heading back west to his family when he crashed into a vehicle with diplomatic license plates. Four others were injured but Moro did [...]

Guatemalans trawling in Belize’s southern waters
Belize became the first country in the world to completely ban bottom trawling in December 2010.  A statutory instrument made it illegal to carry out trawling in Belizean waters. The initiative was the brainchild of Oceana Belize which bought the last two operational trawlers from a local fishing cooperative. But in the south of the [...]

New administration for Bar Association
  The Bar Association met in Tuesday night in Belize City; elections for a new executive committee took place. Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay was elected as the Bar’s new president to succeed Andrew Marshalleck. Courtenay will be at the helm for the next twelve months; a period to be characterized by intense public debate over [...]

Awarding the graffiti artists
Graffiti is an emerging form of art in the jewel, through which messages are scribbled or painted on public property. This past Saturday at the Street Art Festival, a number of artists competed in a graffiti contest but their work was not on buildings or sidewalks, instead their message found their way on canvas. This [...]

Ministry applauds youths for policy
Seventy percent of the population is under the age of thirty five which means Belize is a young society. Perhaps that is why youths, with the assistance of UNICEF and NGOs, have developed their own policy. It was compiled into a document called the National Youth Development Policy of Belize 2012-2022. The policy’s commitment gives [...]

No more antiquities thefts; U.S. and Belize sign MOU
The Government has signed on with the United States Government to place restrictions on the Illegal importation and exportation of archeological material particularly Mayan antiquities. Through a MOU signed today between Belize and the US, law enforcement agents from that country are authorized to restrict the antiquities from entering the US and have them returned [...]

Community groups get equipment for safe neighborhoods
The Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) has donated equipment to the Police Department, the Coastguard and the Belize Defense Force. Smaller groups are also receiving donations to help protect communities. Community watch groups and other similar organizations have received over two hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment to help them keep their neighborhoods safe. [...]

Suresh Jaisinghnai failed to declare cash before flight
  Turning to the courts, a Cayo businessman was busted at the Phillip Goldson Airport on Tuesday with an undeclared amount of cash in US currency. Suresh Jaisinghnai was taking an afternoon flight when custom officers detected the cash he was carrying: nine thousand two hundred and seventy six dollars in US currency. The Financial [...]

Gardenia villager charged with carnal knowledge
  But a mechanic of Gardenia Village is spending his first night behind bars for Carnal Knowledge. Twenty-two year old Marlon Dawson appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where he was charged with one count of the offense. The alleged crime occurred on the fourteenth of December 2012 but was only reported last Friday. A [...]

Tropic takes air to Cancun, Mexico
Tropic Air has announced that it will be starting flights to Cancun, Mexico just in time for the Easter break. The first flight is scheduled for March twenty-fifth on Tropic’s twelve-seater caravan. There will be six flights weekly and if you are interested in heading north, you can catch a promotional rate for tickets that [...]

Will there be changes to UK Parliament
  The jewel has been getting significant coverage in the international media for its many attributes. The spotlight in Ireland, however, is on a young Belizean. Fourteen year of Ramel Flores, is the son of well known Belizean journalist, Melvin Flores and his wife. Ramel is fourteen years old and is making a bid to [...]


Taxi Driver Loses Life In Traffic Accident
There were two fatal traffic accidents reported last night. The first incident occurred at mile three on the George price Highway and claimed the life of a taxi driver from the Cayo District. 39-year-old George David Moro lost his life after his taxi collided head on with another...

Predator Party Held At The Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo today celebrated two important milestones in its conservation effort. Junior Buddy the Jaguar is celebrating his sixth birthday and Panama the Harpy Eagle is celebrating its tenth birthday. To mark the occasion, officials of the Zoo invited primary school chi...

Winners of BTB's Graffitti Competition Announced
Belize City’s Albert Street came to life this weekend with the 2013 Street Art Festival, which exposed the works of artists in various genres. During the festival, the Belize Tourism Board launched a graffiti competition and the winners were announced today during a brief c...

Friend of Belize, Pastor Tim Tam Involved In Traffic Accident
Pastor Tim Tam from Word at Work Ministries is no stranger to the Belizean population as the well known pastor has made numerous trips to Belize to assist in various ways. Reports reaching our news center indicate that Pastor Tim Tam was gravely injured in a road traffic accident in Te...

Home Owners Surprise Thief At Their Home
Homeowners caught a man stealing from their home and subdued him until police arrived. A couple from Orange Walk Town left their house on Belize Street early this morning and had only returned around ten to retrieve a spare tire from a vehicle parked in their yard when they surprised a...

US Embassy Donates Equipment to Belize Police Department
The low conviction rate for murders in Belize is relatively one of the weakest in the region. But Crimestoppers Belize, the Police Department and the Government of the United States continue to make the crack-down on crime a living nightmare for the criminal element. Today,...

Body of American National Found In Waters
The body of an American tourist was found floating in the waters off San Pedro Ambergris Caye and police are treating her death as a possible homicide until a post-mortem can say otherwise. She is 32-year-old Kristy Lynn Sy, an American national from Wyoming, USA. According...

Traffic Accident Leaves Police Constable Dead
A fatal traffic accident last night just outside Punta Gorda has claimed the life of a police constable. The accident reportedly happened sometime shortly before 12 midnight, one mile out of Punta Gorda on the main highway passing through Hopeville and Cattle Landing at the norther...


The Zurisiday Saga: From Corozal To Belize-From Magistrate Court To Supreme Court
Since his arrest back in November of 2012 CTV3 News has been closely following the case of Zurisiday Villasenor Mendez, the 22 year old Mexican National who was charged for 1 count of keeping an unlicensed firearm, 1 count of keeping unlicensed ammunition, 1 count of keeping a prohibited firearm, 1 count of keeping prohibited ammunition, possession of control drugs, and drug trafficking, after a cache of weapons were found in 2 of the rooms at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino adjacent to the Corozal Free Zone. Since the beginning of the trial at the Corozal Magistrates Court, Villasenor’s attorneys, Dickie Bradley and Arthur Saldivar, have been claiming that their client’s constitutional rights are being violated. And yesterday the situation got more complicated for the defense since Villasenor’s case was moved to the Belize City Magistrates Court. Saldivar has stated that presiding Magistrate Nardia Morgan, who was brought in from Cayo to hear the case, informed him that her safety was in jeopardy while Corozal and a result the case was transferred to Belize City.

Woman Found Dead In Orange Walk- Excessive Drinking May Be The Cause
The lifeless body of a woman was found last night at Serenitas Bar located on Lover’s Lane here in Orange Walk Town. The female has been identified as 40 year old Senaida Medina; a resident of Crooked Tree Village. Medina’s body was found just minutes before midnight by one of the employees at the bar. According to Oscar Oswald, Medina was sleeping in one of the rooms located at the back of the establishment when he decided to call it a day. It was not until he lay beside Medina that he noticed she was already dead. Oscar Oswald, Employee “When I came in to sleep I saw her sleeping in my room. I went to try lie beside her and I didn’t know that she was- well I didn’t pay her no mind because I knew that she was asleep at about 8 o’clock. I thought that she was still sleeping so I when and I lay down beside her. I first sat on the bed but I was tired and I laid down but when I touched her hand to move it I fell it cold. I said to myself that this girl is dead. I then ran out of the room and then police came and took her and that’s it.” Hipolito Novelo, Reporter “Were there any signs of physical injuries on her body?” Oscar Oswald, Employee “No. She was physically alright. There were no bruise, no- she was just lying like a normal person.”

13 Year Old Says Brother In Law Raped Her
In last night’s newscast we told about the 16 year old girl from the Village of Sarteneja in Corozal who accused her stepfather of carnal knowledge and her mother of condoning the sexual crime. Tonight there is another disconcerting case to report and this time it has to do with the crime of rape. The incident involves a 13 year old girl from the Village of Caye Caulker who reported to police that she was raped by her brother-in-law on two separate occasions, on August 25th 2012 and January 1st 2013. The 13 year old, in the presence of her mother, informed police that the abuse took place at her sister’s house while she was babysitting her niece. Police are now investigating the matter.

Woman Found Dead In San Pedro
While Medina was found dead last night here in Orange Walk Town, the lifeless body of another woman was found in San Pedro this morning. According to reports, the body of a female Caucasian was found partially floating in the water at about 8:00 this morning near the southern part of San Pedro Town. We understand that the body was discovered by a teenager who was running along the beach. Police were called in and the deceased was taken out of the water. The woman was wearing a black undershirt and a blue jeans short skirt and was shoeless. She was also wearing a wedding band and a pair of earrings. The body was observed with bruises around the neck consistent with strangulation. Despite the fact that San Pedro Police has launched a criminal investigation they are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death. Based on initial examination it is believed that the person may have died between the hours of 3:00am and 7:00am. The body has been transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where a post mortem will be conducted to establish the official cause of death.

Slowly But Surely Graciano Improves Slightly
Tonight we keep following the prognosis of 12 year old Graciano Ramos, the standard three student of La Inmaculada Primary School who fell off a tree on Sunday evening and suffered a fractured skull. Our news room has been flooded with calls of concerned residents requesting information about the child’s condition but today there is little that we can report on. According to Ramos’ mother, Mellissa, her son is still in a coma on life support. But amidst all the anxiety there is some good news. Yesterday we were informed that one of Graciano’s lungs had collapsed and today when we spoke to his mother, she told us that the child’s lung is now functioning. Graciano also received a much needed blood transfusion yesterday. Doctors have indicated that on Friday the child will gradually be removed from sedatives. His reaction will be monitored closely. Of note is that today La Inmaculada School held a special rags day in order to assist the boy’s family with the mounting medical bills.

BMHS Enters Sagicor Visionaries Challenge
Last week we showed you all the science experiments that were devised by students of Bishop Martin High School. Tonight news is that the school’s Science Department has entered another science competition and this time they will be competing against high schools from across the country and the Caribbean. The Sagicor Visionaries Challenge is being sponsored by the Sagicor, Caribbean Science Foundation and the Caribbean Examination Council. The competition is aimed at secondary and high school students who are encouraged to identify a challenge facing their respective schools by using science, technology, engineering and mathematics and develop effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the challenge identified. Bishop Martin High School is the only high school in the Orange Walk District that took up the challenge and submitted a proposal to the competition. Shakira Gonzalez, Science Teacher “Their purpose or main objective in this competition is to make the Caribbean Region and local communities more sustainable. So they have embarked in his competition and they are asking high schools in Belize and other Caribbean countries to come up with a problem that they are facing in the school. They identify the problem that the school is facing. It could be garbage disposal or pollution and once they identify that problem they can come out with a creative and very innovative solution that will address that problem linking it to STEM- Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.”

BGYEA & Belize Unboxed: Have You Signed The Online Petition?
Yesterday the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, BGYEA, held a demonstration on Independence Hill in Belmopan. Even though less than 200 persons were reported to have participated in the demonstration, the message was clear, the country’s present land distribution system “has got to go”. BGYEA and its supporters want the system to be reformed in a manner which will favor all Belizeans. And if the small gathering was not enough to get Government’s attention then BGYEA is taking their cause online. In a previous interview we did with founder of Belize Unboxed, Simiyyah Andrewin, she explained that persons affected by the present system can file a complaint via a text message. According to Andrewin, since February 22nd, 123 Belizeans from across the country have sent SMS to the email boxes of the Ministry of Natural Resources. There is also a web based petition in which up to date, 306 persons have signed.

One Year Since People's Referendum
Tomorrow will mark one year since Oceana launched the People’s Referendum on offshore oil exploration. On February 28th of last year, 29,280 Belizeans across the country refused to stay silent and voted for or against offshore drilling exploration. Out of that total amount 96% of Belizeans were against offshore oil exploration. In commemoration of the first anniversary, the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage is asking that all those who voted in the People’s Referendum and those who are against offshore drilling, to wear green or blue tomorrow. The colors will send a message to Government that the people of Belize cannot and will not be silent. The coalition is also encouraging Belizeans to where blue or green to show their support for the continued fight to get Belize’s offshore legislated as off-limits to oil exploration. The results of the People’s Referendum showed an overwhelming support for the Coalition’s position of a ban on oil exploration and drilling in Belize’s offshore. In the north, 6,857 voted in the referendum with 98% saying no to offshore drilling.


Cayo man dies in Western Highway accident
Cayo man dies in Western Highway accident. At approximately 7:30 pm last night, police were called out to an area near mile 3 on the George Price highway where the saw 37 year old George David Moro of an 18 Street Address in San Ignacio trapped under the steering...

Tourist body found floating near San Pedro
Tourist’s body found. The body of a 32 year old American female tourist was found around 8 this morning floating in the water near the beachfront property of Royal Palm Villas located a mile and a half south of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. The person has been...

Fatal traffic accident in Punta Gorda
There was another fatal traffic accident last night; this time in Punta Gorda Town. Police visited an area in the Hope Ville area known as the Southern Art and Craft Building where a Grey Ford Expedition was seen facing the sea. According to reports, the Police pickup was heading...

Minister Elrington emphasizes prudence in border managemen
Minister Elrington emphasizes prudence in border management. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially frowned on the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ expedition to cut and clear the border between Belize and Guatemala which the Guatemalans insist may be viewed as possible incursion into their territory. Today Minister of Foreign Affairs...

National Youth Development Policy launched
National Youth Development Policy launched. Belize is quite literally a youthful country – more than 70% of its 300,000 plus population is below the age of 29. And that segment of the population is under increasing stress from economic issues, crime and violence, and a pervading sense of hopelessness...

Marlon Dawson charged for carnal knowledge
A man has been charged for having sexual intercourse with a minor, this time the girl is only 13 years old. The accused, 22 year old Marlon Dawson was arraigned in Magistrate Court yesterday for one count of carnal knowledge. Due to the nature of the offence, he was...

Elvia Dominguez may spend three years in prison for drug trafficking
A woman may spend the next three years in prison for drug trafficking. Elvia Dominguez, a 31 year old resident of Biscayne Village was convicted of the drug-related charge yesterday in the Magistrate’s Court. Dominguez was ordered to pay a mandatory fine of $10,000, two thousand of which she...

Ladyville police investigates report of Aggravated Assault
Ladyville police investigates report of Aggravated Assault. A resident of Burrell Boom reported that on Tuesday Feb 26 at about 8:05 pm, he was at a restaurant located between mile 8 and 9 Phillip Goldson Highway; along with his sister, brother, and common law wife. The man told Police...

Belmopan Police investigates chopping incident
Belmopan Police investigates chopping incident. Last night at 8:45pm, acting upon information received, Belmopan Police visited Guatemala Street where initial investigation revealed that Luis Castellanos, Belizean Labourer of Garza Street, was on his way going home, when he was attacked by four Hispanic male persons armed with machetes. Castellanos...

Belize, U.S. sign MOU on cultural heritage
Belize, U.S. sign MOU on cultural heritage. Belize has lost many historical artefacts from our Maya temples and elsewhere, often due to common thievery. Today, Belize and the United States agreed to cooperate to do something about it. The U.S. has agreed to restrict imports of antiquities belonging to...

Proceeds of a bust handed over to security forces
Proceeds of a bust late last year, now forfeited, were on Tuesday handed over by the Customs and Excise Department to their comrades in the security forces – the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard. According to the Department’s public relations officer Gilbert Gordon, the total find valued at...

BTB recognizes young artists
BTB recognizes young artists. Last week we told you about the Street Art Festival sponsored by NICH on Albert Street. During that festival the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held a mini graffiti art competition in which local artists were invited to showcase their artistic abilities using Belize as their...

Bible in Kriol is released
You’ve heard of the Kriol Dictionary… but how about the Kriol Bible? Well for the past twenty years, an organization called the Belize Kriol Project has been translating the Holy Scripture into Kriol, and it is finally available to the public. Last week, Silvana Woods and Yvette Herrera from...

Western Regional Hospital has anti-venom medication
Last night we told you about 11 year old Monique Moro, who died after being bitten by a poisonous snake. In an interview we aired last night, it was mentioned that the Western Regional Hospital, where she was first taken did not have anti-venom to administer to her. Plus...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Belize: Time Longer Than Rope
Is this a story about Caye Caulker? The book doesn’t say, but maybe you, our readers might recognize the author. The book is available on at this link: Ever feel like taking a break from your life? Ever taken a little holiday to the Caribbean and wondered what it would be like if you just stayed, and didn't come home? Belize: Time Longer Than Rope is the story of a Sixties radical who who found herself at loose ends... and decided just to cut loose instead. After figuring out expatriate life in Belize, buying her own home and planting her gardens, she found herself in a different sort of trouble than she'd bargained for. You guessed it--love and all its complications. As the Belizeans say, 'time longer than rope'.


Belize City to Cancun and Tropic Air adds extra flights to Orangewalk
Tropic Air today announces that on Friday, February 22nd, after ten months of work, Tropic Air received a license from the Government of Mexico. Tickets for this highly anticipated flight from Belize City International Airport to Cancun, Mexico, are now available for sale. Effective March 25th, 2013, Tropic Air will launch 6 weekly flights (daily except for Saturday) between Belize City’s Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE) and Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún, Mexico (CUN). Tickets are on sale now through March 24, 2013 at an introductory fare of $309 round trip from Belize City to Cancun for travel between March 25th, 2013 and December 15th, 2013. Fuel surcharge, taxes and other conditions may apply.

Doctor! Doctor!
With an appointment with the doctor, Doctor Miguel Allison, for the medical required as an element of the application process to be allowed entry into the Belize QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) at 9.30 am there were no mugs of coffee for me on the veranda this morning. Just a couple of glasses of water. Not the same. Not the same at all. No wonder I didn’t have my normal joie de vivre! We arrived at the doctor’s surgery on time and after about five minutes in the reception (small) area Rose was called in to see Doctor Allison. Within a minute I was in there too – he had to fill in some forms (forms follow us everywhere !). A quick blood pressure test for each of us and we were then sent to the laboratory in Barrier Reef Drive to have blood tests (to prove that neither one of us has AIDS). We got to the laboratory within minutes and following a short wait – whilst listening to the groans of someone whose veins were not prominent (not too gory for you is it?) -Rose went in to give her blood sample. I followed within minutes to give mine. We were then asked to call back in an hour to collect the results so I went for a late breakfast (yes, at Estel’s) and that much needed mug of coffee. One sip and I felt normal (well as normal as I ever can be) again. Rose, not being as ‘hooked’ on a fried breakfast as I am, went shopping. Now that is what you call a division of labour!

International Sources

Singer influenced by music of Belize
Danny Michel deflects comparisons with Paul Simon's Graceland album. "I hear that a lot," said the Kitchener-area folksinger. "But I like to think my album's even a little deeper than that." Michel's 10th album, Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, grew out of his frequent visits to the Central American country of Belize and his friendship with many of its musicians. He will bring the new music to his Mackenzie Hall solo show, March 8, as part of the Windsor Folk Society series. "The music of Belize has been seeping into me ever since I went there on vacation 10 or 12 years ago," he said. "It's a country and people I know very well." Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me is a collaboration with Benque Players and the indigenous music of Belize's Garifuna Collective. It was recorded and produced at the Stonetree Records studio of Benque Players' Ivan Duran. It's in the creative mode of Simon's Graceland, the famous 1986 collaboration with South African and New Orleans zydeco musicians. But Michel's album is far more personal.

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Inspired to Love: Championing Belize’s Children
Recently, the wife of Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Kim Simplis Barrow, came to Washington on an interesting mission. As her country’s special envoy for women and children and the first Belizean to be designated a global ambassador by Special Olympics, she headlined a gala to benefit the children of Belize. “Inspired to Love,” held Feb. 16 at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, raised $35,000. Nestor Mendez, Belize’s ambassador to the United States and Organization of American States, said the first lady’s goal is to ultimately raise $1 million. “We’re on our way,” he said. Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of the prime minister of Belize and a special envoy for women and children, center, is joined by Ambassador of Belize Nestor Mendez and his wife Elvira, president of the Organization of Women of the Americas, at “Inspired to Love,” a gala to benefit the children of Belize held at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington.

Maddie Calzi - Father/Daughter Dance 2013
In February, 2013, eighteen year-old, Maddie Calzi encouraged her father, David Calzi to travel with her on an immersion trip to Belize with Hand in Hand Ministries. The primary objective of the trip was to build Hand in Hand's 200th house in Belize. Maddie anticipated that it might be the last chance for them to to do anything like this together before she went away to college. Sharing this experience with her father was so important to her that she chose to continue with their travel plans - even though it conflicted with a long-anticipated father-daughter dance with her senior class at her high school, Sacred Heart Acadamy in Louisville, KY. This is a dance that students at Sacred Heart look forward to for four years. As it turns out, thanks to a couple of their new friends on the trip, Maddie was able to attend an alternative father-daughter dance in their house in Belize at the same time that her friends were miles away, dancing with their Dads in Louisville

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