The budget for 2013/2014 will be presented tomorrow, but there's like zero buzz about it. And that's probably because it promises to be a fairly un-inpsiring affair, with few sugarplums for the citizenry. In fact, in the wake of the Superbond renegotiation, it kind of has to be a grim affair - to demonstrate to bond-holders that Belize remains poor - while the Superbond in its original form would have made us broke.

But, while that is the context for tomorrow's presentation, within the wider regional context, Belize is doing surprisingly well. This is what we take from a CDB press conference held earlier this month in Barbados. President of the CDB Dr. Warren Smith said that Belize leads the region in growth:..

The growth in the agricultural sector is owing to the rebound in the banana and citrus industries.

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