Old Paslow building

The site where the Paslow building was once located (popularly known as Ground Zero) is scheduled for a makeover. Over the past weekend, the Belize City Council moved vendors who were located on the grounds and placed some of them in the Battlefield Park while others chose other areas across the city to place their booths. Speaking to Public Relations Manager at the Belize City Council, Kenny Morgan, he explained that a request came from the Sustainable Tourism Programme to move the vendors as extensive work will be done in the area as the project nears the foot of the Swing Bridge. Morgan says that the vendors were given two weeks notice during which they were to have found somewhere else to go. For those who did find a new location, they were moved to the new location while others who were unable to identify a new location were placed at the Battlefield Park for a period of 90 days during which they will once again be moved since that park will also undergo major renovations.

As for the Paslow site, Morgan says that the persons who is leasing it will fence the property and begin to collect parking fees from people who use it.

The Guardian