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Today's Belize News: March 7, 2013 #459641
03/07/13 09:09 AM
03/07/13 09:09 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Foreva Fancy Fashion hosts fanciful show
Seduction, Domination and Utopia/Perfection reigned poolside as Foreva Fancy Fashion hosted its first ever, sold-out fashion show to eager fashionistas. The temperature may have fallen on Saturday, March 2nd, but poolside at Sands Villas, the heat was on. Gorgeous models strutted in beautiful, fanciful lingerie for ‘seduction’, hitting darker notes for ‘domination’ and bringing the colors for ‘utopia’. Each outfit was chosen to shimmer and sparkle under the lights of the poolside ‘runway’. To the alternately smooth R&B and the thumping sounds of club pop, the runway was aflutter with pretty girls as they pranced in high heels, twisting and turning every which way for the appreciative audience to take in the full effect of the ensembles. Hosted by the gracious and lovely Wilema Gonzalez, the evening also showcased entertainment for the night including Cory McKay singing an original slow jam. After an exciting fire dance, there was a display of incredible body feats was performed by Sapphira Pelayo. She twisted and bent into unimaginable yoga positions, much to the awe of those in attendance. For a little bit of added fun, there was an impromptu walk-off with five brave gentlemen from the audience and Miss Pelayo herself. Shirts came off and lots of mugging happened, but in the end, visitor “Brad” took the prize, as he seemed to have the most fun pretending to be a catwalk model – and received the most applause.

Clearance initiative near Jalacte on the Belize-Guatemala borderline starts without incident
Not even the thick mud and wet, hilly terrain could deter the resolve of about 125 Belizeans who trekked their way from the Jalacte community in Toledo District to the Belize-Guatemala border near the Guatemalan community of Santa Cruz. The group, comprising of members of Belize Territorial Volunteers led by Wil Maheia and other civil groups, decided to take a historic and symbolic stand in which they kicked off their bold initiative to clear the Belize-Guatemala borderline on March 2nd. The group’s action is a result of continuous reference to the Belize-Guatemala borderline as “artificial” in comments made by Belize’s own Foreign Affair Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington in several interviews. The Belize Territorial Volunteers have maintained that the Belize-Guatemala borderline has been clearly defined in the Belizean Constitution and as such gives the Government of Belize (GOB) the power to prevent continuous incursions by Guatemalans. Evidence of the incursions is seen on a continuous basis by Belizeans living along the bordering communities. Those residents have raised concerns as it relates to people squatting on Belizean soil, Guatemalans planting inside Belizean territories and even illegal trade from one side of the border to the other. “Despite the fact of the jungle, that they claim is here, I am glad that you are here today so that you can see that we are losing forest on a daily basis.

Belize City and San Benito, Guatemala establish a Sister City Relationship
On Friday March 1st, the Belize City Council hosted Mayor Sonia Rivera of San Benito, Petén Guatemala as part of an adjoining visit made by Mayor Darrell Bradley of Belize City. Mayor Rivera, along with her councilor members and members of the Guatemalan congress travelled to Belize to sign the agreement of Sister City Relationship between the two municipalities. Mayor Bradley had visited San Benito in January of this year as part of an invitation made by Mayor Rivera to establish the relationship. “We have already been talking about various housing projects and exchanges in culture and our intention is that we should have regular exchanges with the city of San Benito. So I want to extend on behalf of the people of Belize City, our hand of friendship to Alcaldesa Sonia Rivera to the members of the Guatemalan congress, to the councilors of the council of San Benito, to the people of San Benito and to the people of Guatemala,” said Mayor Bradley. Although the current relationship between Guatemala and Belize is not at its best due to the impending debate on whether Belize should take the matter of Guatemala claiming Belizean land to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), there is still a long lasting connection between Guatemalans and Belizeans. Both mayors expressed the importance of fostering a diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Mayor Rivera lived in Belize for seventeen years, and currently has her daughter studying in a Belizean institution. Many Belizeans have family connections in Guatemala, including with elected officials. Amidst all the conflict, the formal declaration of friendship that has taken place seems to be a silver lining. Mayor Rivera stated “My brothers and sisters of Belize, we are going forward; we will find the peace one day, but remember God is first.”The purpose of signing the Sister City Relationship agreement is for the two municipalities to be able to exchange ideas, knowledge, culture and history in the hopes for a better society for the people of both cities.

Ambergris Today

Belize Territorial Volunteers demarcate Belize’s border lines
Territorial Volunteers (BTV) spearheaded by Wil Maheia of PG TV and the People’s National Party (PNP), met at Belize’s border with Guatemala, to carry out a cleanup campaign to clear vegetation on Belize’s side of the border. The group consisting of 150 volunteers began the work at Container Hill from sunrise to late afternoon. The contingent had representation from various social groups including Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA); the University of Belize; the Belize Coalition for Justice; BelizeCan, a NonPartisan, nongovernmental Organization established as a “Watchdog Group” to strengthen the Democratic principles and social justice in the Nation of Belize; Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, various media representatives, along with Belizean men, women and children. According to Maheia, the day was a successful one with approximately 20 meters being cleared along Belize’s side of the border. “The day went without a hitch. During our preliminary work, we discussed the border and pointed out exactly where it is at. As we walked along the road, we met up with Guatemalans who had with them the presence of a representative from the Organization of American States (OAS) who confirmed, after verifying his GPS coordinates that the Guatemalans were indeed on Belizean soil.” After a conversation with the Guatemalan neighbors Maheia stated, “rather than being arrested at the border as the Foreign Minister [Hon. Wilfred Elrington] had indicated, there were hugs instead.”

Foreva Fancy Boutique Holds Fashion Show
Foreva Fancy Boutique held its Exclusive Fashion Show on Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the Island Club Resort. It was a night full of fashion, dresses, shoes and great modeling. Sixteen beautiful models took hold of the runway and displayed beautiful accessories, dresses and shoes that can all be found at Foreva Fancy Boutique located in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The host for the evening was Mrs. Wilema Gonzalez and the 16 beautiful models were Shantiiee Lu, Michelle Nunez, Liliana Nunez, Dianne, Gabriela Varela, Naiely Puc, Aylin Nunez, Jordana Segura, Elma Gonzalez, Sky McCorkle, Ivy Saldivar, Brianna Hope, Gowsi, Nathalia, Gia Rodriquez, and Elaila Castillo.

Misc Belizean Sources

History of Banana Bank
In the 1800's logging was the main thrust of the economy. The only way to the interior was by boat and people spoke of the jungle in hushed tones. Banana Bank was an outpost of this forbidden land on the Belize River. The colonial system was to award certain companies huge tracts of land with logging rights in exchange for support for the crown. From February to June, the logs were cut and dragged to the company headquarters. They were sorted, branded and lashed together in large rafts, awaiting the rains that raised the river enabling them to float to the sea. Such gathering sites for the logs were called barquadiers. As well as a barquadier, Banana Bank was a headquarters for the owners of the company, Belize Estates Corporation. It was a place to come and find a good meal, exchange news and get a good night's rest. Stories were embellished by those coming from the city and others coming from deep within the jungle where the logs were found. It was a place of refuge from the hardships of the jungle and of excitement for those thirsty for a taste of adventure. A newspaper article from the Clarion in 1910 designated Banana Bank as a place of great hospitality and intrigue. The logging operation depended on the transfer of logs first of all from the bush to the river, which was usually accomplished by oxen. These same oxen when old or wounded were used to feed the workers. If there was no river then in certain parts of the country, small rail lines were built. One such rail line was built in the early 1930's going from Gallon Jug to Hill Bank, another outpost of the logging era.

Howler attacked and captured by students
On the day of March 5th 2013, a school teacher at The Belize High School of Agriculture in Orange Walk instructed a group of male students to capture a howler monkey in the nearby bushes behind the school’s plantation area. According to a student the teacher told him and the rest of the guys that the howler monkey had defecated on him while he was sleeping in the bushes. On this day the students were dismissed a little after 1o’clock due to the absence of water. The ringing bell that indicated dismissal was over passed by the uproar of students as the group of males carried the injured and bleeding monkey through the school as if they were heroes for what they had done. Some of the other teachers and I were disturbed by such a cruel and inhumane act. After speaking to several students it was known that the boys had been shooting the monkey with sling shots, beating the monkey with tree limbs and then tied the monkey’s hands and feet so that he /she couldn’t run away. My question today is WHY? Why hurt one Belize’s own animals?! This inhumane act done instructed by one of BHSA’s ignorant and asinine teacher will not be overlooked! Something must be done!

VIDEO: Diving The Belize Barrier Reef, Eagle Ray Canyon
Join Josh and Teryl as we explore Eagle Ray Canyon at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Many thanks to Josh and Teryl for helping us create awareness of reef conservation in Belize.

'13 Years of Chilillo Dam' Documentary Trailer
Daniel Velazquez has another film documentary in the works. This one is about the Chilillo Dam, and its impact on the area. The trailer looks awesome! There's an interview with the Belize Zoo's Sharon Matola, and many great shots from the area. "a 13 year reflection of habitat and wildlife, yesterday and today, stock footage from Richard and Carol Foster wildlife films, along with current HD documentation of latest environmental impact."

The BWRC Story of Saving Mia
Great story about the Howler Monkey that was hit by a car, and saved by the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic a month ago. It chronicles the story from the day of the accident to this week. Dr. Isabelle and her team at the BWRC saved Mia, and she's been rehabilitating at Wildtracks ever since. She'll be released into the wild later this year. "Mia was later taken to the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic where the medical team discovered that she had suffered severe head trauma in the accident. Dr. Isabelle and her team administered stabilization treatment, fluid therapy and intensive care for several days. On February 6th, she was placed on board a Lighhawk flight en route to Wildtracks, a manatee and primate rehabilitation center in the village of Sarteneja, run by Paul Walker, a zoologist, and his wife, Zoe, to undergo careful rehabilitation. Several weeks later, Valerie called Paul to check on Mia's progress."

La Ruta Maya Cultural Night
The La Ruta Maya Cultural Night is tonight at the Cayo Welcome Center. There will be live music from the Galen Eagles Band, a Mayan Rain Dance by Orquidea Negra, and Dr. Jaime Awe will present 'The Old Belize River,' which is all about the fascinating history of the Maya and their use of the rivers of Belize. "This Year the San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture (NICH) is proud to organize the Cultural Night in Collaboration with Bowen and Bowen. Working with the Pioneers of the Challenge has been very enlightening with the three founding pillars of the race which are the Environmental, Cultural and Historical value of the Belize River. Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Ruta Maya River Challenge with us on Thursday March 7th, 2013"

Kiddie Kinder Preschool Visits SIPL
The San Ignacio Public Library is having Cayo schools visit for Children's Month. Kiddie Kinder Preschool visited for some storytelling. Thank you, SIPL! "'Molding Today's learner's into tomorrow's leaders'. Stories and activities for CSM began today at the SIPL."

SHC's Dr. Aird Interviewed for ICDB
Dr. Eve Aird, the president of Sacred Heart College, gets interviewed by Alexandria Young for the International Children's Day of Broadcasting. Some great questions are asked of Dr. Aird. Perfect timing for Women's Month and Children's Month. "International Children's Day of Broadcasting interview: Alexandria Young and Dr. Eve Aird"

THE TOURIST BELIZE Marketing with a Global Perspective! Conference March 8th, Belize City, Bliss Institute

Channel 7

Plane that Left Belize Illegally Busted In Venezuela
On Friday's news, we broke the story of a small plane, an Aero Commander 500 which had left Belize airspace without filing a flight plan, or making the required checks with customs and immigration - which is both illegal and suspicious. As we reported at the time, it left Belize from the Spanish Lookout airstrip on the afternoon of February 21st., without filing a flight plan - which would make it impossible to land anywhere legally. What made it even more suspicious is that the plane had been outfitted with extended range fuel tanks - enabling it to fly long distances. And sure enough, illegality was afoot. Reports from newspapers in Venezuela say that the day after it left Belize, the plane made an illegal, early morning landing at an unauthorized airstrip in the Northwestern region of that country known as Acarigua. The onboard GPS showed its final destination as the Apura state, which borders with Colombia. Those onboard were Canadian David William Sawatzky and Colombian Jorge Armando Bustamante. They have been charged with illicit trafficking of narcotics and conspiracy to traffic. They were also charged with interference in the operation safety of civil aviation, diversion from and fraudulent acquisition of route, illegal piloting of aircraft and transportation of dangerous goods. They have been remanded to Los Llanos Prison.

Man Caught With Gun, Stuns Court, Pleads Guilty; Victim Still In Serious Condition
On Monday, we told you about the shooting of 28 year-old Ronald Rivers. Well, the man who police believe could have been the shooter is at prison tonight. As we reported, at 10:30 a.m., Rivers was fixing his Ford Escape at the Bel-China UNO gas station when two men reportedly rode up on bicycle and shot him in the face. Rivers slumped over the back seat, and he somehow survived the attack. He was rushed to the KHMH in a critical condition. Fortunately, police officers were on patrol at the corner of Vernon Street and Youth for the Future Drive when they heard the sound the gunshot which nearly killed Rivers. One of the officers saw a young man, identified as, 18 year-old Lloyd King, riding away, and he was attempting to shove what looked like a gun into his pants. The officers pursued him, as he went down Johnson Street. When he arrived in front of the Matron Roberts Polyclinic, he got off his bike, and tried to escape through an alley. In his haste, he tripped, and fell, and the officers were able to catch up and detain him.

Man Killed In Drain Was Hard Working, No Criminal Record
At the top of the newscast last night we told you about a late evening shooting that left a man dead in a drain on Glynn Street. His identity has been confirmed as 36 year old stevedore Frank Neal, a resident of Guererro Street in the Port Loyola Area. Today we spoke to his family who could hardly find words to explain how senseless his killing is. Jules Vasquez Reporting Yesterday, Frank Neal's family had to be carted away from the scene, fainting, overwhelmed at the image of him lying dead in the drain. His family says that the 36 year old Neal came around here regularly to buy Johnny Cakes Jamelia Neal- Niece of Deceased "Anybody who knows my uncle Frankie knows he is not a troubled man. He was just walking behind extra house to collect his pay. Upon going to collect his pay, well the person know who kill him and we will leave that to God. They will pay back in their own way, the person that shot my uncle, when they see his picture on news tonight, they will know he is no trouble or in any gang. Anybody that knows him knows he works as a stevedore. Every day he goes to buy Johnny cake from the same spot, so the person that shot him knows he goes to buy Johnny cake around there every day.

PUP Gives DOB's GOB An "F"
On Friday, we showed you PM Barrow's Budget presentation where he boasted of 5.3% economic growth last year, with a projected growth of 3% for next year, which is above the regional averages in Central America and the Caribbean. When 7News interviewed the Leader of Opposition, Francis Fonseca, he didn't have much to say about it. But, after digesting the budget for almost a week, the Opposition came back today with a press conference which lasted just over an hour. The topic of interest was none other than the performance of the UDP while in government for 5 years, with focus on the 1 year anniversary of their re-election. Their message addressed many aspects of the difficulties and shortcomings facing the country, but we start at the most-outstanding moment of the event. That's when Belize Rural Central Representative Dolores Balderamos-Garcia read their assessment of the GOB's performance. Here's how that went, along with the Leader of the Opposition's response when asked for his impression of the budget 6 days later:

For Hugo, The Thanks Of A Grateful Nation
And while the UDP's performance in Government was the main focus, the PUP did take a moment to offer condolences to the Country of Venezuela and its people for the loss its President, Hugo Chavez. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca remarked that Venezuela has been a great friend to Belize under Chavez's tenure as president: Hon. Francis Fonseca - Leader of Opposition "Our party has put out a brief release earlier today, sent out to the media which outlines our obvious -and great respect to the life of the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. As you said, he was and up to the time of his death, remains a good friend to the people of Belize. We certainly in the People's United Party mourn his lost and we are in great sympathy with the good people of Venezuela at this time of lost and mourning." Government issued its own statement today saying quote, "President Chavez was a true friend of Belize and over many years, the Belizean people enjoyed the fruits of friendship and cooperation that the Government and people of the Bolivarian Republic" The statement adds that Acting Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega has contacted acting President Nicolas Maduro to convey the condolences of the Government and People of Belize.

Where "God" Becomes "Gaawd"
Months ago, we told you about the effort to produce the audiobook version of the New Testament bible in Kriol. It took hours upon hours of work to record and compile the voices of dozens of Belizeans speaking in kriol. They were reading from the written version of the text, which also took years to translate. But finally, as they say in the good book: it is accomplished. The book and audiobook were launched today at the first press conference we've attended in a church. Jules Vasquez reports: Jules Vasquez Reporting Myrna Manzanres - National Kriol Council "From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, welcome to this historic launching of the Bible in Kriol, our Bible, all of us who speak Kriol." And in the church built by slaves two centuries ago, the kriol language came home in grand style, in the written and spoken word, Belize's own Kriol Bible:

Entire Meighan Family To Jail; They Say Police Set them Up; Police Provide Video
The Meighan Family on Banak Street: they've been in the news countless times - for all those times when their home was shot up and for those many times when police arrest the Meighan Brothers. Indeed, they are targeted - it seems almost non-stop - by law enforcement and the outlaws. And tonight, the entire family, mother, sons and daughter are in jail, remanded after the GSU claims to have found two rounds of live 9mm ammunition in their home. We say - "claims to have found" - because the Meighan family says those bullets were planted. They told us that the GSU conducted a search on their house just yesterday and found nothing. And then, they returned early this morning just after 4am and came up with the two bullets inside a barrel in one of the bedrooms. But the GSU claims differently. First off, they flatly deny searching the house yesterday - but concede that some other police unit may have searched it. Nonetheless, the GSU did their own search this morning acting on their own information, which is when they made the find.

BTB Says It Will Assist The Artisans
Yesterday, we showed you the discontent at the BTB's Fort George Craft Market in which the artisans complained about enforcement of rules, which confined them to the market while other artisans were allegedly given preferential treatment to approach the tourists at the gate of the Tourism Village. They also added that since they've been forced to operate from the market, business has been slow, as compared to when they were allowed to sell their goods on the street corner. In all of the frustration venting, the artisans lashed out at the BTB for forcing them to operate only from that specific area. Well, BTB heard their comments, and today, they spoke to us to set the record straight that they have no control over enforcement of those stray artisans who are breaking the rules. In addition, the Director of BTB also explained that they are cognizant of the issue that proximity to the Tourism Village determines whether or not the artisans make any sales for the day. She outlined in detail why allowing artisans operate without regulation hurts the country's tourism profile, and what measures are being taken to assist them in the long term.

Shot At Cops, But Walks Out Of Court Free
Viewers may remember 20 year-old Stephen Anderson. He allegedly robbed a businessman, and shot at responding police, but tonight he is free after walking out of Magistrate's Court this morning. As we reported, police said that at around 7 p.m. on April 2, 2012 he robbed a businessman at gunpoint of his red motorcycle. Police officers were on patrol, and they activated to intercept Anderson on Evergreen Street. That's when he allegedly pulled out a gun and fired 2 shots at the police mobile, hitting the front bumper and radiator. He was then apprehended on Hondo Street, where the officers allegedly recovered a .38 pistol from him, which contained 2 expended shells, and a live round. He was then charged with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, robbery, keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. Since then, he has been brought back and forth from prison to Magistrate's Court, and today his matter was called up once again before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith.

City Hall Stays On Message
On Friday, the Belize City Council will also be celebrating its first anniversary in office, and they've planned out an entire week of activities to commemorate it - one of which we told you about yesterday as they fed the elderly. Today, the council hosted an open day fair in the NICH Parking lot in which all of the different departments put on a presentation of their roles and functions. Now that might sound about as interesting as watching grass grow, but the Mayor explained why it should matter to the public. Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "This is the marking of our 1 year anniversary in office, and actually the fair is something routinely done. We invested a little bit more, we asked the staff to go a little bit more since it marks the 1 year anniversary of us being in office. What we've done is every department of the City Council is represented out here, and they're showcasing to the general public what the city council does. We would have information about the court; we have information about trade licenses, liquor licenses, works, and sanitations. We have information from the office of the Mayor; we have about our prospectors and our bond information. Any question that anyone has about anything that goes on at the City Council, they could come here, and there will be person from the City Council who will be able to give a quick response. We've also invited a lot of schools and so you will see during the fair a lot of young people are coming out, because we want, especially our younger person to have that awareness as it relates to what role and functions the City Council performs within the city."

Boom Gets A New Police Station
There is some good news for the villagers of Burrell Boom. The village Police Substation is under serious renovation after being neglected for years. It's long overdue, but the officer in charge says better late than never: ASP Chris Noble - Regional Executive Officer "It is not major improvement; it is working on what we already had and improving on a level where it will be accepted by the community and the police. It will be more conducive. We're trying to make it so that you can walk in, you can talk, and communicate. The area had some challenges, but when I came on board in late December we looked at La Ruta Maya. This is one of the central areas where that event stops. We're looking at getting it up and running before that; because we want the people to know that we will be here. We will be doing our jobs and we will be in the area defiantly trying to do better police work.

National Team Football Coach Gone, Again!
Tonight, 7News has confirmed that the National Team Coach, Leroy Sherrier, who was trying to mend fences with the football community in Belize, has decided to leave once again. The last time he spoke to us, he had announced that he was in the very final stages of negotiating - and signing - a contract with the Football Federation of Belize where he would have been given security of tenure. Well, it seems that he could not come to an agreement with the National Team Committee, the body which exists separate from the FFB, and which governs the matters of the national team. Reliable information to our newsroom is that while in negotiation with the Committee, Sherrier could not accept any contract drafts they presented because they allegedly put him at a disadvantage.

Channel 5

Drug plane left Cayo and busted in Venezuela
There have been many recent, but unconfirmed reports of low flying planes over Orange Walk and the Southern Highway on the outskirts of Punta Gorda. While only a trail of smoke have been spotted across the skies, a recent bust of a drug plane in South America had a direct trail to western Belize. The [...]

Football’s off and on and now off again coach
And the plane was not the only export that left Belize without a plan. Costa Rican Coach, Leroy Sherrier Lewis, in an abrupt decision, walked off his job this morning when he boarded a flight back to his home country.  The Gold Cup to be played in numerous U.S. cities is a few months away, [...]

Why was Frankie killed?
Just before the start of our newscast on Tuesday, a stevedore was gunned down as he was taking his daily ride to buy Johnny cakes in the area behind Extra House. Thirty-six year old Frank Neal was killed by a man who rode up on bicycle and fired the fatal shots. It happened at the [...]

Country mourns President Chavez, friend of Belize
Around the world today, the news has been about the death of President of Venezuela, fifty-eight year old Hugo Chavez. In Venezuela, multitudes took to the streets to honor the late president as his coffin draped in Venezuela’s blue, red and yellow flag, was moved through Caracas, from the hospital where he died to the [...]

Venezuela programs are Chavez’s living legacy
Tribute has been flowing from many countries including Belize to honor the late president. The opposition issued a statement today and since Prime Minister Dean Barrow is out of the country, Acting Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega has communicated with acting President Nicholas Maduro to convey the condolences from Belize. Vega referred to Chavez as a [...]

Opposition says government gets an F on report card
March seventh marks one year since general elections returned the incumbent United Democratic Party to office. Today the Opposition, People’s United Party, help a press conference at party headquarters Independence Hall to offer a report card on the government and very pointedly, on the performance of Prime Minister Dean Barrow for the period 2008 – [...]

Opposition says P.U.P. report card shows mass improvement
And since today seemed to be report card day, at least on the political front, we asked Francis Fonseca to grade his own party in Opposition. He based his report against the backdrop of the devastating loss suffered by the P.U.P. in 2008 and says that while the internal organization continues, the party is doing [...]

Working on it—P.U.P. still not decided on Belize/Guatemala going to ICJ
The Referendum Unit on the Belize–Guatemala dispute working out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs kicked off its awareness campaign in January. While that campaign’s stated purpose is to provide Belizeans with the pros, cons and risks associated of taking the territorial claim to the ICJ, the Government has officially stated that it is in [...]

Mom says she didn’t give up ‘baby in bucket’ for adoption
On Tuesday night’s news, we featured a KBTV Fox Four report on a true life story of a ten week old baby found abandoned in a bucket in a village in Belize by a Beaumont couple. The report said that the child was not only an orphan, but also suffered from club foot. The couple [...]

‘Hohlih Mohziz’ New Testament of the Bible in Creole
Religious and cultural history was made today with the launching of the New Testament of the Bible in Creole. The formal presentation took place during an inspirational mass at a fitting venue, the two hundred year old St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in Belize City. The finished products, a written version and a spoken version on [...]

Minister Farrakhan preaches education to UB students
While the New Testament was being launched in Creole, there was another positive event in Belmopan. The Leader of the Nation of Islam and devout Muslim, Minister Louis Farrakhan, continued at a steady pace on his visit to Belize. Farrakhan has tailored his message to suit the various interest groups; he met activists and grassroots [...]

Entire Meighan family behind bars
  The entire Meighan family is tonight behind bars after a mother, daughter and her two sons were remanded on a charge of keeping unlicensed ammunition. They now join another son, Tyrone Meighan, who is currently on remand for a charge of murder. Early today, the GSU conducted a surprise raid on the family home [...]

18 year old charged with Attempted Murder and Harm
This morning when eighteen year old Lloyd Alexander King appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, he was charged for Keeping an Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition. And if that wasn’t enough, this afternoon the teenager appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer where he was additionally charged with Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm [...]

A tribute to heroes of Belize
There are many heroes who have made an impact in Belize’s history, but whose name may not necessarily resonate among Belizeans. With this in mind, the contributions to the jewel by men such as Isaiah Morter and Sidney Turton came to the fore this morning.  NICH today launched an exhibition to pay them homage just [...]


Belize Extends Condolences On The Passing of Venezuelan President
The Government of Belize has extended condolences on the passing of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Government says President Chavez was a true friend of Belize and over many years, the Belizean people enjoyed the fruits of friendship and cooperation that the Government and peo...

Minister Louis Farrakhan Addresses Students During His Visit to Belize
Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his official visit to Belize by addressing students in the Belmopan area. The event was held at the University of Belize’s auditorium in Belmopan. Minister Farrakhan spoke on the topic, the role of the student in a developing Belize. M...

Main Opposition Party Grades Government's Performance
Thursday, March 7th will mark one year since the United Democratic Party regained power at the polls. But while the ruling party is no doubt celebrating its achievements, the Opposition People’s United Party is pointing to the government’s failures in that one year re...

Belize Counts Down For The La Ruta Maya River Challenge
The La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge has evolved into an international event, attracting tourists not only to cheer on and observe, but also to compete. Since its inception in 1998 with 30 teams registered to participate, the race peaked in 2007 with a total 130 canoes partici...

Leaders of Salvation Army In The Caribbean Scheduled To Visit Belize
The leaders of the Salvation Army in the Caribbean will be coming to Belize for an official working visit next week. Colonel Onal and Edmane Castor are due to arrive in Belize on Wednesday of next week and will be conducting a series of activities including a review of the work o...

The New Testament of the Bible Launched In The Creole Language
The historic St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in Belize City was the venue this morning for the launch of the New Testament of the Bible in Creole. Various dignitaries including the Governor General, members of the clergy and different denominations were present for the event....

Man Killed While Buying Journey Cakes
A man was shot and killed late yesterday evening in Belize City, reporter Marion Ali has the story. MARION ALI “It was near the corner of Glynn and Cairo Streets that someone riding on a bicycle, edged up behind 36-year-ol, Frank Neal and shot him in the back of the head....

Charge of Attempted Murder Dismissed Following Unavailable Case File
Twenty year old Stephen Anderson, who was charged with attempted murder and other charges for allegedly shooting at a police vehicle, was freed of all the charges when they were dismissed today by the chief Magistrate, Anne Marie smith, for want of prosecution. Apparently the case file...

Burglary Charge Levied On High School Student
Nineteen year old Justin Cuellar, a high school student of Lizarraga Avenue, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods for over $5,000.00 worth of assorted jewelry when he appeared in court today. Cuellar pled not guilty to the charges. He was released on a bail of $1,000.00 ...

Teenager Sentenced To Five Years On Ammunition Charges
Eighteen year old Lloyd King, an unemployed of 5 Mayflower Street charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license, was sentenced to five years for each count today after he pled guilty to the charges. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, who imposed the sentences, stipulat...

Mother and Her Three Children Remanded on Ammunition Charge
A 38 year old mother, her two sons and her daughter were imprisoned today after they appeared in Court and were charged with kept ammunition without a gun license. The mother is Sheldon Meighan. One of her son is Ellis Meighan Jr and the other is a 17 year old minor. Her daughter is 21...

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Spread The Word To End The Word. The Word "Retard" That Is
Saint Peter’s Anglican School is the only school in the Orange Walk District that caters for children with special needs. Unfortunately, children with disabilities experience many challenges, some of which could be avoided if the proper education is set in place. And we are not talking about the education offered to children with special needs; we are referring to society’s lack of information when it comes to disabled children. Often at times children suffering some sort of disability are looked at in a negative manner and to make matters worse are even referred to as Retards, a word that Saint Peters Anglican School seeks to ban from your vocabulary. Hipolito Novelo reports. Children with Special Needs are indeed special but often at times their disability has become cause for bullying. The reality is that behind closed doors children with disabilities are called all sorts of names including retards. With this in mind, Special Education Teacher at Saint Peter’s Anglican School Diany Medina says, it’s time to “Spread the word to Stop the Word”, the word retard that is. Today the school opened its gates and welcomed several students and other community members to sign the school’s banner that seeks to have the “R” word banned.

Meet the Recipients Of the LICU SSEDDAT Two Program
As mentioned, 15 MSC’s are being assisted under the micro grants awarded by the LICU SSEDDAT Two Program valued at six hundred and seventy seven thousand thirty four dollars and eighty five cents. The aim of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Grant, which is valued at BZ$195,000.00, is to provide and create more diversified sources of income thus enhancing living conditions in the rural communities of the north. Yesterday we spoke to a few of the recipients who told us how they will be investing their funding. Osmany Salas, President BTIA Orange Walk Chapter “The main purpose of the grant, for a 9 months period, is for us to put out a quarterly tourism publication. Our sister chapters from other parts of the country like Toledo chapter has the Toledo Howler, the Placencia Chapter has the Placencia Breeze and so we will come up without own for the Northern Region. So we will be working close with the Corozal Chapter but the main purpose of that is to have a venue through which we can promote not only tourism but agriculture based projects and activities in the northern region. Also to promote the other recipients who got help from the LICU SSEDDAT Project. So the whole idea is to promote the northern region, Corozal and Orange Walk Districts, with the goal that more people will know about us and we would get more visitors. After this grant from LICU SSEDDAT is exhausted, we will continue the publication on a quarterly basis.”

PUP Says UDP Government Failed Miserably
Today the People’s United Party held a press conference at its Headquarters on Queen Street Belize City where they graded the performance of the Barrow Administration after a year of re-election. And from the P.U.P’s perspective, the United Democratic Party has failed the Belizean people miserably. Francis Fonseca, Party Leader PUP “After 5 years of UDP Government is rooted in one that Dean Barrow. His petty decisive vindictive arrogance has cast a long dark shadow of fear and intimidation and hopelessness across our country. Mr. Barrow’s greatest skill is confrontation and destruction. He is a stranger to nation building dialogue and humility. Look no further than Mr. Barrow to understand the social and economic crisis that we are in. But there is hope brother and sisters. The People’s United Party is committed to serving Belize, to leading Belize out of this dark and gloomy chapter in our history.”

PUP Mourns The Lost Of Hugo Chavez
Venezuela has announced seven days of mourning after the death of “El Comandante”, 58 year old Hugo Chavez. Chavez’s body is expected to be transferred from the military hospital to the military academy, where he trained and where people will be able to pay their respects just before he is buried on Friday during a state funeral. In Venezuela, the constitution requires new elections to be held within 30 days, although there has been no announcement so far. Chavez has been described as a great ally to Belize and that is because under his rule Venezuela and Belize established a relationship in which Belize benefited from. Today the People’s United Party send out a press release in which Rt. Honorable Said Musa is quoted as saying that Chavez was always ready and willing to provide developmental assistance to Belize; in housing for the poor, in quality and affordable healthcare and in improvements of sport facilities for our young people. The former Prime Minister also stated that the Petro-Caribe initiative, which shares the oil wealth of Venezuela with its neighbors, stands as a testament to the great spirit of generosity and solidarity of Hugo Chavez to many struggling countries of the Caribbean and the Americas including Belize.

Plane Leaves Belize And Is Busted In Venezuela
Belize is tonight making international headlines but it’s the kind that gives the country a black eye. International reports suggest that 51 year old Canadian citizen William David Sawatzky and 31 year old Colombian National Jorge Bustamante were charged with crimes of smuggling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the mode of transport and conspiracy, incurring interference in the safety of civil aviation, and fraudulently obtaining diversion route, and the illegal driving of dangerous goods and transport. The men were charged after they allegedly transported drugs in an aircraft that landed on February 22nd at the General Oswaldo Guevara Mujica Airport, located in Acarigua, Portugal. So what does this have to do with Belize? Well, according to the investigation, on the morning of February 21st 2013 officials of the National Guard visualized an aircraft flying over the airspace of Acarigua and as they moved to the airport, they watched as the plane landed. Military troops found on board the aircraft the two foreigners, who said they took off from a private airport in Belize. Later, officers of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations performed drug screening expertise in the aircraft, which was positive to cocaine. Immediately the two men were arrested. It is worth noting that within the aircraft four cans of gasoline, a hand pump, a hose and an additional tank for fuel was found. Here in Belize it was reported that the Aero Commander 500 reportedly left Belizean airspace from a licensed airfield in Western Belize on the afternoon of February 21st without a flight plan.

PUP: Barrow's Budget Doesn't Solve Anything
The Government of Belize presented the countries 2013/2014 fiscal budget titled “Achieving debt sustainability, Stimulating economic expansion”, during a special sitting of the House of Representative on March 1st. During his presentation, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, boasted that there would be no new taxes and no cuts. Barrow’s speech lasted more than an hour but it had no effect on the Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca, who has stated that he is not impressed by the budget. Today the People’s United Party held a press conference in Belize City where the Party Leader elaborated on the budget adding that even though the financial plan provides for no new taxes or cuts, it lacks solution to the problems currently faced by Belizeans. Francis Fonseca, Party Leader PUP “We will be holding consultations as we did for the last several years as a party, hold consultation with the private sector, with the unions, church community, and young people. We are meeting with the student government leaders of the University of Belize and Galen University because we believe that it is important. So we are making sure that we are consulting so that when the debate comes on March 21st and 22nd we will be able to speak from an inform position having discussed the budget with these various stakeholders. There is no plan in the budget to deal with growing the economy in a very serious way. There is no plan in the budget to tackle the very serious problem that we are having in the health sector. There is no plan in the budget to deal with crime and that is reflected at every step of the budget. "The budget really is a lot of empty rhetoric, and it's a budget that reflects very clearly that we have our Prime minister that lives in one world. We have a UDP Government and Mr. Barrow living in Barrow land. They're living in their own world and out here on the real streets, in the village communities and in our homes. People have a very different reality."

Do You Have A Name For Pat The Cat's Cub?
If you are a standard five student then we advise that you pay keen attention to the following report. The Embassy of the United States of America has launched a nationwide competition for standard five students to come up with a name for Pat the great Cat’s cub. Years ago Pat the male jaguar was captured in Belize after becoming a cattle killing problem jaguar. He was then entered into the Belize Zoo Problem Jaguar Rehabilitation Program. Pat the cat was then transported to the Milwaukee County Zoo after officials of the zoo visited Belize. Soon Pat the cat became a big star as graphics were developed, telling thousands of visitors at the Milwaukee Zoo about Belize. Today news coming out of the Milwaukee Zoo is that Pat the famous real jaguar featured in Pat the (Great) Cat: A Jaguar's Journey has become a father.

LIS Celebrates Cultural Day
Today the celebrations for Child Stimulation month continued at La Inmaculada School as preschoolers paid tribute to the rich cultural diversity in Belize. From the Mestizo to the Creole these young minds, accompanied by their parents or guardians, learnt about the food, religion and music of each culture with the aim of keeping it alive. Lenny Umana: Administrator Infant Division “We are trying to instill in students the different cultures that our country have and we also involve the parents. We tried to reach out to the community in instilling what is culture in our young children. Today we have the Mestizo, Hindu, Chinese, Garifuna and the Creoles. Well you know it is an identity and our country is identified by its rich culture and I think our children need to have this culture instill in them so that we don’t lose what is our tradition and heritage. So it is very important that our children be instilled with the culture.” With all the information provided learning proved to be fun and according to Lenny Umana, Administrator for the Infant Division preschoolers can now distinguish the various cultures found in Belize.

Yes Or NO To The ICJ? PUP Has Not Decided
Whether or not to take Guatemala’s Claim to the International Court of Justice has received mixed reviews from Belizean’s across the country. So far pressure group, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, have voiced out that they do not believe that the matter should be taken to the ICJ. On the other hand, the United Party Government, voted at their party convention in Corozal to have the situation resolved at the ICJ. Just recently, over 150 Belizeans, lead by President of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, Wil Maheia, travelled to the South West border between Belize and Guatemala to publicize that Belize does have a border and that the long standing despite should not be taken to the ICJ. The People’s United Party is yet to take a stand on the national issue. In today’s press conference, Party Leader, Honorable Francis Fonseca, revealed that discussion papers on the issue have circulated in the party’s caucuses in order to fully educate their members about the cons and pros of taking the matter to the ICJ.


Kriol Bible launched at Historic St. John’s Cathedral
Belize Kriol is the national lingua franca, a requirement to get around and get along in the Jewel. But while few give thought to speaking it, not that many know how to read it. Today, a special tool was launched that its creators hope will change that. It is...

Frank Neal shot while riding his bicycle on Belize City
A late evening murder in Belize City yesterday has left another family devastated. Around 5:50 Tuesday evening, 36-year-old Frank Neal, a stevedore of Guerrero Street, Belize City, was shot while riding his bicycle on Glynn Street. Police report that a man they believe to be of dark complexion rode...

Man awaiting trial for murder now faces charges of escape
A man awaiting trial for murder reportedly escaped from police custody, but was caught the following day. In Orange Walk on Monday, 19 year old Trinidad Pineda was being escorted to prison and when the vehicle reached a speed bump at the Tower Hill Junction, he jumped out of...

Farrakhan speaks to University of Belize student Body
Minister of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan continues his six-day visit to Belize and on Tuesday he sat down with community activists at the UWI Open Campus in Belize City to talk about their role in “participatory democracy.” Farrakhan spoke of the role of activists in society today:...

Belize City Council holds an Open Day
The Belize City Council continued its week of activities with an Open Day today at the NICH Parking Lot. The various departments of the Council from Finance to Sanitation to Works were on display for school children who came to learn more about how the Council works. Activities continue...

PUP addresses the nation on important national issues
The People’s United Party this afternoon called a press conference at the Independence Hall headquarters on Queen Street to address the nation on important national issues. This week marks one year since the double elections of March 7, 2012 in which the UDP held on to 17 seats to...

Belizean plane caught in Venezuela with unprocessed cocaine
Two men who allegedly flew a plane from Belize carrying cocaine appeared at an initial court hearing in Portuguesa State, Venezuela. 51 year-old Canadian William David Sawatzky and 31 year old Colombian Jorge Armando Bustamante ware detained when the plane landed on February 22nd at General Oswaldo Guevara Mujica...

Hammon Lemmott awarded by Do The Right Thing Program
A student from the Belmopan Baptist High School was rewarded today for doing the right thing. Every year, schools from around the country recommend students for the Do The Right Thing Program, organized by the Police Department. And this morning, the Department awarded Hammon Lemmott, from the Belmopan area,...

Alleged George Street gang member remanded on firearn charges
An alleged George Street gang member is in prison on firearm and ammunition charges. On Monday, the Gang Suppression Unit conducted a search at the residence of 21 year old Keron Pinto, who is said to be affiliated with the George Street gang. GSU found a chrome forty caliber...

Dangriga resident Darwin Duran charged with drug trafficking
A suspected drug dealer has been charged with drug trafficking. 27 year old Dangriga resident Darwin Duran was charged with the offense after GSU discovered 98 grams of cannabis hidden in a black plastic bag at his residence. The bust was made last week Friday, after GSU searched an...

New well drilling at Blue Creek is expected to produce positive results
Despite shares dropping last week, and disappointing oil drilling results so far, executives at New World Oil and Gas say they are confident, that the new well drilling at Blue Creek in North-West Belize will produce positive results. New World Oil and Gas has commenced drilling at the Rio...

Hand gun discovered in Salvapan Area of Belmopan
Police discovered a hand gun at an empty lot in Belmopan. The discovery was made yesterday on Costa Rica Street Extension, in the Salvapan Area. The .38 revolver was found wrapped in a paper bag. Since no one was found in the area at the time, the firearm was...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Village Council Elections – Running Councillors
The time for the Caye Caulker Village council elections is getting closer and we’re starting to see different slates for candidacy. We see a mixture of all ages in the running for chairperson and councilors. More people are stepping forward and its good to see that we even have independent candidates for councilors. Here are a few young ladies that believe that they can make a difference in their community by being in the council. That is exactly what Caye Caulker needs, vibrant and dedicated people willing to work for the betterment of the community.


Where to buy a Cell phone in San Pedro – a blog reader review
Hope this finds all well with you ! I just wanted to update you on the final chapter of my lost phone saga ! As you know, just over a week ago I lost my phone, ugh ! Not a fun thing to do on an island where replacing a phone can be as painful as a root canal ! However, I’ve found the most interesting & helpful place in town. Everybody said go to Cellular World, ok, so I did. Wow, I left there without a phone and absolutley no interest in going back in there, I would rather be without a phone. A few days go by & I’m thinking maybe I do need a phone, someone suggested BTL, since I have a plan with them, no luck there, they suggested SMART, but not sure they had anything but prepaids. Worth a try…….they only have prepaids, but their employee said to try ‘Island Movies’ on Front St. & gave me directions. My friend was with me & when we left SMART, I said to her….’why of course, why didn’t I think of that ? Everyone shops for phones @ the movie store” None the less, we found Island Movies & what an experience. Terry (owner) is an absolute peach!! She was so helpful, I’m not a phone wizard & need all the help I can get when choosing a phone, she answered all my questions, showed different features and even installed my SIM card (which I probably could have done, but why take that chance . She has a nice selection of phones, both SIM card phones and prepaids, reasonable prices, accessories, etc. Her phones are even charged up so that one can see how they function BEFORE you buy, unlike somewhere else I tried to get a phone. Long story short………… I now have a phone again & an experience that ended well, which sometimes is not the case…….

Fox News Says Chaa Creek is Best Value for Spring
A new Fox News article highlighting Belize as one of the world’s best values for a spring break vacation featured Chaa Creek even before the Belizean eco resort announced significant spring discounts, marketing manager Larry Waight said today. “We think travellers will be very happy to hear that Chaa Creek was identified by Fox News as one of the world’s very best spring break value destinations, and they’ll be even happier to know that we’re offering 15% discounts off of all accommodation from April 7 to May 31 this year,” Mr Waight said. “What Fox news considered to be a great deal just got even better,” he added. A Fox News feature, “Best spring break value travel destinations: Belize,” by Nadine Jolie published 3 March 2013 said, “Belize is rich in history and beauty, with Mayan temples, lush rainforests, uncrowded beaches and ample adventure activities perfect for spring breakers like zip lining and jungle river canoeing. With affordably-priced all-inclusive deals that will allow you to tap into your inner adventurer without breaking the bank, it also features the world’s second largest barrier reef…”

5 Amazing Blue Hole Photos
The Great Blue Hole shown is one of the top attractions in Belize and is a mecca for those wanting to dive among its giant stalactites and stalagmites, which were formed during the last Ice Age. Below are five amazing blue hole photos.

Hugo Chavez, Dead At 58 - What's Next For Venezuela?
President Hugo Chavez, the fiery leader who declared a socialist revolution in Venezuela, crusaded against U.S. influence and championed a leftist revival across Latin America, died Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at age 58 after a nearly two-year bout with cancer. Vice President Nicolas Maduro, announced the death during a national television broadcast. He said Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. local time. During more than 14 years in office, Chavez routinely challenged the status quo at home and internationally. He polarized Venezuelans with his confrontational and domineering style, yet was also a masterful communicator and strategist who tapped into Venezuelan nationalism to win broad support, particularly among the poor.

Baubles, Bangles & Beads
First of all to those of you who looked for but could not find an edition of the blog for Wednesday 6 March apologies. I did not publish one. Too busy orientating myself in Dallas and, in all honesty, a lack of available time allied to the fact that I felt bloody tired. We spent a fair bit of Tuesday going to a local (well fairly local but US$ 40 taxi ride – might have been done on that one though) Walmart to buy a Tom Tom (without a GPS I would have no chance of finding anything/getting anywhere). That done we headed straight to the car rental place (by taxi again but this time a more reasonable US$ 11- could see the meter this time) to pick up a vehicle. A bit different to the golf cart. It’s got doors. And a windscreen! With wheels and the Tom Tom we were ready to hit the stores and the Home Depot store in Irving was our first stop where we spent a couple of hours looking at fans, faucets, shower heads and kitchen cabinet furniture. Envious? I suspect not. Feeling pleased with our first day we decided to head for an early meal and both of us had steak. Those of you reading this on Ambergris Caye will know just how difficult (impossible is probably a more accurate description) it is to get a decent steak. Never used to eat steak much when I lived in England but now when I leave Ambergris Caye it’s the first meal I go for. Classic case of what you can’t have I suppose.

How to deal with Stress
Just thought I would share- Stress may be inevitable. But how you deal with it is largely up to you. Here are some tools to help you manage the stress in your life. It seems like everyone is stressed out these days – from your co-workers, to your friends, to the person standing next to you in line. Stress, by itself, isn’t necessarily bad. Low or even moderate amounts of stress can be good for us, provided we manage it in healthy ways. But poorly managed stress can take a toll. Heart disease, fatigue, and obesity are just a few of the potential consequences. If stress is bothering you, consider the following 10 ways to regain control:

International Sources

United States and Belize Work Jointly to Protect the Cultural Heritage of Belize
The Department of State is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and the Government of Belize regarding protection of Belize’s cultural heritage, effective February 27, 2013 for a period of five years. This MOU demonstrates a commitment by both governments to staunch the pillage and illicit trafficking of Belize’s archaeological heritage of African, indigenous Maya, Spanish, and British influences. The Government of Belize requested this agreement under Article 9 of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property. The Convention offers a framework of cooperation among State Parties to reduce the further pillage of intact archaeological sites and ethnological objects.

UDP changed the referendum law in 2008
There is much hand wringing in Guatemala over the apparent failure to inform the President that the UDP changed the referendum law in 2008 to make it next to impossible to obtain a decision not wanted by the government. The Belize Commission has been disbanded and the ambassador here put on the carpet. Now a dissident letter has surfaced accusing the current Vice Foreign Minister of being very well aware of the dirty trick the UDP pulled and not telling his boss of the president about it before they signed up to the compromise.

New World Oil and Gas commences drilling of Rio Bravo well in Northwest Belize
New World Oil and Gas said that it has commenced drilling on Rio Bravo #1 well at the Blue Creek Project in Northwest Belize. The well is targeting the West Gallon Jug Crest prospect, which is expected to contain P50 un-risked prospective resource of 113 million barrels of oil (MMbo) with a Net Present Value of $2.6bn, according to an estimate by RPS Energy. The company will use ThermaSource International's rig #104 to drill the well to a total depth of 8,800ft and to target the Upper Jurassic Margaret Creek Formation. Upon reaching the total depth, the company is expected to release the drilling results by 1 May 2013. According to the drilling results of B Crest prospect, an active hydrocarbon system has been found to be present at the Blue Creek and West Gallon Jug acreage, particularly at the Blue Creek #2 and #2A ST wells. The West Gallon Jug Crest prospect is situated about 35km SSW from the B Crest Prospect, which is a four way structural closure. New World Oil and Gas CEO William Kelleher said the first two wells in NW Belize have confirmed the presence of several main elements, which will support to prepare a working hydrocarbon system such as source, migration and seal.

Anonymous Donor Offers $100k for Belizean Orphans, Dani Johnson Calls for Support
As a long time partner of the King’s Ransom Foundation, Dani Johnson has used her various public platforms as a radio host, best-selling author and speaker to advocate support for the Foundation’s work with Belizean orphans. And recently, when an anonymous donor offered a $100k dollar-for-dollar match to help finish the King’s Children’s Home in Belize, Dani took up the cause with her iconic passion and conviction: “The quality of life in Belize is no where near the life we have here in the US. Education is a given here. It's not a given in Belize. Education determines whether or not these kids stay in poverty, or get out of the bad cycle of selling drugs or selling their bodies just to eat. And that's what King’s Ransom does for these kids in Belize. They not only provide a home, they provide critical education!” Leonie Gillham, founder of The King’s Children’s Home in Belize, has, for 25 years, brought children in from the street and has personally raised and educated over 650 kids, saving them from depredations of poverty and abandonment. In the last five months Leonie has seen the orphanage expanded from 42 children to 90, with those 90 living with only two bathrooms (one for girls, one for boys) and often sharing beds. The King’s Children’s Home has been working to raise money and build a sorely needed new orphanage. This new facility will allow for more than 100 children to live comfortably, with additional room to help other children in need.

United States and Belize work jointly to protect cultural heritage of Belize
The US Department of State has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the United States and the government of Belize regarding protection of Belize’s cultural heritage, effective February 27, 2013 for a period of five years. This MOU demonstrates a commitment by both governments to staunch the pillage and illicit trafficking of Belize’s archaeological heritage of African, indigenous Maya, Spanish, and British influences. The government of Belize requested this agreement under Article 9 of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property. The convention offers a framework of cooperation among state parties to reduce the further pillage of intact archaeological sites and ethnological objects.

Dr. Marvin Minsky — Immortal minds are a matter of time
Dr. Marvin Minsky — A.I. Pioneer & Mind Theorist. Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT, Media Lab Widely recognized as one o...

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