This Friday is being set aside as International Women’s Day. The theme calls for the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls. All over the globe, there is an urgent call to end discrimination and for strong laws to stop violent behavior against females.  To celebrate the occasion, an exhibition opens this Friday at the Belisle Art Gallery. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has a preview of the message from the women of Belize.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

An art exhibition is being launched at the Belisle Art Gallery to chronicle and celebrate various forms of expression during international women’s month.

Winsome Winsome’s pieces are social commentary on violence.

Winsome Winsome, Artist

“The show is about celebrating women artists. We are deficient artist and the performance artists are doing something later on in the week; so this is for visual artists.”

Winsome Winsome

Jose Sanchez

“You have two pieces in this exhibit Winsome Winsome. What are they and can you explain them?”

Winsome Winsome

“The first piece as you come inside is about guns. The piece is actually made from little guns. I see kids playing with guns and you give them guns as children and then they turn it and use it and get better guns and bigger guns and real guns when they get older. So I took some of the guns to do a piece with it to let’s support love; let’s teach all these kids about love not about war. Guns actually bring out the hate and anger in people, while if you teach them about love and they have a problem, instead of getting their guns and shooting somebody down, they would say let’s talk about it. We’re brothers and sister so we need to work together and stop the killing.”

Jose Sanchez

“Your other piece is as equally important.”

Winsome Winsome

“It is. I took one month; when I decided to do the piece, I took one month of all the deaths that were announced in the paper, cut them out and created the piece with skeletons and put it together. It is about; we need to stop the violence. Violence, I don’t like violence and I don’t think anybody does. Love would much serve a better purpose in this world and we could look after each other better. If I think of myself as you, then I can’t shoot you because I would be killing myself cause we are brothers.”

There are quilts paintings, collages, and mixed media, all showcasing the subtle, the sublime and occasionally a harsh subtext.

Art as a social form of communication documents the events of that time period. The exhibit portrays the handiwork of numerous Belizean women. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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