Screen_shot_2013-03-07_at_7.48.44_PMEarlier this week we told you about the joint effort of the Rotary Club of Canada, the Orange Walk Rotary Club and the Orange Walk Town Council, to erect a heavy duty play ground in the Louisiana Area. Well, all the plans and hard work paid off because today the park was officially inaugurated and officially open for the children to play on.  CTV3 News was present for the ceremony and here is how it went.

Kevin Bernard Mayor

“I want to officially inaugurate the new Nature Park Play Ground with your blessing and with all with us great pride.”

Libby Weir, Rotary Club Canada

“This project meets the four way test. It is beneficial and it fosters good will and better friendships.”

Kevin Bernard, Mayor

“What you see before you today is only a symbol of something which is very deep and meaningful- a sign of friendship, cooperation, of community participation, commitment and unity.”

Neighborhood Child

“It is good. I like the colors and the slide. I would play on the “loop d loop” slide. I will come here sometimes and I am happy.”

Neighborhood Child

“It is wonderful and I think I might come play here every day. I like the slide the most. I will play ketch and things. I am happy that they built it here at Louisiana.”


“I think it is about time. We grew up here and we use to clean it up by ourselves and it is very beautiful how it is now and we will make the best of it.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“How often would you bring your son here to play?”


“I have move out of the area already but I come and visit my mother everyday so I think pretty much it will be every weekend.”

Libby Weir, Rotary Club Canada

“Thank you to the clubs of Canada for securing the finances by a way of a community initiative program grants from the Government of Alberta. Thanks to the five clubs that secured this grant. We would like to thank the play ground community Canadian for all her hard work.”

This playground is one out of three that were shipped to Belize at a total cost of over US$26,000. The first set was erected in the Santa Rita Area in Corozal and the third one will be set up in Belize City.