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La Ruta Maya 2013

Sixty-four teams paddled away at the Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge yesterday morning. The traditional sounding of the horn gave way to the race at the foot of the Hawkesworth Bridge. The canoe race has become one of the biggest sporting events and it will take four days to complete as the teams make their way up the Belize River making stops at strategic communities. The first leg concluded by midday. The culmination of the first leg of the annual La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge was in favor of defending champion Belize Bank. Second place was Cobb’s Arm. Third place was garnered by Caves Branch Outpost’s Zip Riders. But with the excitement, it may be lost that the aim is to highlight the culture of the ancient Maya, the history of the Belize River and environmental awareness. The second stage of the hundred and seventy-nine mile race resumed at Banana Bank this morning and will end in Double Head Cabbage.