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'Loving Belize' Documentary series #460077
03/13/13 07:25 AM
03/13/13 07:25 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Rose Robin is in Belize doing a series of documentaries called "Loving Belize." Episode 1 is posted now.

"I am promoting Belize and Belizean culture and tradition and contemporary talents.

I am also giving Belizean's from all walks of life a chance to speak up about what they think is going on in contemporary Belize."

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #460127
03/13/13 01:13 PM
03/13/13 01:13 PM
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Posts: 72,784
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP
There is an interesting debate going on, on the 'Loving Belize' Youtube page. I would like to ask you to make a comment and respond to the critique that some people are making about Belize. Here is the page :
Please click 'all comments' and read through some of the remarks. I would love this to become a good debate with a lot of truthful honest comments. Thank you
Episode 2 will be coming out soon. I'm going to be in Caye Caulker for about 3 more weeks, because in the internet is good here.

best wishes

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #460693
03/21/13 03:16 PM
03/21/13 03:16 PM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Loving Belize episode 2 - Caye Caulker, BlueHole, Hopkins, Xunantunich

Welcome to episode 2 of 'Loving Belize' a new documentary series about Belize and the amazing, diverse, beautiful, people that live there.

I would like to thank Cory and Daniel for the amazing road trip they sponsored and for being beautiful fun people and a friends for life! Thank you so much Doris for being a fantastic guide and a wealth of knowledge!

In episode 2 you'll see interviews with:
- Sonia Rivera Mayor of San Benito Guatemala
in Caye Caulker -
Cory Scott Pierce, Daniel Szelenyi, Melvin Badillo at the Miramar Hotel, Little Kitchen with chef Elba Flowers who'll teach you how to make a traditional Garifuna dish and Joseph Ambros coconut oil maker.
In Belize City -
Jay owner of Crystal Car rentals, collector of 'Trash'.
In Mahogany Heights -
Doris Figueroa teacher at the 'Living Hope' Prep School in Belize City for children at risk.
We also visit the sites on a crazy road trip
Introducing 'The B team'.
The inland Blue Hole
San Ignacio
Xunantunich Mayan Site

Ending with an introduction to episode 3 with a special interview with Belizean musician, singer, song writer 'Bastic'
and the founder of BCMG music Label Dale Scott Soberanis
and myself being interviewed by 'Yankee' AKA 'Zookeeper' on Wave Radio.

With music from:
Melo Da Mc
Kevin Raeburn Thõmas
ENG all stars
Ganzo Kiu Ramos
San Lluis
Dudley D Whisper Nunez
Thank you sooo much for the use of your music! It really helps to bring the image to life.

Thank you to
Wave Radio
BCMG music Label
Driva 'Don't stop at all' Belizean Backyard
United NPO

Belize is a small country in Central America, please google the country. Recently there has been negative and distorted Media and few badly made documentaries which, because of the size of this country, has affected not only the tourism but also the lives of the people, by knocking they confidence down.

My name is Rose Robin, I will be making a documentary series in Belize for about one year. Giving you a look through the key hole. I will be interviewing people for all walks of life, but I will not make me own comments, I leave it to you to make up your own minds.

I will introduce you to many people, artists, musicians, dancers, fishermen, coconut oil makers, restaurant owners, divers, boat makers, politicians, and more. Not only will I interview them but I will also film them going their jobs, locals and expatriates. I will be filming locals cooking local recipes. I will be going out for 7 days with the local fishermen and documenting just where that delicious fish that the tourist are eating in the restaurants comes from.

Please take the time to send it on to you buddies, the more people who see this video, the more it will make a difference to the people talking about their lives, views, hopes and dreams.

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #461011
03/26/13 07:56 AM
03/26/13 07:56 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 72,784
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Documentary series 'Loving Belize' Episode 3, in Belize City

Welcome to episode 3 of 'Loving Belize'.

Featuring BCMG records and Party Belize, Belizean Backyard and the Belizean Movie 'Can't Tak it no more'.

With interviews from amazing musical talents coming out of Belize City like Kevin Raeburn Thõmas, D Whisper, Mr Program and Tanya Carter and the brilliant people in the music industry helping to get this talents over seas, Lauren Young, Dale Davis, Driva 'Don't stop at all', Yankee from Wave radio and Dale Scott Soberanis Party Belize Owner and so much more... With Music by A-fifteen aka Lex Donez and Rain, Tmike aka Michaël Barthélémy, San Lluis, Kevin RaeBurn, D Whisper, The ENG ALL STARS, Prasies, Dwight Swaggerman Brown and Melo Da Mc.

This episode ends with an introduction to episode 4, which will be looking into the Guatemalan claim to Belize, I follow the Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley, on a delegation, as he hopes to guide the two countries in the direction of peace by creating a sister-ship between Belize city and San Benito in Guatemala, a historical step forward for the two countries. I also interview COLA's Giovanni Bracket Journalist and activist, about what COLA's doing in reaction to the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #461381
04/01/13 07:58 AM
04/01/13 07:58 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 72,784
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Episode 4 of Loving Belize 'The Guatemalan Claim to Belize'

In this episode we looking at the Guatemalan Claim to Belize. The history and how it came about, and how different people in Belize are reacting to it today.

I follow Darrell Bradley as he tries to encourage peace between the two countries by signing a Sister-ship agreement between Belize City and San Bentio Guatemala.

With interviews from:
COLA's Giovanni Bracket Journalist and activist.
Darrell Bradley Mayor of Belize City.
Sonia Rivera Mayor of San Benito Guatemala.
With the point of view from two young Hiphop artists and students in Belize City, Saga the next Chapter and D Whizzel.

With music by:
Jon Gomm
Ezekiel Kelly
Tall Money

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #462595
04/18/13 04:33 AM
04/18/13 04:33 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Loving Belize Episode 5 - Belize Zoo, Police Brutality, Marine reserves, ...

Welcome to episode 5 of Loving Belize. In this episode I asked people what they would like to see on 'Loving Belize'.

With interviews from:

  • Driva don't stop at all, he wanted to show me the bridges of Belize city.
  • Kevin Jay who wanted to talk about Belize city and police brutality.
  • Stone Crab who wanted to talk about the youth of Belize.
  • Nelson Young who wanted to talk about art and the art of living.
  • Rudolph Boeing who wanted to talk about the Belize Zoo.
  • Captain David who wanted to talk about the effect dredging has had on his lobster grounds.
  • Adriel Casteneda wanted to talk about Marine reserves.
  • Zoe Walker who explains the work Wildtracks is doing to help fishermen find other ways of sustaining themselves, in tourism, pig farming and other trades.

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #462925
04/23/13 04:49 AM
04/23/13 04:49 AM
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Posts: 72,784
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Episode 6 of Loving Belize, Underwater Adventures with Little Kitchen an the Belize Music Awards

In this episode you are taken on a fishing adventure with 'Little Kitchen Adventure tours' with fishermen Roy Flowers and Manola from Caye Caulker.

In Belize City Driva 'Don't stop at all' gives a inspirational talk to the children at the 'Living Hope' Prep School for kids at risk, he talks about his road through crime and incarceration and how he found his way back to education and became an award winning film maker and musician.

I interview music artist Anaconda talking about his new upcoming album and his thoughts about Belize city today.

Then you will be introduced to the contemporary musical talents of Belize, back stage at the Belize Music Awards. With interviews from the award winning artists and the organizers of the BMA at Flavaz Entertainment.

With music by:
Jon Gomm
Ganzo Kiu
Henry the 3rd
Verge of Umbra

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #463301
04/29/13 04:44 AM
04/29/13 04:44 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Loving Belize episode 7 - Wooden Sailboat race 'Regatta' in Sarteneja, Leela Vernon in Punta Gorda

Ladies and Gentlemen a very special episode for you this week!

Episode 7 'A Little Belizean History'

Starting in Sarteneja with the traditional Wooden Sailboat race with the fishermen of Belize.

Then you'll enjoy a road trip from 'Barton Creek cave' where I interviewed Mike Bogaert at 'Mike's place' in the 'Mayan Mountains'. Mike Bogaert made the roads that go out to 'Barton Creek Cave'

Then we visit the 'Thousand foot falls' in 'Pine Ridge Forest'. Stopping briefly in Dangriga for lunch and continue on to Hopkins where we are invited to join Pastor Herdie in a Garifona church.

We show you the Hot springs at Big Falls.

The we travel to Punta Gorda where we met the amazingly talented Leela Vernon as she explains the History of the Belizean Kriol and talks about her musical family background.

So much information in one episode! Please enjoy :)

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #464218
05/13/13 02:15 PM
05/13/13 02:15 PM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Episode 8 'Loving Belize' Paul Nabor, How to make Chocolate, Trees of Belize, killer Bees

Yey episode 8 of 'Loving Belize' enjoy! -

Have you ever fallen in love with a 70 year old woman? I did the other day, the beautiful soul of Mrs Coleman from Punta Gorda. This episode of 'Loving Belize' starts with the sweet lady Mrs Coleman singing you a song.

Then you are taken to met Paul Nabor, and 85 year old Garifuna musical artist who has traveled the world.

I then whisk you off to learn 'How to make chocolate' with Juan Cho and Abelina Cho at IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate in San Felipe, google: ixcacaomayabelizeanchocolate

Then Juan Cho takes you through his tropical rainforest farm and teaches you about the trees and plants of Belizean and their the nutritional and medicinal properties.

You are then witness to 'The attack of the killer African bees' when Scott and I have to run away for a swarm of angry killer bees in The Rio Blanco national park.

Re: 'Loving Belize' Documentary series [Re: Marty] #476650
11/06/13 05:19 AM
11/06/13 05:19 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Loving Belize episode 9 - What's the US army doing in PG? Barranco and the history of the Garifona.

In this heart warming episode you will be introduced to the children in the Saint Peters Claver school in Punta Gorda town where I give them and workshop in stop animation and mural art. Also in Punta Gorda I interview two US Marines, who explain about US aid in Belize and around the world. Then I take you to the beautiful town of Barranco and I am guided around the village by a charming local 'Fish' who takes me to see the village historian Carlson Tuttle, who gives us a lesson on Garifona history and culture. From Barronco back to PG where you are introduced to courageous drum maker Emmeth Young who has open a drum school 'The Maroon Creole drum school' to help get the kids off the streets of Belize and learn to build drums and earn an income. From drums made from hard wood from the jungle of Belize to dried tropical fruit, met Jack Nightingale who has an amazing life story and now has settled in Belize to start a dried fruit company called 'Fruit Full' - Nothing added but the sun. Finally you are taken to a very special place, which is very close to my heart, with people I have come love deeply. Mr and Mrs Coleman. To lovely people in their 70's, hard working and honest, pure and gentle souls. Their song will fill you with love.

Loving Belize episode 10 Education in Belize, Punta Gorda, Belize City, San Pedro Columbia

This is a special episode dedicated to showing you just what Belize has to offer it's children. As Joseph Stamp Romero says in the beginning credits "You see a lot of negative things some times high-lighted about our young people, we also take a lot of time to focus on their positive side."

In this episode you are introduced to some of the things Belize has to offer it's children - Belize's education system, talent competitions, a couple passionate about educating the youths in their town who are straggling to open a high school in San Pedro Columbia, and even Belize's first Flash Mob at the Cacao festival organized by a fabulous young dancer Prem Pop.

I interview Us Capital energy, a company exploring for oil in Belize, who is one of the biggest supporters of education in Belize, donating computers, repainting schools, building roads and libraries.

I interviewed Joseph Arzu head gardener at Belcampo who teaches High school students about organic farming and who shows you the amazing farm and lodge at the luxurious resort.

I also interviewed people from San Pedro Columbia to illustrate just would difficult it is for, most families, to send their children to secondary school, the extra work they all have to do to offer their children an education.

With an interview from Dr Carmen Lopez from the ministry of education who explains the subsidies the minister of education Patrick Faber put into place in 2010 to help send children to high school.

This is an interesting episode full of information, and talented and beautiful Belizean children.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Loving Belize episode 11 - Lubaantun Mayan site, Lobster fest Placencia, El Pilar Mayan site

In this episode of Loving Belize you are taken to Lubaantun a Maya site in the south of Belize with an interview from a local man who has looked after the site for 30 odd years. Then you are whisked away to Placencia for the lobster, where you see the local fishermen diving for lobster and learn some of the local recipes. You travel with the 'Black pearl' Biker group from Placencia to San Ignacio along the beautiful Humming bird highway. Lastly you are taken to El Pilar Mayan site and shown around by the archeologist who found the site 30 years ago Anabel Ford.

Loving Belize Episode 12 - Oil drilling Belize, Hopkins, Caye Caulker, Bush doctors, Boxing

Welcome to last episode of Loving Belize, this one is a whirlwind tour of Belize. - In this episode you are taken to the Archeology symposium in San Ignacio, with interviews from leading archeologists.

- Then you are taken to Benque Viejo del Carmen a town 3 km from the Guatemalan border for the festival of the virgin Carmen, lebrates the day of Benque's patron saint Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Nuestra Señora de Monte Carmelo) with traditional marimba bands.

- From there we go to Spanish Lookout, where we get a look into the oil drilling business in Belize.

- From there we travel across the country to the island of Caye Caulker where you'll met the organizer for the Poor and Famous Boys club.

- Then we visit the village of Hopkins where you'll be enchanted by the Garifona community.

- Across the country again and right down south to San Perdo Columbia where a poetry and rap festival to promote the Rainforest Academy will bring a smile to your face.

- Back to San Ignacio to it's lively market, and it's sister village Santa Elena where I give a work shop in stop animation in the local Library to the children.

- Then you are taken on a very educational journey through the jungle of Belize with a Maya Bush Doctor.

- Then you are taken to a village which was split in half when the border of Belize was laid down, the village of Arenal on the border of Belize and Guatemala, divides a football pitch in the heart of the village.

- Finally We go back to San Ignacio for an out door box match between Belize and Guatemala.

- Then I say good bye at the airport of Cancun as I fly to my next destination Vancouver BC where I will be doing another documentary series about BC in the winter. Thank you for watching Loving Belize I hope you enjoyed learning about this amazing country as much as I did. You can see more info about the work I do on my web site :

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