Police have released the latest crime statistics for the first two months of 2013. They show that murder is up compared to the same period for 2012 - 21 homicides as compared to 16 for January and February 2012. Carnal knowledge reports are also up.

But according to the figures, reports of all other major crime areas, rape, robbery, burglary and theft are down with robberies falling 33%.

And in the new performance based appraisal system of the ministry of national security, the zone that had the best crime statistics for February has been awarded. That's the south, and Police Minister John Saldivar yesterday presented certificates of award to the officers commanding for the Intermediate Southern and Toledo Formations. According to the figures, both these formations saw a 50% reduction in major crimes.

For their hard work, the formation received a cash reward of $1,000 dollars.

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