The men's senior national basketball team is presently in Costa Rica competing in the Central American Games. The tournament started on Sunday and so far Belize has played its first two games against Honduras and Nicaragua - both of which we lost.

But there is more bad news to report. In Last night's game against Nicaragua, one of our star players got his knee blown out. Belizean American Englebert Cherrington, who is the tallest player on the team, is unable to continue playing in the games due to his injury.

So what does this mean for our men's national team? We asked Charles Ellis, who is the Vice President of the Basketball Federation.

Charles Ellis - Vice-President, Belize Basketball Federation
"Our only big man, about 6'7 - 6'8 Inglebert Cherrington,the Belizean American we flew in from Atlanta, he got his knee blown out last night in the game against Nicaragua."

Monica Bodden
"So what does this mean for Belize in terms of -"

Charles Ellis
"Not very good because we lost the day before against Honduras, now we lost against Nicaragua yesterday. In terms of size we're one of the - we are the smallest team partaking in the tournament and losing our only big man is not very good. He's games are done for this tournament. As far as his prognosis onward I'm not too sure. I'm hoping it's not a career injury and that he will be able to play again in the future. We are expected to perform well when partaking in these tournaments, but with the limited facilities that have, we don't even have a regular tournament. When we play the last competition in Santa Domingo 2 years ago, and Cancun the year before, Belize as a country did well, and you have to realize that we did well without even having a proper facility- a playing facility. Now, all the countries around have improved, have kept on playing ball and they are doing well. We are at a standstill. So it's difficult for us to take a team at last minute and go out there and perform well."

Monica Bodden
"Can you talk to us about how we're doing so far in the game."

Charles Ellis
"Well we have lost our first 2 games and we have 2 more games to play against El Salvador and Costa Rica. They are the 2 better teams so it will be an uphill battle, but our guys are games and they're willing to go out, and play their hearts out still."

Belize competed against El Salvador at 2pm this afternoon and is expected to play against the Home Team Costa Rica 7pm tomorrow night.

Ellis mentioned that the team is playing with a heavy heart as one of their teammates is currently on life support at the KHMH. Ronald Rivers was shot through his cheek and is only being kept alive by machines.

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