The Young Women’s Christian Association in Belize is celebrating its 57TH anniversary next week.  As a result, YWCA week will be observed commencing with breakfast after the Women’s Month Bike Rally, but it will be officially launched on Sunday.  First Vice President for the YWCA is Beverly Brown.


“We will be having a church service on Sunday.  That is the actual date of the Y starting in Belize and we will be celebrating with the church service at the St John’s Cathedral at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Brown says one of the things they are anticipating the most, is the visit of the worldwide YWCA President, Trinidadian, Dr. Debra Thomas-Austin, who arrives in Belize on Sunday.  The president will be visiting YWCA sister Organizations on Monday.  On Tuesday the YWCA center in Belmopan will be launched and the Organizer, Regina Campbell says they’re really excited about expanding.


“There are women and youths all over the country that need assistance and it’s a long time coming but we are final expanding. We have a 4000 sq. foot building that is being built, it’s beautiful it’s the same color green building you see here and it’s in the centre of Belmopan.  It’s right between Independence Park and St. Ann’s Church.  At this building we have a computer lab, cosmetology room, sewing room, training centre, conference room; so, some of the same programs we have here in Belize City, we will be offering in the Cayo district and areas in the south.”

The opening will take place at 2pm and will feature the attendance of the Governor General, Sir Colville Young, Ambassador of the European Union to Belize Paola Amadei, CEO in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Yvonne Hyde, The Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez and of course Dr. Debra Thomas, President of the YWCA. Campbell says there will also be a special recognition during the ceremony.


“We are also excited about acknowledging some of the women’s groups and the women that have participating in the Belize Rural Development program and have receive grants through the participation and business mentoring and starting their own entrepreneurship businesses; so we will be recognizing those grants recipients during that ceremony as well.”

Since the new building costs over five hundred thousand dollars to build, the YWCA must fundraise to pay the additional one hundred thousand dollars after the grant from the European Union.  Campbell says that as a result they are hosting a Catamaran fundraiser tomorrow.


“We have live music; we have Mexican buffet, Pibill tacos.  We will also have Chinese auction with a number of prizes; we have great sponsors that are part of putting this together.”  

Tickets are valued at sixty five dollars and the boat leaves Old Belize at 6:30 p.m. and returns at midnight.