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For years Sunbreeze hotel and Suites have been serving weary travelers with their trademark hospitality and charm. In keeping up with the times, while maintaining said charm and welcoming air, Sunbreeze recently underwent several changes. The most noticeable change of course, is the introduction of their brand new, maize-colored staff camp shirt uniforms. It is quite the change from their signature aqua and cream shirts of yore.

It was been 17 years since the Sunbreeze has seen such a significant change. “Everyone feels energized with the new upgrades and the change in uniform,” said General Manager Julia Edwards as she walked The San Pedro Sun staff to view the changes across the award- winning hotel.

Along with the vibrant new uniforms, the 43 rooms also saw upgrades to best suit the need of clients. Every single room received a little TLC. The 13 standards rooms received new bedding, a touch of Belizean art, an in room safe and the ever so important flat screen – you know, for when the view of the reef gets to be too much!

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