Yesterday, we told you about the Police Department's new Precinct system for Belize City. As we also showed you, the Commissioner of Police plans to inject the majority of recruit intake #88, which graduated today, into this new system.

Since they will be very active in Belize City, we thought it fair to acquaint ourselves with them as they participated in the graduation ceremony in Belmopan this evening.

Here's what the Commander of the Police Training Academy told us about his confidence in their abilities:

Superintendent Linden Flowers - Commandant, Police Training Academy
"Today sees the end of a process that began the 7th of July 2012, where over 850 Belizeans, young men and women, high school graduates sat the entrance exam - sat an entrance exam to the Police Department. The 130 recruits that will be passing out today started on the 11th of November after their medical and other activities took place. And when these persons came here from the 11th of a November 2012, myself and my team of officers mainly; assistant Superintendent Rosado, Inspector Jones and several sergeants and constables including members from the Human Rights Commission, we did a part of our training where, we invited attorneys to come in and address these participants on the role and functions of police, as it relates to the constitution and the human rights aspect of policing. We have exemplary officers, one officer placed first, unfortunately; I cannot recall the name at this time, I don't want to make a mistake with the names, but we have around 6 of the trainees who will be getting special prizes today. One for first aid - we also did a first aid component of this training, we did a shooting training course which ended - was the last part of the training here. The person who made the highest marks, qualifying with a 9mm pistol, will be recognize today for his qualities. Also the person who came in first for the written exam, second in written exam, as well as a person with highest physical training performance, the person who came in first on that. Also a special prize is set where - after all the grades were tallied, and the conduct and performances of these officers, academic, practical supervisory exemplary roles, I selected; from the 130, Woman Police constable, Torres - Lourdes Torres. I am going to put my reputation on the line, and say that these officers are fully prepared to first entrance into the training academy. I gave them what I had, along with the other components that came from my different officers who did training, as well as members of the Judiciary who came in and assisted these officers, to be able to respond to situation that they meet when they are doing their patrol in the front line patrols in the streets of Belize."

There were 130 recruits who passed out, 100 of them will be activated in the new precinct System.

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