An eleven-zone plan had been established by the police Department at the end of 2012 to fight crime on the ground. That plan, which included the acquiring of one police patrol vehicle for each zone, has now given way to a plan of numbered precincts, which correspond roughly geographically to the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast portions of Belize City, with the division occurring from the mid-point of the Belcan Roundabout extending north along Princess Margaret Drive and south along Central American Boulevard, and east and west along the Haulover Creek. With a description of each precinct and the men in charge of them here is Belize City commander Miguel Segura.

Miguel Segura – Belize City commander:

Precinct One will comprise that area: It will start from the Belcan Bridge, BelChina, Swing Bridge, Birds Isle, coming up to Caesar Ridge, Port Authority, them right into Central Americam Bouleverd, back to starting point at Belcan Bridge. That’s the area that we assign as Precinct One under the command of Superintendent Alden Dawson.

Precinct Two: That comprises that area of Central American Boulevard towards the west, and includes the area of Port Lyola, Jane Usher area, Lake Independence up to Burdon Bridge Canal. That’s under the command of Superintendent Alford Grinage.

Precinct Three: It will start at the area of Belcan Bridge, the Flag Monument, towards Princess Margaret Drive, West Landivar, all that area of Marine Parade towards Fort George, back towards the starting point. That the area we assign as Precinct Three, under the command of Superintendent Gualberto Garcia.

Precinct Four: That will comprise the area from the Flag Monument, taking the same Princess Margret Drive. left into Caribbean Shores, towards the Haulover Bridge, then back into Belama, finishing at the starting point. That area that has been assigned as Precinct Four is under the command of Assistant Superintendent David Chi.

According to ACP Segura, the zones are not exclusive, as all his men must work together not only to fight crime, but reach out to the community. Commissioner Allen Whylie gives more details on the precinct plan:

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police:

The intent of those Precincts is to provide 100% Policing services to the citizens across Belize. These precincts will be staffed by uniformed patrol officers responsible for be it patrol and preventative duties. They’ll have traffic officers within; they’ll have intelligence officers within; they’ll have community police officers within; they’ll have criminal investigators within. The intent is that no longer do we want when a person comes to one of our stations for service, there is a delay and there is a turn around and they need to be sent to Queen Street. That is now a thing of the past, because we’ve been rolling out the Precinct concept within Belize City for the past two weeks.

The plan has gone into effect since February 27.