Today the National Library Service held its 12th annual Book Fair at the Leo Bradley Library. Hundreds of students from across the city were invited to stop in and re-discover reading. The fair tries to encourage students to read more in the age of video games and 200 channels of cable TV. 7news spoke with one of the organizers who told us about the virtues of the art of reading.

Sarah Castillo - Senior Library Assistant
"Today is our 12th annual books fair. We usually hold the fair to promote the library services, the effectiveness of reading and to showcase what the library has to offer."

Monica Bodden
"Tell me about the different activities that will be happening here."

Sarah Castillo
"Firstly, we're going to have our coloring competition, and then we go straight into our puppet shows. We have publishers showcasing their book; we also have the Governor General here today. He will tell us some more of his marvelous stories, and we have a number of different activities just going on all around. Everybody, the different schools, the general public, everybody is invited just to stop in today, to see what the library has to offer on this day. It is the 12 annual - every year we see the need, because we know that everybody - the TV is the one capturing the most audience right now, but we want to bring it back to books. We want to show everyone that with books, you can get where you want to go. That was how we were brought up in the pass, reading books, so we want to get back everyone to that culture of reading."

This year's book fair was held under the theme, "Helping Children Explore the Power of Books."

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