If youíre used to traveling in Central America, when you enter the country of Belize you may notice that you canít stretch your money as much as you did in countries such as Guatemala or Honduras. This is because similarly to Costa Rica, Belize is a bit on the expensive side. But donít give up yet, by smartly planning your vacation you can still do Belize on the cheap while maximizing a great travel experience.

Travel to Belize costs more than Central American counterparts because the countryís population is very small (approximately 330,000) and aside from a few local products, EVERYTHING is imported. For instance, the average price of gas is $6 USD while itís $3.50 in the US. Just imagine the effect that has on the cost of materials.

However, thereís a positive side to everything and for Belize it is the unspoiled beauty of the place. The charm of the country is its uninhabited rainforests, the simple and friendly people, and the ďquietĒ towns. Below are three destinations I recommend in order to enjoy a budget vacation to Belize.

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