Mayors from across the country met today in Orange Walk for the

Mayor’s Association monthly meeting. During the morning session the nine municipal representatives had a presentation from a consultant on market management, on grant funding from Canada through government agencies and were also addressed by Secretary of State for the state of Illinois Jesse White. We spoke with president of the association Mayor Simeon Lopez.


“The consultant is mainly here to visit markets in the municipalities; see how they are manage and then makes some recommendations for better management. So, it is really management consultancies; only how to manage the market and get the best result out of it. The problem is there because of the fact that maybe councils can make more revenue out of the market but besides that it’s really to be able to make sure that everything is sanitary, to be able to make sure that people are satisfied with what is happening at the market. Our meeting with the Secretary of State of Illinois was really to meet us and to let us know about his program that he conducts in the State of Illinois. He has mentioned in the next month he expect to have two dialysis machines and two compactor trucks in Belize to be donated to municipalities; we don’t know who the municipalities are at this time but maybe that will be done shortly but besides that he has also mentioned of his program to help at risk youths.”

After lunch the mayors discussed other municipal matters such as the Belize municipal project which will soon move into its second phase.


“This is where we are moving on to now; the second phase of that project and we hope that would get started, the smaller projects, July –August and the larger project a little later in the year.”

Other topics dealt with were the trade license act and further amendments being made to the municipal bill. The re-election of the association officers that was to be carried today was postponed for the next Mayor’s Association meeting.