The 2012/2013 crop season is well underway and sugar production at the Belize Sugar Industries Limited continues to increase considerably when compared to last year’s crop. The 16th week of crop ended on March 19th and tonight we have the latest figures coming out of BSI.

Elmer Cornejo reporting…

The 16th week of the 2012/2013 Crop Season saw the milling of 43, 759 tons of cane an increase of 84,214 tons compared to last year when 600,488 tons of cane was milled. This week alone the factory received 43,759 tons of cane.

The production of sugar stands as follows: 71,187 tons of the sweetener has been produced so far this is a vast increase of 10,064 tons of sugar compared to last year when 61, 123 tons was produced during the same time frame.

Moving on to cane quality, cane pol stands at 13.22%. Last year it stood at 11.64% making a difference of 0.38%. In reference to juice brix, that stands at 18.58% displaying an overall increase of 0.52% compared to last year when juice brix was recorded at 16.55%.

For the 16th week of crop, sugar cane is showing a juice purity of 88.70%, standing at 86.47% overall. Last year juice purity was recorded at 86.34% making a difference of 0.13% for this crop season.

What’s of outmost importance is that 2012/2013 crop season has seen a great improvement in relation to the quality of product delivered to the factory. For this week alone a TCTS of 8.85% was recorded while last year during this same time around TCTS stood at 9.82%. The 2010/2013 crops season is showing a TCTS of 9.62% overall.

Taking a look at factory efficiency: Overall Time Efficiency stood at 76.47% for week 16 while grinding time was recorded at 128.47% .

Of note is that for week 16 cane deliveries were affected over the past weekend and earlier in the week due to showers of rain. Some accidental cane fires were also reported during the span of the week. Nonetheless, the Sugar Cane Production Committee reports that all burnt cane managed deliverables to the factory. Reporting for CTV3 News, Elmer Cornejo.

Of note is that cane will be received until 10:00am on Holy Thursday March 28th, 2013 and delivery will resume at 10:00am on Holy Saturday March 30th, 2013.