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Today's Belize News: March 26, 2013 #461025
03/26/13 09:02 AM
03/26/13 09:02 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Child Stimulation Month ends with closing Parade
A full month of activities as part of Child Stimulation Month concluded countrywide with separate parades in the different municipalities. In San Pedro Town, it was no exception as pre-school students, along with their parents and teachers took to the street in a lively and colorful parade. The parade started from the Central Park and made its way through the principal streets of town culminating at the Central Park. All five preschools, ABC Preschool, Little Angel Preschool, Holy Cross Anglican, San Pedro Preschool and Brighter Tomorrow were assigned a specific color. The students were dressed in their school’s colors and their balloons enthusiastically throughout the parade. With a large truck blasting music and members of the San Pedro High School Marching Band drumming away, students, parents and spectators were entertained throughout the route.

San Pedro Health Fair a success
The Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II in conjunction with the Ministry of Health held its annual Health Fair on Saturday March 23rd at the Lion’s Den. Hundreds of residents took advantage of the many free services offered, including pap smears, breast exams, blood sugar check, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, HIV testing, and mental health services. On hand to provide information of their job and service to the San Pedro community were the San Pedro Police Department as well as the Fire Department. Dalia Alamilla, a mother of a child with Down Syndrome was also present, giving information on the condition as well as advances that individuals with Down Syndrome have made. Miss Romero from NDACC was at hand sharing the very detrimental effect of drug abuse.

Belize Bandfest 2013: Corozal Dominates!
On Saturday March 23rd, the quiet streets of Belmopan came alive with the sound of the 14 marching bands making their way to the Governor General Field for the opening of the ninth annual Belize Bandfest. Teams from every corner of Belize gathered in the capital city to compete at the FFB Stadium for the coveted titles of Best Drum Corp and Best Wind Instrument Band. While they all prepared for the show, Special Guests, Banda Marcial San Isidoro from La Ceiba, Honduras showcased their talents with extreme flair and precision raising the bar for future Belize Bandfest competitions in all categories.

The Caimito – or Star Apple
What: Caimito Come again? Kai-mee-toe Try me one more time: Fine…Star Apple, Milk Fruit, Aguay, Estrella, Pomme du lait…in Sierra Leone it’s actually referred to as breast milk fruit… Okay, okay…so what is it? It’s a fruit (duh) and it’s delicious. That’s helpful…Well, scientifically speaking, it is a tropical tree – Chrysophyllum Cainito, from the Sapotaceae family. The tree is native to Central America and the West Indies, growing quickly and up to 20 meters in height. It has tiny purplish-white flowers with an amazing sweet smell. The tree is hermaphroditic. It’s what? Hermaphroditic; that means it’s self-fertilizing. That is so cool! Right?! So it self-fertilizes, and produces these little round, purple-skinned fruits. Actually, in Belize, the majority of the fruits are green. But purple abounds as well. The skin and rind are not edible, but wow the fruit itself delicious. The texture is almost jelly-like, and it is sweet and refreshing. One warning: the skin and rind are rich in latex, so you end up with super sticky mouth. It’s really fun to glue one’s lips together while eating them; it’s all in the fun! Read more: The Caimito - or Star Apple - My Beautiful Belize Follow us: @MyBeautifulBze on Twitter | MyBeautifulBelize on Facebook

Ambergris Today

Grand Baymen Residential Community Holds Ribbon Cutting
The Grand Baymen development, located south of San Pedro Town, held a ribbon-cutting celebration on Friday, March 22, 2013 for its first residential building, Building A, home to 12 units. Grand Baymen was formed in 2007 to create an upscale residential condominium community on Ambergris Caye, Belize. The first condominium building has one and two bedroom units, 720sqft & 1070sqft respectively, and contain top of the line amenities, full kitchens, and large closets. On site already, Grand Baymen has a 3-tier, 250,000 gallon pool, two tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and a fitness club which are shared with sister resort Exotic Caye Beach located down the street.

Tropic Air Bridges Airways Between Belize and Cancun, Mexico
Tropic Air today, Monday, March 25, 2013, held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its inaugural nonstop flight to Cancun, Mexico at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, it’s 14th destination. The flight took four people over to Cancun, in what will be a one hour and twenty minute flight that shortens the travel time to the popular Mexican destination and makes important connections back to Belize. President of Tropic Air, Mr. Johnny Greif III, commented that the airline is proud to bring back the direct service to Cancun which is an airway bridge to Mexico. "It's a flight that will bring revenues to Belize with a hardworking Belizean airline, Belizean pilots and Belizean employees,” commented Mr. Greif. “The new land bridge to Mexico inaugurates shortly and we are very happy inaugurate this air bridge to Cancun, Mexico.”

Teen Talk: Music for Your Changing Moods
Music is the number one thing that every teen uses to come off planet earth for a couple of minutes and be transported into the magical world of imagination and emotions. But which music is best for the mood you are in? Everyone knows that feeling when you just put on your headphones and at that same moment someone starts talking to you. It is probably very annoying but depending on what kind of music you are listening, to will actually change the mood of your response. For example if you are listening to a nice soothing song you wouldn’t be so mad; just take out your ear buds and listen to what the person has to say. But if you were listening to a song with a very fast beat you would probably answer with a load, “What!” You might not be angry but you will give that impression.

Pic of the Week: Bride Trashes the Dress at Jaguar's Temple Club, San Pedro
Ambergris Today was able to take a picture with newly weds Jason and Bonnie Bridges as they celebrated after their beach wedding at Coco Beach Resort, in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize. The newly weds were seen tearing up the dance floor at Jaguar's Temple Night Club with their bridal party. Bonnie was literally trashing her wedding dress amongst the visitors and locals who invaded the night club on Thursday, March 21, 2013. Ambergris Today congratulates Jason and Bonnie and wishes them a happy marriage.

San Pedro Town Council Opening Hours
On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, due to work being done by the Belize Electricity Limited, our office at the San Pedro Town Council will open at 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Holy Thursday, March 28, 2013, our office will be closing at 12:00 p.m. and will open on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at our regular working hours except for the Cashier which will open at 1:00 p.m. due to the beginning of our fiscal year For More information and updates visit the San Pedro Town Council Facebook Page or call 226-2198

Bon Appetit at Portofino Restaurant, Fine Dining in Ambergris Caye
Très bon et délicieux! Very good and delicious. Bring a good appetite to Portofino Restaurant because the new management has decided to take the restaurant to a new level by completely redesigning the menu as well as introducing new techniques and products that have resulted in a creative menu designed for a special night out. With an ever changing menu, Portofino Restaurant guarantees a creative flow in the kitchen and seasonal influences on the menu. You will always be wondering what is new at the restaurant and after having a fantastic dining experience you will quite surely be heading back for more. The one thing that is for sure at Portofino is that their fish is delivered and cleaned almost daily at the end of their dock; guaranteed is an every-fresh selection of fish and seafood. Of course, for the meat lovers, there is imported steak and fresh local chicken and to top it all off their pasta is home made. You can’t top freshly made pasta.

Channel 7

PUP Rejects Guatemala's ICJ Proposal; Urges Cabinet To Do Same
Tomorrow, the Cabinet will meet to consider the Guatemalan' proposal to move the date for the ICJ referendum. And while the UDP party and government has explicitly supported the ICJ referendum, the PUP has been playing coy throughout, not taking one side or the other. That is until today, when Party Leader Francis Fonseca announced that the party was rejected Guatemala's recent request to change the date of the referendum or to change Belize's referendum laws. Here's the entire statement from opposition leader Fonseca which was delivered two hours ago... Hon. Francis Fonseca - Leader of the Opposition/PUP Party Leader "On Sunday March 17, 2013 Guatemala put forward certain proposals that make clear its intention to breach its agreement with Belize to hold simultaneous referenda on October 6, 2013. The People's United Party (PUP) rejects any proposal which violates the spirit and letter of the Special Agreement signed by Belize and Guatemala in December 2008. Neither option proposed by Guatemala is acceptable. Guatemala's latest proposals raise serious concerns about its good faith in finding a just and definitive solution of this longstanding claim. The PUP has consistently rejected this unfounded claim while always remaining supportive of any initiative that would lead to a definitive and just solution. The PUP does not support the holding of any unilateral referendum on October 6, 2013, or on any other date. We do not support the amendment of our national law to reduce our threshold participation in referenda, simply to accommodate Guatemala. The PUP calls on the Government of Belize to remain resolute in maintaining national and international support for our inalienable right to self-determination with full territorial integrity."

Murder In Belize's Northern-most Village
There is one weekend murder to report tonight - but it didn't happen in the city or any major population center; it happened in a canefield near Belize's northern-most village, Chan Chen. 37 year old Israel Matu was found dead in a cane field near the village. Daniel Ortiz found out more about the strange circumstances of his death: Daniel Ortiz Reporting The body of 37 year old Israel Matu, a resident of Pachakan Village in the Corozal District, was discovered in a cane field about a mile away from his home on Sunday morning. The state that his family discovered him in has led them to believe that he was beaten to death. Leopoldo Matu - Father of the Deceased "I found him dead without clothes, his head busted up and when I saw tht he passed, I felt something like something cold, my hair stood up and I got a little afraid. I told my wife not to go see it because he is without clothes. I took off my shirt, covered him, told my daughter to call the police." According to his father, the last time he was seen on alive was on Friday night.

OW Cop Dies Under Strange Circumstances
And while that was a murder - no one can say for sure what caused the mysterious death of a policeman in Orange Walk. All that's known for sure is that he was found dead in the new river early on Saturday morning after leaving work in his car 12 hours earlier. That same car plunged into the river with him inside. Daniel Ortiz asked the Commander of the Northern Police Region to explain the information they have at this time. Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette - Commander, Nothern Police Region "On Saturday morning, sometime around 7:20 a.m., the police was called to an area in Trial Farm in the area of Honey Camp Street, where the body of a male person was seen floating in the water. The police then got into the water by getting a boat, this person was - the body was retrieved and it was later identified to be that of PC #886 Antonio Chan. The body was then transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival. PC Chan has been attached to the Orange Walk Police formation for the past 3 and a half years, where he has been working relief duties. At this time, as we speak, the post martin examination has been carried out in order to determine the cause of death. Upon the discovery of the body, I believe there where some abrasions over both eyes, the vehicle itself was found submerged in the water, a few yards from where the body was found."

Preschooler Suffocates In Car
A small child died a terrible death in Dangriga this weekend - he probably suffocated in a hot car. At 10:45 on Saturday, 46 year old Joan Garcia noticed that her 4 year old son, Jahrion Joseph Lightfoot, had gone missing. She started to search frantically around their address at #15 Polack Street, Dangriga Town. But she didn't find him until 12:30pm; he was in her Toyota Camry unconscious. She rushed him to the Southern Regional Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival. A post mortem will determine what caused the child's death. We have learned that the car had been parked in the yard - and it was locked. But on Saturday, due to the heat, his father opened it up. That's when the pre-schooler is believed to have slipped in and possibly pressed the power lock button and locked himself inside. The windows are also power windows so he couldn't lower them. No one thought to look in the car, since it is usually off limits. Jahrion was the baby of his family, and he was doted upon.

Convicted Guatemalan Escaped, Pol Said Nada
A Guatemalan convicted of firearms offences escaped from Cayo police a week ago, and police issued no public advisory. According to the Cayo Star newspaper, this man, 22 year old Walter Leonel Boteo Ralda, disappeared from the cell block last week Monday. Boteo-Ralda is serving a five year sentence for possession of a Glock pistol he stole fromAlain Langois, a retired Canadian businessman, who lives in Santa Elena Town. Ten thousand dollars in cash was also stolen. Boteo Ralda - already convicted for the firearm was to appear in San Ignacio Magistrate's Court for other charges. But he escaped when the shift changed. And while public awareness might have aided in his recapture, police said nothing - and only released details when we pressed for them today. Press Officer Raphael Martinez told us that two officers are to be placed on charges and the prisoner is still at large. Ralda is a Guatemalan so it is quite possible that he skipped across the border back to his home country.

Woman Says Police Gang Raped Her; Police Say She "Changed Her Story"
And two other police officers in Cayo are under scrutiny for the alleged gang rape of a woman from a village near San Ignacio. We cannot give details as it may lead to the identity of the woman, but we can say that she reported that two police officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit raped her on Saturday. It started when her husband called police to remove her from a village bar where she had been drinking. It wasn't a crime, so the officers left her. Later on that night, they were called to intervene in a domestic dispute between the woman and her husband. They took her in a car separate from her husband which is when they allegedly raped her. She reported that due to her inebriation she could not say where they took her, but only recalled that they both raped her. She was injured as a result. It is a very serious allegation of a monstrous breech of the public trust, and the police press officer told us quote, "a lady did make some accusations against two officers but later changed her story. O.C San Ignacio is investigating this allegation and will take action as necessary if the allegations are found to be true."

Hepatitis Outbreak In Trio
There is an outbreak of Hepatitis A in Trio Village, Stann Creek District. According to the ministry of health, a cluster of 14 suspected cases have occurred over the last three weeks. Cases have been identified in the rural communities of the Corozal, Cayo and Toledo Districts. Hepatitis A is a food and waterborne disease with symptoms that may include yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine, light-colored stool along with mild fever, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite among others. It is also self-limiting meaning it will run its course and usually resolve itself without the need for medical intervention. It is usually transmitted through the fecal-oral route and to avoid its spread persons should wash hands diligently, treat water, and disinfect contaminated dishes, toilets and common surfaces. In a public statement, the Ministry of health says is conducting house-to-house health education and environmental cleanup campaigns in all the affected areas.

New Horizons: Winning Hearts and Minds
Last week Janelle Chanona visited the Headquarters of the US Army Southern Command where she found out about their strategic interest in Belize. But it's not all just drug transshipment in submarines that Southcom is looking for; there's also the hearts and minds component where the US military builds goodwill with civil projects. And that's where New Horizons Belize comes in. The operation is staged in Belize regularly and it was officially opened at the Ladyville Technical High School today. This year, the project is focuses on providing medical and dental treatment and building classrooms throughout Belize. The US Ambassador explained: H. E. Vinai Thumalapally - US Ambassador to Belize "This exercise, allows us to work with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Belize Defense Force on mutually beneficial programs of New Horizons, while we continue to cement our very strong relationship. This exercise is unique. U.S air men and soldiers from active and National Guard Units will build 4 new classrooms in the Belize and Orange Walk Districts, and render medical services in different villages and towns throughout the country of Belize.

Tropic Takes Off to Cancun
It started out with a single airplane and two employees back in 1979 - but Tropic Air has grown to become the largest airline company in Belize. With over 180 daily flights to 13 destinations in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, the air company has now added another destination to the list. But it's not just any other connection; Tropic says it can take you to Cancun, Mexico. The airline owner says it's a strategic addition as it willlessen travel time for passengers connecting with European, Asian and Caribbean flights who previously had to drive to and from Cancun or take a bus. John Greif told us more: John Greif - President, Tropic Air "We've now inaugurated our flights to Cancun Mexico, which now gives us flights with all of our neighbors. We have daily service to Honduras and San Pedro Sula, to Flores in Guatemala and Guatemala City and now to Mexico. So much like the Government of Belize is inaugurating the land bridge soon; we're inaugurating an air bridge to Mexico today. Tropic at the end of the day really is a Tourist airline, so we're hoping that tourist component will be large but there's a big business component too. For instance; our flights to Guatemala are 20 - 30% business, so we're - you just never know, you just cast a big net and see what we catch.

Belize's Jaguars Play Trinidad's Soca Warriors to A Draw
On Saturday night - over two thousand football fans crowded into the FFB stadium in Belmopan to see the international friendly between the Belize Jaguars and the Trinidad Soca Warriors. The Trinidad team had four international players and a programme that has taken it to the world cup before. But, the Belize team showed remarkable offensive resourcefulness - and played to a draw, nil - nil. It's an encouraging starts for the national team as it starts to get ready for the Gold Cup in July, but the Trini-team was still complaining about the pitch. Here's what they said after the game: Deon McCauley - Forward, Belize National Football Team "Well, I think we played a very good game, offensively today. With these guys up there with me, I think that they can do the job. The only thing that was missing today was a goal." Woodrow West - Goalkeeper, Belize National Football Team "I can proudly say that we outplayed them this time. We had more control of the ball, the only thing we did wrong was that we were hasty when we got to our grave to score, we made wrong decision by - at the last moment, or to make the right pass or to score the goal."

The Annual Rose Tournament
Easter is here again and the annual Rose Classic Basketball games for youths is underway. It is the 7th anniversary of the three week long basketball tournament which is the brainchild of Belizean American, Cleon Hyde. Opening ceremonies were held this morning - where Mayor Bradley spoke with over 400 youngsters - all with a passion for balling.

Not The English Channel, But the English Caye Channel
This weekend, a brave group of swimmers crossed the English Caye Channel. Now, it's not the English Channel but the 1.5 mile span between Goff's and English Cayes is a good distance, riddled with rough seas. 14 started but only 5 swimmers completed the whole course. 18 year old Eric Donis was first in 70 minutes, Melanie McField was second in 71 minutes, Keyren Tzib was third in 107 minutes and Denise Diaz was fourth in 108 mins.

Tanya Returns From JA, Ascendant, Schooled, Humbled
Last week we told you all about Tanya Carter and her catchy new reggae single ex-boyfriend, recorded and produced in Jamaica. She returned home today and stopped in to tell Monica Bodden what it's been like: Tanya will be working on her new video called Secret. The song was written by Jamaican reggae artist Duane Stevenson and the video will be shot in Belize next month. If you would like to check out Tanya's video for " Ex-Boyfriend", you can view it on her Facebook page.

Channel 5

Child dies in hot locked vehicle
The parents of an infant from Dangriga are grappling with his death tonight. The four-year-old child tragically perished on Saturday morning in the most unusual circumstances. In fact, it is believed that it is only the second death of this nature to have occurred in the country. Saturday’s scorching temperature led to the child’s death, [...]

P.U.P. rejects Guatemala’s proposals
A Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting the government is expected to take a position in respect of Guatemala’s latest proposal on the referendum. But the People’s United Party has jumped out in front and issued its own take. The background is that Belize and Guatemala met at OAS headquarters in Washington on March seventeenth. At that meeting [...]

P.U.P. says no position on ICJ is acting in good faith
The P.U.P. leader, Francis Fonseca also took the opportunity to criticize Guatemala for what he calls ‘scuttling’ the process, saying that Guatemala has been acting in bad faith.   Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition “Guatemala in our view is the entity responsible for trying, if you like, scuttle the process. It is clear to [...]

Fonseca asks for Elrington’s removal as Foreign Minister
And even as the People’s United Party claims that it has been acting in good faith, and Guatemala has been acting in bad faith, Fonseca also reserved some special time for an opinion on Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. He claims that Elrington has been doing a disservice to the country and should be [...]

Naked watchman was robbed and murdered?
The naked and lifeless body of a watchman was found in a cane field over the weekend.  Israel Matu left his house for work last Friday and hours later he was seen hanging out at a bar. But it was until Sunday that his body was found; his family believes that the motive for his [...]

Dead cop and vehicle retrieved from river
The police department up north has lost one of their own in what is called a case of sudden death. Around eight-thirty on Saturday morning, Orange Walk Police visited the Belize New River near Honey Camp Street in Trial Farm Village; Orange Walk District where the lifeless body of the Antonio Chan was seen floating. [...]

Unions and P.M. go back to negotiating table
With the budget now approved by the House, the issue of salary adjustment for the unions is back on the table. There is a meeting scheduled for April fifth between the Joint Union Negotiating Team and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The PM is rejecting both the union’s counter-proposal which calls for salary adjustment in 2013, [...]

N.T.U.C.B. prepares for hard talk with Prime Minister
The union team has been busy building its case for a salary adjustment for teachers and public officers. And that means not only asserting why that it is justified, but also pointing out areas in which government can find the money to pay it. That probably won’t go over well with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, [...]

N.T.U.C.B. questions government’s private company
Aside from targeting inefficiencies in government ministries, the unions also made comments aimed at the latest government innovation, the much lauded special purpose vehicle, Belize Infrastructure Limited. N.T.U.C.B. President, Dylan Reneau, says there are a few things in the latest budget which concern them, and B.I.L. is at the top of the list.  According to [...]

New Horizons, U.S. Military construct buildings for schools
Construction of a spanking new classroom is getting off the ground; it is a welcome expansion to the Ladyville Technical High School. The project is being implemented by New Horizons as part of US Southern Command’s initiative in partnership with the government.  Aside from educational purposes, the facility will be used for medical and dental [...]

U.S. fugitive caught in Belize
An American fugitive has been caught in Belize. US national, Daniel Rae Morris, who attempted to re-enter Belize at the Corozal border with Mexico on Wednesday March twenty-first, had a Belizean passport in his possession. But something was apparently wrong with the information on the seventy year old passport. As it was later revealed the [...]

Minors and teen acted with common purpose to commit murder
Two minors have been charged for a City shooting last Tuesday for which Akeem Augustine has already been arraigned and remanded.  The suspects are believed to be involved in the shooting of a group of minors who were standing at the junction of Police Street and La Croix Boulevard.  The sixteen and seventeen year old [...]

Salvadoran national wields machete at a cop
  Also in court, a Salvadoran national pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer. Fifty-eight year old Hector Isidro Marroquin Amaya of Belmopan appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart where he pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault on a police officer. Appearing confused, he told the court that he did not commit the assault and that [...]

5 inmates brawl in cell while waiting for judge
An all-out brawl among a group of five inmates, inside a holding cell at the Magistrate’s Court in Belize City, has resulted in additional charges being levied against the feuding men.  While it has long since been speculated that the casual practice of detaining rival gang members in a singular lockup is deliberate, the melee [...]

The Sporting Highlights with James Adderley.
  Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   After a tremendous performance at the 12th Copa Centro Americana at Costa Rica that saw the National Football Team of Belize in 4th place among the 7 countries of the region, Belize looked to build on that momentum by hosting the Soca Warriors [...]


Jessie White Tumblers Depart Belize Following Love FM's Bandfest
Illinois Secretary of State, Jessie White along with the Jessie White Tumblers, left the country this morning to head back to Chicago. Love News caught up with White and the tumblers minutes before they departed from the Phillip Goldson International Airport and this is what Whit...

Concerns Arise Over Brutal Death of Manatee
A manatee recently found in Monkey River has triggered off concern about its suspected brutal death. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG "A manatee recently found in Monkey River has triggered off concern about its suspected brutal death. It was on M...

UB Relathon Held Over The Weekend
The 36th annual University of Belize relathon took place yesterday. Coordinator Darren Bovell shared the outcome with Love News. DARREN BOVELL "The males started in Cayo and the females started in Belmopan at the Market Square. The race started at 8:...

Hepatitis A Confirmed In Belize
The Ministry of Health has issued an advisory following the rising cases of Hepatitis A. A release from the Ministry says it is investigating a cluster of fourteen suspected cases that have occurred over the last three weeks in Trio Village in the Stann Creek District. One ...

Forestry Officer Dies Whilst On Duty
A Forestry Officer lost his life on Sunday. Police say a joint operation between Police, Belize Defense Force and personnel from the Forestry Department was underway in the Maya Mountain Forest reserve when 40-year-old Gumercindo Baiza, a forest officer suddenly collapsed. ...

Toddler Dies In Mom's Vehicle
A four year old boy from Dangriga lost his life on Saturday. Police reports are that 46-year-old Joan Garcia was looking for her four year old son Jahrion Jospeh Lightfoot. The search for the young boy ended some two hours later when he was discovered in an unconscious stat...

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03/26/13 09:03 AM
03/26/13 09:03 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Serious Case Of Carnal Knowledge Against Stepfather
There is a very disturbing report of carnal knowledge coming out of Orange Walk Tonight involving a 12 year old minor and her stepfather. Around 4:55 yesterday evening, a 12 year old student, accompanied by a social worker, visited the Orange Walk Police Station and reported to police that at about 10:00am on the 18th of March she was at home when her 53 year old stepfather had sexual intercourse with her. What’s more disturbing is that the child has confessed that it’s not the first time she is being sexually abused by her stepfather. In fact, she told police that the first time the incident happened was when she was nine years old and from ever since; her stepfather has been having sexual intercourse with her. Based on their investigations police have arrested and charged the stepfather for the crime of carnal knowledge.

Police Officer's Body Found Floating In The River
The lifeless body of a police officer from Orange Walk was found floating in the New River in the Otro Benque Area on Saturday morning. The discovery was made at around 7:00am by one of the residents of the area who stumbled across the dead body. After police were called to the scene, they identified the body as that of one of their own, 44 year old police constable 886 Antonio Chan from Trial Farm Village. Chan’s white pickup truck was also found submerged in the river and right after that, the news of his death spread like wildfire and so did the rumors that he was murdered. Today the Belize Police Department issued an official report on Chan’s death which is being treated as a sudden death. Hipolito Novelo reporting… The body of 44 year old PC 886 Antonio Chan was found floating in this section of the New River that runs along the Recreational and Botanical Park in the Otro Benque Area. Chan’s body was found early on Saturday morning at about 7:00am by a resident of the area. According to the individual who spoke to us off camera, he was collecting firewood near the area when he observed an object floating in the river and upon making further checks he realized that it was the body of a male person wearing a grey police t-shirt, police pants, and shoes.

Hepatitis A On The Highs- Ministry Of Health Cautions
Today the Ministry of Health sent out a press release cautioning the public on rising cases of Hepatitis A. According to the release, the Ministry of Health is investigating a cluster of fourteen suspected cases of Hepatitis A that have occurred over the last three weeks in the Trio Village, Stann Creek District. One of those cases has been confirmed by laboratory results. The ministry warns that the disease is a food and waterborne disease with symptoms that may include yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine, light-colored stool along with mild fever, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite among others. This self-limiting disease can also be contracted from close contact with infected individuals. In order to contain the disease, personnel from the Ministry of Health are conducting house-to-house health education and environmental cleanup campaigns to treat the cases in all the affected areas. The Ministry of Health re-emphasizes the need to practice good hygiene and sanitary measures at all times. If you or someone you know suspects the presence of the disease, please visit the nearest health care facility in your community. Since the start of the year, a few cases have been identified mainly in the rural communities of the Corozal, Cayo and Toledo Districts.

PUP Soundly Rejects Guatemala's Referendum Proposals
Tonight Belizeans are awaiting a response from Cabinet to find out exactly what will happen with the October 6th Referendum which is presently navigating in turbulent waters after Guatemala’s President, Otto Perez Molina, announced that his government wanted to push the Referendum to 2014 if Belize did not change its Referendum laws, since they did not want to risk a yes vote. In a meeting held in Washington on Sunday March 17th, Guatemala presented two proposals to Belize that Cabinet will scrutinize tomorrow. For context, here is Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington, detailing out the proposals during the first day of the Budget Debate at the house on Thursday. Honorable Wilfred Elrington- Minister of Foreign Affairs “At the end of the meeting we were informed that the Guatemalans were making two proposals. One, they wanted us to amend our referendum legislation so that our legislation would be identical to theirs in terms of requirements for referendum to be successful—just a simple majority vote. They said that if we did that; if we amended our legislation to confirm with theirs, they would then be prepared to agree on another date when we could hold simultaneous referendum. But they were not prepared to indicate when that date would be and they were not even prepared to give a timeline. That was one proposal. The second proposal; they were proposing that we would go ahead as planned. Have our referendum on the sixth of October and if we had a successful YES vote at that Referendum, then they would be prepared to hold their referendum at a date not later than the end of June 2014.”

Graciano Ramos Is Improving
We here at CTV3 News have been following the prognosis of 12 year old Graciano Ramos, the La Inmaculada Primary School student who suffered a terrible accident on February 24th 2013, closely. Briceno sustained a fractured skull and was in a coma. We say was, because tonight news is that Ramos will soon be back at home. This evening we spoke to Ramos’, mother, Mellissa Briceno who told us that the 12 year is out of the coma and even though he is unable to speak, there are signs of improvement. Mellissa Briceno, Mother “We can’t say that he is getting better but we can say that he is making improvements. He is moving his right hand now, fingers, and he is focusing on people now when you are talking to him. He can’t talk or he barely recognizes you but he is doing a little better. They removed all of the tubes except the feeding tube because, body functions, he does not know how to eat yet through his mouth. So they are feeding him through a tube which is connected to his stomach. Well the brain is going to take a long time for the swelling to go down. That will take a good while maybe two months more but it is going down but it is a slow, slow process. He has been smiling a lot now. He holds your hand when you ask him to. He is starting to like mimic the things that we do.”

Israel Matu Becomes Corozal's 1st Murder Victim
While Orange Walk Police mourn the death of one of their own, Corozal Police are investigating their first murder for the year 2013. Just after three yesterday afternoon a missing persons report turned into a murder case after the family of 37 year old Israel Matu, who had been missing since Friday March 22nd, found him dead in a cane field. All indications are that Matu was badly beaten by his attackers and left in the area to die. Our news team travelled further up north and filed the following report. Elmer Cornejo reporting… Minutes after three yesterday afternoon, the Matu family called 911 and informed officers that they had found 37 year old Israel Matu who had been missing since Friday March 22nd. The bad news was that Matu was found dead in this cane field located on the stretch of a back road that joins the Villages of Chan Chen and Patchakan in the Corozal District.


Body of police officer found floating in the river
How did the body of a police officer and Orange Walk resident Antonio Chan end up in the middle of Belize New River? That’s what authorities are tonight trying to figure out. 44 year old Chan mysteriously disappeared after socializing with friends on Saturday night and just a few...

4 year old dies after passing out in hot car
A 4 year old in Dangriga may have died from heat exhaustion this past Saturday. Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu has more. Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent: The temperature on Saturday, March 23rd, was somewhere in the 90s and that was too much heat for the residents of this municipality,...

Lady charged after stabbing incident in Camalote
A stabbing incident occurred in the Village of Camalote on Friday afternoon of last week, shortly before 2pm. The victim, Melisha Woodye, told Plus news that she was waiting at the bus stop when she was approached and attacked by her neighbour. Melisha Woodye – Stabbing victim: About 1:45...

Youth leader faces two counts of carnal knowledge
Just months after the head of the Belmopan Baptist Church was caught in an alleged affair with a minor, another leader of a prominent church in Belmopan is facing child molestation charges. Plus News understands that the youth leader of the Step of Faith Church in Belmopan is tonight...

Ministry of Health advices on viral gastroenteritis outbreak
The Ministry of Health is warning against a combination of vomiting and diarrhea known as viral gastroenteritis or the “stomach bug” that is experiencing a recent peak with as many as 800 cases reported in the past few months in Belize and Cayo Districts. It is actually average for...

PUP comments on Guatemala’s recent proposals
Today the People’s United Party issued a statement regarding Guatemala’s recent proposals regarding its agreement with Belize to hold simultaneous referenda on October 6, 2013. The party says ” The People’s United Party (PUP) rejects any proposal which violates the spirit and letter of the Special Agreement signed by...

Opposition Leader has concerns about newly formed state-owned company
In his March 1st budget speech, Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean Barrow introduced a new outfit being formed under his Government; referred to as the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL). According to the Prime Minister,”BIL” will generate job employment and help relieve Belize’s economy. During last weeks’ budget debate, the...

18 year old on remand after fatal shooting spree
An 18 year old is tonight on remand after he allegedly went on a shooting spree which claimed the life of one person. We mentioned last week that Police believed Akeem Augustine to be the person who chased and shot after four individuals, two of whom were minors. None...

Four charged for howler monkey attack
Charges have been levied against four persons after a black howler monkey was severely beaten by a group of high school students. On March 5th, it was reported that some students from the Belize High School of Agriculture in the Orange Walk district, captured the monkey, tied him up...

Basketball Camp takes over Bird’s Isle
The 7th Annual Rose Classic Basketball Camp has taken over Bird’s Isle in Belize City for the next two weeks. It is organized by Belizean-American Kleon Hyde and caters to 400 City youth, teaching the fundamentals and discipline of basketball. Opening ceremonies were held today and the camp will...

Youth Group in Belize City will feed the homeless
In one of the more solemn times of the year for Christians, Easter is an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ dying for the sins of the world. One youth group is taking that opportunity to set an example by feeding the homeless of Belize City....

14 Marching Bands Parade Through Belmopan Streets
The underdogs came out on top in the ninth annual Band Fest. The Belize Band Fest 2013 kicked off in Belmopan on Saturday, where 14 marching bands paraded through the streets of the capital city. They then made their way to the FFB Stadium where a throng of supporters...

A scoreless draw in Belize football match with T&T
Visiting football team Trinidad and Tobago came away from a scoreless draw with hosts Belize, at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday night, in front of over 3 thousand enthusiastic Belizeans. The friendly international match, which was used as a CONCACAF Gold Cup tune up for the two...

Missing man’s body found in cane field
The body of a man was found, this time in a cane field. He has been identified as Irael Matu. His body was discovered on Sunday afternoon in Chan Chen Village. Sources say that he had been missing since Friday.

15 year old minor charged with firearm offenses
There were reported shootings in the Old capital on Friday night. Police say that around six o’clock, Friday evening, they responded to several apparent gun shots coming from the direction of the Central American Boulevard. When they got there, they saw a teenager riding off in high speed from...

53 year old man charged with carnal knowledge
A 53 year old man is accused of having sexual intercourse with his 12 year old step daughter and the girl says that it has been going on since she was 9. The girl told Police that her step father had sex with her on multiple occasions for the...

Forestry Officer dies during weekend operation in Independence Village
A Forestry Officer has died after he passed out during a weekend operation in Independence Village. Yesterday afternoon, BDF and personnel from the Forestry Department were at the Maya Mountains Forest Reserve when 40 year old Gumercindo Baiza suddenly collapsed and went unconscious. Baiza then started to bleed from...

Punta Gorda Police investigate possible arson
Punta Gorda Police are investigating a possible case of arson. The owner of a house in the Hope Ville Area told Police that he left the residence two weeks ago and went to Belize City. On Saturday night he got a call from one of his friends who informed...

The Reporter

Mandatory membership of Bar not unconstitutional, preliminary research suggests
Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington said that mandatory membership of the Bar Association is unconstitutional; but the association’s president Eamon Courtenay told the media on Tuesday that is not the case. “Since this matter has been raised, some of our members have done some research, and have already found cases where this specific matter has come up, and it has been found not to be unconstitutional,” Courtenay said. Current Bar Council Member and past president Jacqueline Marshalleck said that based on its preliminary research, the mandatory membership of other organizations has been found to be unconstitutional, but that is not the case with the Bar Association of Belize. The US Supreme Court has found that mandatory membership is not unconstitutional. And that is also the case with the European Court of Justice, Marshalleck said.

Trinidad football friendly moved to Belmopan
The friendly football match between Belize’s National Men’s Team and the “Soca Warriors” of Trinidad & Tobago, originally scheduled for the MCC grounds at 4:00 Saturday afternoon, March 23, has been moved to the FIFA Goal Project Stadium beside the Football Federation of Belize Institute in Belmopan, with a new time of 8:00 Saturday night. The first 15 members of the 27-member Trinidad delegation began arriving on Tuesday, March 19, and the FFB put them up at the Princess Hotel and Casino just across the road from the MCC, so named for the renowned Marylebone Cricket Club. But when the visitors’ coach and players actually got a look at the condition of the MCC pitch, they objected to the idea of playing there, and informed the FFB that they would not be playing any friendly match at the MCC. The FFB executive committee held an emergency meeting Wednesday night, and decided the game should be played at the FFB stadium on Saturday immediately after the Bandfest. They also advised the Love FM Bandfest organizers that they must be out of the stadium by 6:30pm.

House debates new Budget
The newly renegotiated “Superbond II” has been fully subscribed, and the Belize Debt Exchange offer has officially and legally closed. Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement at Thursday’s House of Representative’s debate of the General Revenue Appropriation Bill for fiscal year 2013-2014, which was originally presented to the House on Friday, March 1. “It happened yesterday [Wednesday] with the submission of all the relevant legal documentation,…consistent with the collective action clause in the original bonds, the entirety of those bonds have now been exchanged for the new 2038 bonds,” Barrow said. He added that the rating agency Standard and Poor’s has also upgraded Belize’s credit rating to B/B minus and has rated the bonds themselves at B minus, as a consequence of completed restructuring. Barrow’s “good news” aside, the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca wasted no time to malign the government’s budget, accusing the government of not properly consulting the people. Fonseca described the budget as being “divorced” from the Belizean reality. He took serious issue with the Barrow administration’s proposal for a $60 million company called the Belize Infrastructure Ltd. The newly formed and fully government-owned company, according to the Barrow budget, is to carry out infrastructural projects.

Will Councillor Elrington -Hyde resign?
The rumoured resignation of Councillor Alifah Elrington – Hyde amid controversy with a co-worker may result in a bye-election in the near future. Troubles with a female employee are said to have peaked during the official Guatemalan contingency’s visit to Belize, which ended in a verbal spat delivered on the streets of San Pedro two weeks ago. Elrington – Hyde’s displeasure with the hierarchy’s disciplinary measures is said to be behind her decision to resign. If accepted, Belize City will face a bye-election in the near future to find a replacement councillor. Attemps to confirm the rumor with Public Relations officer, Kenny Morgan, were not successful. His office had not been notified of any impending resignation. Elrington – Hyde is currently the only woman on the otherwise all-male City Council. She is responsible for Public Relations, Court matters, Special Events and Culture.

Efforts to unseat Justice Samuel Awich continue
The elevation last year of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Awich to the Belize Court of Appeal continues to face challenge from the Ashcroft Alliance. On Wednesday, a case management hearing was held in the Supreme Court of Justice Oswald Legall. Attorneys representing Dean Boyce, Michael Ashcroft and the British Caribbean Bank are proceeding with an application before the court to declare the appointment invalid. Justice Awich was appointed last April to sit on the Belize Court of Appeal, after he retired from the Supreme Court, at the retirement age of 65. But his appointment was opposed by the Belize Bar Association and the Leader of the Opposition, who urged Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow to reconsider the appointment. Last year, the Ashcroft Alliance referred a complaint to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) asking it to consider the removal of Justice Awich on the grounds of misbehaviour and the inability to perform his functions as a judge. Following the process for the removal of a sitting judge, the JLSC was asked to submit the matter to the Belize Advisory Council, which is the second step of a two-step process.

EU $2.75 million grant helps Mayan sites benefit villagers
The Belize Tourism Board and the National Institute of Culture and History this week launched a $4 million Belize Rural Development Project at the House of Culture in Belize City. With a view to making tourism benefit communities adjacent to archaeological sites, the European Union gave Belize a grant of $2.75 million for the project last November. On Wednesday the EU’s representative to Belize, Ambassador Paola Amadei, signed the grant agreement along with Belize’s Ministers of Tourism Manuel Heredia Jr. The project will seek to improve economic opportunities in tourism for people who live in villages near to the ten Mayan sites at Xunantunich, Barton Creek, Actún, Tunichil Muknal, Caves Branch, Altun Ha, Lamanai, Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun, and Blue Creek. The project aims at reducing the poverty in these communities by involving the village population in the overall tourism experience. The project will improve tourism infrastructure and the services offered. New health and safety measures will be introduced and associated infrastructure will be improved.

Ardon Belgrave shot dead
Belize City police are yet to identify the gunman responsible for Tuesday morning’s cold-blooded murder of Belize City Council maintenance worker, Ardon Belgrave, 26.

City councillor Roger Espejo robbed
Belize City police charged two teenage boys with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery on Tuesday, March 19, after Belize City Councillor Roger Espejo reported that boys had robbed him while he was socializing at Newtown Barracks around 7:00 Sunday night, March 17.

UN holds ballistic training for Belize forensic
This week, facilitators from the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) are in Belize giving ballistic training to forensic technicians, forensic scientists and other specialized personnel.

Get healthier in just 60 seconds
Most people don’t get serious about health until their doctor hands them a script for blood work instead of the lollipop. Then it’s “uh-oh time” and they try to become Dean Ornish overnight.

Quitting smoking cuts heart risk despite weight
Stopping smoking cuts the risk of heart disease even if it leads to significant weight gain, a U.S. study says. Researchers writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association say the prospect of weight gain makes some smokers reluctant to stop.

Barney Brown wins Weekend Warrior race
Barney Brown of the Scotiabank team won the “A” category while Jim Scott of the Santino’s team took the “B’ category race and Salvador Alvarado of the Zitro team won the “C” category, when the Weekend Warriors held its series of races on the Philip Goldson and George Price Highways on Sunday, March 17.

Nazarene High girls win National Softball Championship
The undefeated girls of Nazarene High School won their second national softball championship in three years when the National Secondary Schools Sports Association hosted the national tournament at the Rogers’ Stadium on Friday and Saturday, March 15-16.


Photo of the day: Majestic Maya Temple in Tikal
Tikal is one of the largest ancient Maya cities in Mesoamerica and is located in Guatemala about 50 miles northwest of its border with Belize. According to Archaeologists, the Maya began building Tikal around 600 BC and at its peak some 1500 years ago, Tikal was a wealthy metropolis and home to 100,000 Maya as well as a crucial center for religion, science and politics.

What Not To Do in Belize
Belize‘s Caribbean spirit means there aren’t too many rules or major “faux pas” you need to worry about here, it’s as laid back as it gets. Nonetheless, as one of the most pristine countries in the region, with the largest protected area and the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, there are a few things to keep in mind as a responsible traveler. The others are experiences you shouldn’t miss during your visit. 1. Do not leave the sunscreen or bug spray at home: You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors and depending on the time of year, bug spray will be essential and useful for hikes. And of course, sunscreen is always needed. Both of these are expensive to purchase in Belize.

7th Annual Belize Band Fest 2013 in Belmopan: Kids Fainting…Why I Pulled the Plug Early Plus Belize Vs. Trinidad & Tobago International Friendly Football
I’ve already posted quite a few pictures of the early morning Band Fest parade in Belmopan in Part One and Part Two. The kids were marching 2 miles to the FFB Stadium in heat that was quickly rising over 90 degrees and it had just turned 9 o’clock. This is going to be a doozy. Let’s finish off the parade! Though kids in cute band costumes? I can’t get enough. The kids marched and danced down to the stadium in the relentless sun in their full uniform. Mothers and medics furiously passed out waters, fans and juices. Some of the smaller kids needed to take breaks and ride in cars or on the shoulders of their parents. I also stopped at the Belize National football teams’ office to buy a ticket for the night game vs. Trinidad and Tobago. The team was eating lunch and I got to meet a few of the guys. Good stuff.

Caribbean Exporters’ Colloquium
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Wednesday March 20, 2013 warned that crime and difficulties surrounding regional air transportation were major stumbling blocks towards making greater progress in regional trade. Addressing the two-day colloquium hosted by the Barbados-based Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) Gonsalves said high crime levels in several countries were not only a deterrent for tourists but also a disincentive for potential investors. He said that the high rate of crime particularly in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica continues to hinder investment opportunities as they escalate the security costs of doing business. “If you can’t work a late shift, if the business has to have extra security, if skilled people don’t want to come to work because they feel they can go somewhere else where they are safe, we are in trouble. A citizen’s security is vital – women and men have to go home after late shifts. I know it affects people at an individual level.”

Hotel in San Pedro Belize Accepts Bitcoin as Form of Payment
Pedro’s Hotel in San Pedro, Belize has started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in their Hotel, Bar and Pizzeria. They will become the first hotel in Central America and one of only 4 hotels in the world to accept the currency. Bitcoin, a relatively young digital currency, has seen increasing acceptance in recent months, particularly by popular online companies like Reddit and WordPress. However, brick and mortar businesses have been slow in understanding the benefits it brings to a local business. The owner of Pedro’s Peter Lawrence saw the potential benefits that Bitcoin could bring to his business. Lawrence said, “With Bitcoin we will be able to lower our transaction cost. It’s perfectly suited to our type of business where nearly all of our reservations are taken online or over the phone.” Effective March 23nd, a newly constructed Deluxe Room will be available for 1 Bitcoin per night (price subject to change). Bitcoin will also be able to be used to pay for food and drink in the bar by pre-purchasing bar credit in the hotel office.

Fishing Report: March 17, 2013 - March 23, 2013 Fishing Report
Once again it was “old home week” here at EP. It was especially wonderful for our guide, Carlos Marin, to be able to visit with a group of dedicated friends he has guided for several years. Norm W, Todd C and Dave D brought a smile that crossed Captain Carlos’s face from ear to ear. We talk about our big fish, our lost fish – and as we tell the story, it’s the people that make that story. This week was about revisiting stories and sharing friendship. A big thank you to Todd for his excellence as a group leader for Orvis. And we are going to see a few characters in the fly fishing network somehow….look out for Stef B - a young nurse practitioner that could end up in fly fishing….and Garrett I is 100% fish crazed. Love it! Thanks everyone for a really fun week.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: ***** Buns
1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup buttr 1 small lemon, zest and juice 1 small orange, zest and juice 4 aigs, well beete 1 cup sugar 1 teespoon salt 2 tablespoons instunt yeas 7-7 1/2 cups flour , apperximatelee Scald milk and buttr n' microwave fer about 2 minutes. Stir t'melt buttr.

International Sources

Smokers not welcome at FIFA 2014
This year’s FIFA Confederations Cup and next year’s FIFA World Cup™ will be smoke-free. FIFA and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for those two tournaments announced the news this Thursday 7 March, in what is an obvious boost for a healthy environment for the innumerable fans who will descend on Brazil for the events. “The decision to make Brazil 2013 and Brazil 2014 tobacco-free is a natural step in the history of our flagship events," said FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke. "FIFA and the LOC are proud of once again following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in this regard. FIFA recognises that tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke are harmful and supports WHO’s global efforts with a genuine interest in promoting health and security.”

Documentary series 'Loving Belize' Episode 3, in Belize City
Welcome to episode 3 of 'Loving Belize'. Featuring BCMG records and Party Belize, Belizean Backyard and the Belizean Movie 'Can't Tak it no more'. With interviews from amazing musical talents coming out of Belize City like Kevin Raeburn Thõmas, D Whisper, Mr Program and Tanya Carter and the brilliant people in the music industry helping to get this talents over seas, Lauren Young, Dale Davis, Driva 'Don't stop at all', Yankee from Wave radio and Dale Scott Soberanis Party Belize Owner and so much more... With Music by A-fifteen aka Lex Donez and Rain, Tmike aka Michaël Barthélémy, San Lluis, Kevin RaeBurn, D Whisper, The ENG ALL STARS, Prasies, Dwight Swaggerman Brown and Melo Da Mc. This episode ends with an introduction to episode 4, which will be looking into the Guatemalan claim to Belize, I follow the Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley, on a delegation, as he hopes to guide the two countries in the direction of peace by creating a sister-ship between Belize city and San Benito in Guatemala, a historical step forward for the two countries. I also interview COLA's Giovanni Bracket Journalist and activist, about what COLA's doing in reaction to the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

Tanya Carter Calls On Birch For Ex-Boyfriend
The sultry voice from Belize meets authentic Reggae After more than two dozen performances across the world, Belizean songstress, Tanya Carter, has decided to spread her wings to Jamaica. Excited about crossing over to Reggae, she has been working closely with Christopher Birch of Birchill Records, who produced and co-wrote her newest single: Ex-boyfriend. Singing since the age of 5, Tanya takes her inspiration from Jamaican greats: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Burning Spear; and discovered at an early age her passion for Reggae and Jamaica culture. The Belizean is no stranger to Jamaicans, having opened for Etana, Luciano, Lexxus and Morgan Heritage and decided to come to the home of Reggae music to get a better understanding of the culture around the genre she loves, and to work with some of the best producers in the business.

"Pretty Meets Witty" - Chabil Mar, The Guest Exclusive Placencia Belize Resort, is Featured in a Blog Gone Viral
Natalie, the Guest Services Manager at this Placencia, Belize Resort explains. "We were so pleased to have Lillie and Colin, the "Fishonista", as Lillie refers to him in her blog, celebrate their Belize Honeymoon at Chabil Mar. Well, Lillie got to reading all about the resort in our guest services packet and she became enthralled with the funny comments made throughout it. In her words, 'Listen: Chabil Mar is gorgeous and its staff is fantastic, but what made me roll on the floor laughing was that it has the funniest welcome packet of any hotel I have encountered in my extensive world travels.' So, when Lillie returns to the US she puts up a blog about her encounter with Chabil Mar's welcome packet. What a special way for us to receive a recognition!" "Here are some of Lillie's excerpts from the Chabil Mar Resort welcome packet."

Belize, Trinidad play to scoreless draw
BELMOPAN, Belize - Belize and visiting Trinidad & Tobago played to a 0-0 draw in a CONCACAF Gold Cup warm-up match Saturday at the FFB Stadium. It was the second goalless draw between the two sides in two all-time meetings. The encounter produced no shortage of action, but neither side could find the back of the net despite the presence of veteran players with proven offensive credentials. Deon McCauley, who tops the scoring table in 2014 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying with 11 goals, played nearly the entire game for Belize. The potent attacking Trinidad duo of Kenwyne Jones and Cornell Glen were paired together up front for sixty-six minutes. Glen had two opportunities to score in the opening 20 minutes. Both efforts, however, went just wide of the mark. After 30 minutes, McCauley dragged a shot inches wide of the left post for the host's best chance of the game. Port Vale midfielder Chris Birchall was outstanding throughout the night for the Soca Warriors and came close four minutes before the interval.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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