Boxed DVD sets of TV series and movies- all original not pirated. All Region 1.
The Sopranos- Complete First Season boxed set- 13 episodes 4 discs $20
The Sopranos -Complete Series 86 episodes, 30 discs, Bonus features $100
Mad Men- Seasons 1,2,3,4,& 5. 65 episodes In time for start of season 6. $65

Fitzcaraldo-classic Klaus Kinski/Werner Herzog German with English subt. $15
The Jewel in the Crown-Classic BBC production set in India. 12 hours 4 disc$10
Doris Day Collection boxed set- 5 movies $10
Many Childrens titles available as we are going through our library.
Many more- send PM for more titles or call 631-9327

MadMen and Jewel in the Crown Sold 4-6

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